Sep 212017
Despicable Me 3 giveaway

While waiting for an overdue baby was not exactly what I had expected there is an upside to everything, in this case the delayed paternity leave allows Hip Daddy to spend some of the school holidays with us at home! We all love having daddy around and it will make holiday outings a lot more fun (and of course easy). The kids are also hanging [read more]

Sep 152017
Girl Hero Project giveaway

And then they were nine… It’s hard to believe that those teeny tiny premmie twins have grown into beautiful, delightful 9-year olds, each with a different personality but so wonderful in their own way. I won’t lie, I find it hard to see them grow up so fast and letting them go into the big scary world that is out there. As a mother of [read more]

Sep 112017
'Maybe' giveaway

If, like my kids, you enjoyed plenty of giggles with some of Morris Gleitzman‘s funny children’s books you may be curious to see how he tackles a much more serious topic like World War II. I was definitely keen to find out, and also like to pre-read the books our twins read if I am not sure how well they will understand tricky subjects, so [read more]

Aug 242017
Guff giveaway

No matter how old and grubby they are by now, I simply can’t get myself to throw out my two favourite childhood toys, a soft blue bunny with one twisted ear and a sleeping baby doll whose arms are slowly falling off. Childhood toys hold so many memories and emotions, no wonder we tend to hold on to them as we get older. Take Guff, [read more]

Aug 182017
Busy Books giveaway

With only a few weeks left until baby no.6 joins the family I feel like I am constantly in and out of hospital for check-ups, going for ultrasounds and last minute shopping. It’s rather exhausting for me but quite tiring too for miss Hattie who has to tag along everywhere I go. I am trying to make the trips as easy as possible with yummy [read more]

Aug 112017
'Pass the Pen' giveaway

On the one hand it makes me sad how quick our babies are growing up, on the other hand it is also heartwarming to see them turning into awesome kids who you can really talk to about a range of topics and feelings. Now that the twins are almost 9 we’re having the best chats and they really enjoy having some special time before bed [read more]

Aug 012017
'Dr Karl’s Little Book' giveaway

While our younger children still very much believe that mummy and daddy know everything the older kids have (sadly) worked out that this is far from the truth. More and more often I have to admit that I don’t know the answers to all their questions (and with 5 kids there are loads of questions!) and we regularly turn to a dictionary, encyclopedia or Google [read more]