Jul 162014

Frankie & LolaFrankie & Lola
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Baby Goes Retro
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Brolly SheetsBrolly Sheets
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Little Pinwheel
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Angelfish DragonflyAngelfish Dragonfly
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Jul 152014

JJ Cole Collections

The closer we get to our holiday the more I get overwhelmed by the logistics of it all. Four small children under six, 5 big suitcases, 5 pieces of hand luggage, a pram, a camera and a laptop bag… I am already tired just typing it out! Surprisingly enough baby Sybbie will be the easiest to look after because I have found the perfect nappy bag from JJ Cole Collections:

JJ Cole Backpack Black Floret

US label JJ Cole Collections knows what it is like to go out with a young family so they have created a fantastic range of baby bags that are both beautiful and practical. There are lots of different styles and prints to choose from but with our holiday in mind I decided on the very spacious JJ Cole Backpack (RRP $149.95) in Black Floret. Measuring 38cm x38cm x 13cm in size it will easily hold all the must-have items for our 27 hour trip and the red details will match our pram perfectly.

JJ Cole Backpack InsideInside you’ll find four deep, elasticised pockets to keep your nappies, wipes, padded change mat (included), bottles and other baby goodies organised with lots of extra space in the middle for a change of clothes, snacks, toys and more. On the outside the bag is fitted with two zipped front pockets and two handy side pockets so you can keep little must haves eg. dummies, phone and car keys within hands reach.

JJ Cole Backpack Black Floret BlackDon’t be fooled by the term ‘backpack’ though, the JJ Cole ‘Backpack’ actually has three different carrying positions and can be worn as a backpack and shoulder/ messenger bag or it can be attached to your pram in a flash with the clever no-slip grips. This makes it an extremely versatile bag that is easy to carry wherever you go. When not in use the backpack straps can be neatly tucked away in the special back pocket.

I am so pleased with my choice, there is so much storage space and the bag is very light weight. I am not usually a fan of backpacks but with all our travelling I knew it would be the best choice and it looks really lovely (so much better than I expected from a backpack). I love how easy it is swap between the different carrying positions because I hate wasting time adjusting buckles and straps. The JJ Cole Backpack is sure to get a great workout next month, keep an eye out for it in our holiday snaps.

JJ Cole Backpack

JJ Cole Collection nappy bags and changing clutches are available at Baby Bunting and Toys’R’Us stores across Australia.

To find out more about JJ Cole Collections and to browse the range visit www.jjcolecollections.com.

Jul 142014

Transmission Films

As we are having friends over from the Netherlands this week I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sit down together and enjoy a newly released and truly Australian movie. Tracks brings us back to 1977 when Australian girl Robyn Davidson makes a 2700km solo trek through the Australian desert with four camels and her loyal dog. Her journey was documented by a National Geographic photographer and captured in her best selling memoir Tracks. It is the first time we get to enjoy her quest on the screen and let me tell you, it is nothing less than inspirational (and a lot less dusty than you may think):

Tracks Blu-ray

The world has its doubts when Robyn shares her plans to track from Alice Springs to the Indian ocean all by herself, by foot and through the lonely desert with no company but some camels and a dog. She may not have any experience or the necessary funds but she does have determination and despite many hurdles she manages to earn her camels and gain sponsorship from National Geographic.

Tracks KeepCupAt first Robyn feels her desire to be by herself and far away from the materialistic world is compromised by the intrusive photographer who visit her on her journey every few weeks. She has no choice but to accept his presence, the uncomfortable chats and the posed photographs but slowly she starts looking forward to the rare human contact and they form a, at times rocky, bond.

Both talented actress Mia Wasikowska (Robyn) and Adam Driver (photographer Rick) have done an amazing job capturing the raw emotions that colour this month long track. From happiness, admiration and overwhelming gratitude to sadness, despair and loneliness, it’s an epic journey through Australia’s most remote areas that is absolutely breathtaking, ending in a refreshing meeting with the much longed for Indian ocean.

Tracks is available on Blu-ray (RRP $34.99), DVD (RRP $29.99) and digital download at retailers across Australia and online.

To find out more about Tracks, to watch the trailer and to order your copy online visit www.transmissionfilms.com.au.

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Jul 132014

Penguin Australia

As you may know I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to Australian children’s books, as a foreigner I still have a lot to learn and many new books and authors to discover. Luckily Penguin has made things a little easier for me by bundling Australia’s most loved children’s titles in their Australian Children’s Classics series. The final publication in this great collection has just hit the shelves and it’s a winner: Blueback by Tim Winton:

Australian Children's Classic: Blueback by Tim Winton

Blueback tells the story of Australian boy Abel who lives with his mother, an abalone diver, near the beach. They live off the land and the sea and he is happy, enjoying the amazing sea life and spending time with his mother. One day while diving with his mother Abel encounters a large blue groper, it’s the most beautiful fish he has ever seen and over time they become ‘friends’. Abel loves feeding Blueback and Blueback often comes out to visit Abel and his mother when they’re diving for abalone.

As Abel gets older it is time for him to leave his rural town and go to school in the city, prompting a sad goodbye from his mother and his friend Blueback. Abel lives for the school holidays when he gets to go home, smell the sea, feel the sand between his toes and enjoy the cool of the water. The years pass, Abel gets older and Blueback gets older but their bond doesn’t change. What does change is the ocean, more and more fishermen and charter boats are visiting the reef, big developers are trying to buy their land and Abel is worried about the fish, particularly Blueback.

While Abel studies and goes on to get married and become a marine biologist the reef deteriorates and his mother begins her fight to get the government to declare their precious reef a sanctuary. She succeeds and eventually dies peacefully near the sea she so loved, a few years later Abel is able to take his own daughter out diving and big old Blueback is still there. Tim Winton is a very talented story teller and he has pictured this tale of a boy and a fish beautifully, it’s almost like you’re sitting on the jetty, dipping your toes in the water and watching it all unfold.

To find out more about Blueback (RRP $19.99) by Tim Winton, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Jul 122014

With nights this chilly it can be hard to know how to keep your baby warm safely: pyjamas are too cold yet blankets too heavy and a SIDS risk factor. Who better to turn to than Aden + Anais, known around the world for its soft, stylish and safe baby products. Especially for the cooler season Aden + Anais has given their famous Cozy Sleeping Bag a winter makeover:

Aden + Anais Sleeping Bags

Featuring a 2.5 TOG rating and soft 100% cotton muslin shell the brand new Aden + Anais Cozy Plus Sleeping Bag ($69.95) is designed to keep your little munchkin comfortable and toasty warm at bedtime. By removing the need for loose sheets and blankets you are creating a safer sleep environment for your baby and automatically reducing the risk of SIDS.

Aden + Anais Cozy Plus Sleeping BagTo help make dressing, undressing and mid night nappy changes as easy as possible the Cozy Plus Sleeping Bag is fitted with press studs on both shoulders and zips on bottom and sides. There is no need to pull the garment over your baby’s head; just open the bag up, lay baby inside and close it. As you don’t have to take off the whole sleeping bag you may be able to tackle that nappy change without waking baby up from his/her sleep, fingers crossed!

Aden + Anais Starburst Cozy PlusMuslin is a finely-woven breathable fabric believed to have originated in Bangladesh during the Middle Ages. It’s one of the purest, simplest, most gentle fabrics in the world and it’s the number one material choice of the Aden + Anais range. Unlike many other fabrics muslin gets better with age, becoming softer and more flexible the more you wash it, one of the main reasons we are such big fans of the Aden + Anais muslin swaddles.

The Aden + Anais Cozy Plus Sleeping Bag is available in 6 great designs in boys, girls and gender neutral colours. Choose from sizes Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-12 months), Large (12-18 months) and Extra Large (18-24 months), for more detailed information on the weight range and length of each size refer to the handy Aden + Anais Size Chart.

Aden + Anais (RED)While you are browsing the Aden + Anais website make sure you check out the exclusive Aden + Anais (RED) collection. By purchasing a product from this vibrant new range you are helping prevent a mother living with HIV from passing the virus to her baby. 10% of the retail price of every Aden + Anais Special Edition Item will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, together we can help fight for an AIDS free generation.

To find out more about Aden + Anais, to locate a stockist near you or to order your favourite products online visit www.adenandanais.com.au.

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Jul 112014

Little Pop Studio

When it comes to decorating a children’s bedroom or playroom it can be hard to get away from all the baby elephants, soft teddies, cute birdies and sparkly butterflies. At Baby Donkie they understand that the cool kids want something with a bit more spunk, something unique, hip and totally awesome so they have brought in the super stylish Little Pop Studio range:

Little Pop Studio Prints

Designed in New Zealand by the very talented Bianca at Little Pop Studio this stunning range of watercolour pop art, prints and linen clearly gets all the ticks, it’s selling like hot cakes and new stock can’t be ordered fast enough! The Batboys and Batkids Art Prints ($40) are both eye catching and neutral at the same time and would fit in with any decor.

Little Pop Studio PIllowcases

They say real heroes never sleep but surely a short nap is okay from time to time? Send your little superhero off for lots of dreamy adventures and impressive rescues with a gorgeous Batboys or Batkids Pillowcase ($30), Each 100% cotton pillowcase is carefully and lovingly hand screen printed, I think they look just amazing.

To find out more about Baby Donkie, to browse the Little Pop Studio range and to order online visit www.babydonkie.com.au.

Jul 102014

New Baby 101

Whether it’s your first or your fourth, whether you’re twenty or forty and a mum or a dad, when there is a new baby on the way there are always new things to learn. If you are like me and don’t have the time to read an endless pile of new baby books but you would still like a handy reference guide to answer everyday questions about feeding, sleeping, bathing and settling you will love New Baby 101:

New Baby 101 eBook

Developed by Lois Wattis, who is a registered nurse, midwife, lactation consultant, mother and grandmother, the New Baby 101 App provides new parents, grandparents and babysitters with expert advise on a range of baby related topics. With years of experience in both hospital and community settings under her belt Lois knows exactly how overwhelming life with a new baby can be and she’s here to help you!

New Baby 101 Phone AppNew Baby 101 is based on reliable evidence and research combined with Lois’ hands-on tips and handy hints, it’s a great guide to help you get through those (sometimes very challenging!) first weeks with your newborn. From feeding and sleeping to bathing and changing, New Baby 101 has got all your concerns covered and your common questions answered in 9 popular, easy-to-read topics.

You can access the New Baby 101 App whenever and wherever you want and need and the best part is that the New Baby 101 App is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Browse the FAQ, check out the topics and if you like it you can upgrade to the full version. In-app purchases are optional and prices range from $1.99 for a single topic to $9.99 for all 9 topics. For a more detailed resource with helpful illustrations and videos New Baby 101 is also available as a practical and very helpful eBook ($19).

To find out more about New Baby 101, to take a closer look at the eBook content and download the New Baby 101 App visit www.newbaby101.com.au.

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