Oct 242014


Jack & Evelyn

When the thermometer reads 37ºC in mid October you know it’s time to dig up the bathers and shake out the towels, swimming season has begun! Unlike myself, who would love to just lay on the beach and read a good book, the kids are always busy: swimming, building sand castles, playing catch, kicking balls, flying kites, searching for shells and more. So how do you keep kids dry and toasty while they play?

Jack & Evelyn Navy Poncho Towel


Designed right here in Australia by a lovely mum-of-two Jack & Evelyn is home to a growing range of stylish, practical, high quality products for your family. Being a mother herself owner Melissa knows exactly what parents want, need and look for when searching for the right product so she’s made sure her designs tick all the boxes. In time for Summer the first Jack & Evelyn product has just been released, check out the fabulous Jack & Evelyn Poncho Towel:

Poncho Towel RedUnlike many other children’s towels on the market Jack & Evelyn Poncho Towels (RRP $35) are made from the highest quality 100% cotton terry toweling so they are super soft, lovely and thick and very absorbent. The simple over-the-head design makes these beautiful towels very easy and quick to put on and take off, even toddlers can do it! To keep the poncho in place when your little water lover is on the go it is fitted with press studs under the arms and around the neck.

Poncho Towel PinkJack & Evelyn Poncho Towels come in one size only to fit ages 2-8 and are currently available in four different colours to suit boys and girls, which one is your favourite? The poncho towels are plain with a contrasting trim so they are timeless and a great choice for all ages, so much more appealing than all the licensed gear around. Whether you’re on the beach, at the pool or playing with water in the garden, Jack & Evelyn has got you covered.

Until November 30, 2014, all orders ship free Australia wide, don’t miss out and stock up for Christmas! 

To find out more about Jack & Evelyn, to browse the range and to order online visit www.jackandevelyn.com.au.

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Oct 232014

Penguin Australia

At school, at home, with sport, with mates, with parents, every day stuff happens and it doesn’t always go the way you want it to. Some of Australia’s best writers have teamed up to deliver Stuff Happens, a new Australian book series written for ordinary boys and covering ordinary ‘stuff’ that plays in the lives of our own boys too:

Stuff Happens JackJack and his buddies from Monvale Primary love a good kick at recess time, until he is whisked off to the hospital with a broken arm. Poor Fadi, who caused the injury in their self invented game of ‘You Play, You Pay’, gets a pretty severe punishment, but was it really only Fadi who was at fault? In Stuff Happens ‘Jack’ (RRP $9.99) by Tony Wilson Jack learns an important lesson about telling the truth and speaking up for what is right.

Stuff Happens MichaelMichael is an excellent swimmer who is on his way to win an Olympic medal. His parents do all they can to support them in the pool but deep down Michael is not so sure he still loves this swimming stuff. In Stuff Happens ‘Michael’ (RRP $9.99) by Phillip Gwynne Michael is tempted to swap his speedos for a skateboard and enjoy freedom and thrill on the hill. Will he be able to find a balance between what he wants and what (he thinks) his parents want?

In Stuff Happens SeanStuff Happens ‘Sean’ (RRP 9.99) Will Kostakis tells the story of Sean, who has left behind his home town Bunbury and moved with his parents to Monvale. A new school, new neighbourhood and new people, he wishes he was back at home with his two best mates. He may be a little nervous to start off with but before he knows it he’s made some great new friends and all of a sudden this new school is not that scary anymore.

Andrew Daddo knows all about stuff that happens in school too, Stuff Happens NedStuff Happens ‘Ned’ (RRP $9.99) is his hilarious tale of Ned on his first day in Year 5 at Monvale Primary. His sister used to be the school captain and his bother sports captain so he’s got a lot to live up to and to top it off his new teacher is the most horrible teacher in the whole school. First Ned and his teacher get off on the wrong food but as Ned fights to find his own spot in school he discovers Ms Lucas is not that bad at all.

To find out more about the Stuff Happens series (RRP $9.99 per book), published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Oct 222014

Savvy BambinoSavvy Bambino
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The Enchanted Child
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That's 2 CuteThat’s 2 Cute
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Oct 212014

For a while baby wearing seemed to be a bit out of fashion and more a ‘hippy’ thing to do but (thankfully) times have changed as more and more benefits of baby wearing are becoming known to parents around the globe. Mums and dads of all ages and all walks of life have taken on baby wearing and I am a big fan myself, I could not imagine parenting without it. It’s an easy mode of transport, a convenient way to keep your hands free and a gentle tool to hold baby close and soothe an unsettled child, there are so many things to love about baby wearing.

Boba range

As more people take on baby wearing there are also more and more stylish designs available, Avidiva has just welcomed brand new stock of the popular Boba Carrier and it’s gorgeous. I have owned a Boba carrier myself for several years now and still love it, they’re super safe and easy to use, extremely comfortable and have a great modern look that suits both mothers and fathers.

Boba 4G Carrier VailThe Boba 4G Carrier (RRP $189) is a versatile baby carrier that is jam packed with great features, there is nothing I don’t like about it. The Boba 4G can be worn front and back and features easy to use, adjustable buckles around the waist and chest/back, this makes it easy to put on/off and to swap between wearers. The waist and shoulder straps are strong and padded for extra comfort, I still carried my 20 month old in my Boba when I was 6 months pregnant without any trouble.

Boba 4G KangarooWith a weight range of 3.1 kg up to 20.4 kg the Boba 4G will carry you all the way from birth to toddler and beyond. For comparison: All four of my children (aged 1-6) fall within this range and yes, my 4 year old still loves to be carried sometimes when her little legs get tired after a long walk. Unlike with some other brands the newborn insert, which allows babies to sit in a healthy ‘froggy’ position, is included so there are no additional costs for little extras, as baby grows the insert can simply be removed.

Boba 4G MoabOther handy features include the removable sleep hood that keep sun, rain, wind and nosy passers-by at bay and a clever smart phone pocket for when you’re out and about without a bag. The Boba 4G weighs in at less than 1kg, that’s a world of difference with a heavy pram! You will have your hands free, fit through busy crowds and narrow aisles, your baby can sleep whenever and wherever he wants and you get to kiss that gorgeous little head all day long, what more do you want?

To find out more about Avidiva, to browse the Boba range and to order online visit www.avidiva.com.au, free shipping Australia wide for orders over $50.

Oct 202014

Baby Donkie

Over at Baby Donkie the 2nd birthday celebrations are in full swing: The store is stocked with amazing goodies, an exciting birthday competition is about to be launched and there is a fabulous discount for all you lovely birthday guests:

Celebrate in style and save 20% storewide at Baby Donkie, even valid on items already discounted. Simply enter the code ‘BIRTHDAY’ at checkout, offer ends October 31, 2014.

Whether you’re shopping for a new baby, cool boy, stylish girl or hip mama, there is something in store for everyone. New stock is arriving around the clock and often deliveries are sold out before owner Dong-Maria has had time to unpack them so grab your favourites while you can, with such a good discount they won’t last.

Milestone Baby CardsI know I have written about the Milestone Baby Cards ($29.95) before but they’re still one of my favourite gifts for a new arrival. Whether it’s a first baby or a fourth, these beautifully designed cards are a gorgeous keepsake that any parent will appreciate. I used the Milestone Baby Cards with our youngest daughter and the photos were just gorgeous, everyone loved them. Thanks to the compact package and light weight they’re an ideal gift to send to little bundles interstates or overseas, grab a set today and save 20%.

Blafre Tractor Lunch boxIf your son is crazy about tractors he will love eating his lunch or daytime snacks out of this awesome reusable Tractor Lunch Box ($35) designed by Scandinavian label Blafre. Made in Norway from only high quality materials this stylish lunch container is free from nasties like BPA and Phthalates so you can trust you are not exposing your precious bundle to nasty chemicals. On the inside the lunch box offers two compartments for a yummy varied lunch every day.

Littlehorn Flamingo Ruffle DressThis is without a doubt my hot pick for girls this Summer, the pretty coral colour of this Littlehorn Flamingo Ruffle Dress ($49.95, size 1 to 6) just screams Summer, fresh watermelon, lemonade stands and garden parties. I know my own girls would love to steal the show in this cute little number, the ruffle detail makes it a perfect outfit for all the twirling and twisting my daughters get up to.

To find out more about Baby Donkie, to browse the range and to order online visit www.babydonkie.com.au.

Oct 192014


With three big siblings in the house who love anything crafty it is no surprise that miss 1 is also keen to try her hand at some colouring, painting, sticking and folding. After a few unfortunate incidents we decided it would be best to separate her from the tribe and give her her very own colouring set specifically designed for her age:

Crayola Baby

Crayola My First Egg Shaped CrayonsAfter several months of use our 3 My First Egg Shaped Crayons (RRP $8.99) are still going strong, albeit slightly dented. The chunky design of these oval shaped crayons makes them easy to hold for little hands and there are no sharp corners or pointy ends that could poke into eyes, nostrils or throats. I love that they won’t break or shatter into a thousand pieces when dropped or thrown, a must for destructive babies (Not sure if it’s a plus point but the eggs make great weapons against overbearing brothers/sisters too, we have the bumps to show for it!)

My First Color and Sticker BookOur daughter is is always trying to copy the others and ripping pages out of their colouring books which regularly causes a few tears. This My First Color and Sticker Book (RRP $3.99, assorted titles) really looks like the real deal and it doesn’t cost a fortune so it’s perfect for her. Each book has 24 different colouring pages to keep little artists busy as well as 40 stickers, an excellent activity for fine motor skills (just make sure your little ones has passed the ‘eat everything you find’ stage).

To find out more about Crayola, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.crayola.com.au.

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Oct 182014

Sew Sista

No matter what toy catalogue you open up, it’s bound to be full of loud, battery operated toys, bright coloured plastic, game consoles and over-sexualised dolls. This Christmas why not surprise your daughter with a gift that’s packed with lovely, warm, old school charm (yet isn’t old fashioned at all), meet Sew Sista:

Sew Sista range

Created right here in Australia by a lovely bunch of crafty mamas Sew Sista is a truly refreshing concept that is winning hearts all over the country. The gorgeous range of sewing kits and accessories is specifically designed for young girls who love to get busy with their hands, I know my girls do!

FSew Sista Mini Sewing Kitabric and ribbons, buttons and pins, needles and thread, scissors and stuffing, Sew Sista’s got everything your little crafter needs to start her very own sewing journey. Featuring bright colours and funky prints it is a very appealing range and a wonderful project for (grand)mothers to share with their (grand)daughters or for siblings or a couple of friends to work on together.

Sew Sista Sewing CaseThe divine large Sew Sista Sewing Case (RRP $59.95, available in blue, pink and orange) is an absolute delight, I would have been so proud to own one of these when I was a child and my own daughters would be just as thrilled. Bring back the evenings of sewing on the couch in front of the fire place or sitting at the kitchen table together and creating a beautiful handmade treasure (Can you tell I am big fan of Little House on the Prairie?).

You can find the Sew Sista range online at Where Did You Get That?, prices start at $9.95 for a small craft pack and go up to $59.95 for the big Sewing Case making Sew Sista a great gift suggestion for any budget. Be prepared because sewing is rather addictive so you could be setting your daughter up for life here, she’ll be asking for more supplies for her sewing case in no time! On the other hand, a daughter who can sew her own buttons back on is pretty handy to have in the house.

To find out more about Where Did You Get That?, to browse the Sew Sista range and to order online visit www.wheredidyougetthat.com.au.