Oct 162016


Now that all the suitcases are unpacked, the laundry is done and the jetlag is under control I can finally take a calm look at all our holiday photos. We sure made the most of our time away and squished in as much we could, there was so much to see and do! Any outing that involves animals is a big hit with our kids and our trip to a real goat farm was a fantastic adventure.


As soon as we walked into the barn we spotted a large pen full of adorable baby goats who were more than happy to be hugged and patted by our tribe. Imagine the children’s delight when they got to feed the goats using tiny bottles that we bought at the farm office. But it wasn’t just us feeding the goats, the goats fed us too as there was a gorgeous farm cafe serving the most delicious goat’s milk ice cream and warm apple pie with goat’s milk whipped cream.


I was really chuffed with this delicious menu, with our children’s difficulties with cow’s milk in mind this was a fantastic treat we could all enjoy without having to worry about getting upset tummies afterwards. Goat’s milk is a rich source of nutrients and it has naturally high levels of important vitamins and minerals, it also contains up to six times the prebiotic oligos of standard cow’s milk (Yay for a good serving of prebiotics for my tribe!).


If you are looking for a nutritious, healthy and safe drinking formula for your growing toddler you will find Oli6 ticks all the boxes. This nutritional goat’s milk formula is easier to digest than cow’s milk based alternatives and it’s made right here in Australia, now that’s welcome peace of mind for caring parents.

To find out more about Oli6, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.oli6.com.au.

Oct 152016


Dubai, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France… after five weeks of exploring faraway destinations our little holidaymakers have definitely caught the travel bug. Visiting, reading, writing and drawing about all these exciting new places is so much more fun than sitting at a school desk! Even if an overseas holiday is not on the cards for you, there is always the amazing world of books to help you travel the globe:


As the name suggest The Kids’ Bookshop is a fantastic online book store that specialises in children’s literature, combined with the valuable knowledge and expert advice of an in-store (or should I say on-store?) librarian. This wonderful Australian owned and operated business is passionate about children, books and making the perfect match between the two, they love helping customers find the right book for every child, age and situation.

With the travel bug in mind, here are five awesome travel themed reads for young adventurers, handpicked by The Kids’ Bookshop:

are-we-there-yetWe’re starting close to home with Alison Lester’s Are We There Yet? (RRP $24.95), a real childhood classic that has been enjoyed by many Aussie families over the years. This gorgeous picture book follows 8-year old Grace and her family on a memorable journey around Australia. From the Pinnacles to Uluru, from the Great Barrier Reef to the Blue Mountains, from the city to the outback and anywhere in between, the old camper trailer takes them to the most beautiful places.

Not only is Are We There Yet? a fun way to learn about Australia’s hot spots, thanks to the colourful illustrations in Alison’s signature style it is both a joy to read and look at. The older kids have read, and the younger ones have studied, this book many times already, they especially love it when I read it out loud and they can listen, look and dream about all these wonderful places they hope to visit one day.

walk-this-worldUsing rhyme and modern art Finnish illustrator and graphic designer Lotta Nieminen invites children to Walk This World (RRP $34.95). Each page-spread of this picture book features a busy city scene, a short rhyme and lots of lift-the-flap windows and doors waiting to be opened. It’s a bit like a puzzle, readers need to put all the clues together to discover their location. The bright, contemporary art makes this book a real standout that especially older children will be able to appreciate.

mr-chicken-arriva-a-romaHop on board the Vespa and join Mr Chicken as he explores Italy’s capital like only Mr. Chicken can. After the success of Mr Chicken goes to Paris and Mr Chicken lands on London it’s time for a chirpy new holiday in Mr Chicken arriva a Roma (RRP $24.99) by Leigh Hobbs. This funny picture book is sure to delight young readers, our tribe loved the pictures of the big, yellow holidaymaker and me reading the story with my best Italian accent had them all giggling.

Friendly tour guide Federica takes Mr Chicken to see all Rome’s biggest tourist attractions like the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. He learns a couple of helpful Italian words, samples some of Italy’s famous cuisine (delicious pasta and fresh gelato) and enjoys a surprise meal with a real Roman family. Before he knows it it is time to say Ciao, I can’t wait to see where Mr Chicken will go next!

amazing-world-atlasThought geography was boring? The Amazing World Atlas (RRP $29.99) by Lonely Planet Kids is sure to prove you wrong, created especially for older children this large, full-colour kids atlas makes geography exciting, interesting and intriguing. Well known for their popular travel guides for adults the experts at Lonely Planet have collected all their world-knowledge in one amazing book that lets you travel the globe with the flip of a page.

Use the atlas to look up maps and learn about continents, countries, capitals and other big cities, it also tells you all kinds of cool statistics and funny did-you-knows about new destinations and cultures that are sure to give you the upper-hand at the next quiz night. With 160 pages of awesome content this atlas will keep curious minds busy for ages, who knew learning could be so much fun?

my-awesome-bali-adventureAs we planned our holiday in the middle of the school term our three oldest kids were expected to keep a journal of our trip, something they weren’t always keen on. If only I had seen this great journal earlier, it has so many fun diary/journal ideas that kids would love to do and write about. If you are planning a trip to sunny Bali, a popular holiday destination for Aussie tourists, make sure you pack this little gem in your luggage.

My Awesome Bali Adventure: A Travel Journal for Kids (RRP $19.95) by Phillip Gwynne and Eliza McCann helps young travellers to record all their special holiday moments so they can remember them for years to come. This spiral bound journal encourages kids to look, listen and smell their way around Bali, write about the plane trip, to colour and draw, play a game or do a puzzle, practise some new words, learn about the currency and much more, what a fantastic boredom-buster (and a nice keepsake)! Fingers crossed they release different journal titles for other destinations around the world too.

To find out more about The Kids’ Bookshop, to browse the range and to order online visit www.thekidsbookshop.com.au, shipping is free for orders over $50.

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Oct 142016


We all know a fabulous pair of maternity jeans is an absolute must-have for your pregnancy wardrobe, but what should you look for in your maternity denim? Four pregnancies (and several disappointing buys) later I have come up with a list of features that make the difference between a winner or a ‘binner’:


Your beautiful baby is not the only one growing, over the course of 9 months your body is bound to change in shape and size too (sometimes going up several clothing sizes). Keep an eye out for adjustable waists and elasticised sides that allow you to create the perfect fit for tiny little bumps, big round tummies and post-baby bellies. With a bit of luck that means the same pair of jeans will fit beautifully throughout the whole journey and you won’t have to buy new jeans every trimester.

Make sure your maternity jeans are soft and stretchy to help accommodate the rapid body changes your body will go through during pregnancy and post-delivery. It’s all about balance when it comes to stretch: As a proud, pregnant mama you want denim that is stretchy yet strong, you definitely don’t want a unflattering jegging (jeans x legging) that offers no support and loses its elasticity after one wear.

Thankfully the denim experts at Jeanswest understand that being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up on your sense of style, so they have created a great range of maternity jeans to suit everyone. The skinny fit is right on trend and with different washes and finishes you can mix and match to your heart’s content. The award winning Jeanswest Maternity Jeans range caters for sizes 6 up to 18 and even comes in length options Short, Regular and Long, they have all expecting mamas covered.

Tummy Support
tummy-bandPersonally I love the extra support and comfort of a soft, elasticated tummy band that sits nicely over your belly. It gives beautiful shape to your growing bump and prevents it from being accidentally exposed (and getting cold). Especially near the end when your bump is at its biggest the under-belly styles can get a little bit ‘awkward’…, a builders-crack doesn’t look good on anyone! The belly band also offers gentle support for a painful belly button or sore back.

To find out more about the Jeanswest Maternity range, to locate a Jeanswest store near you or to order online visit www.jeanswest.com.au.

Oct 132016

Pan Macmillan Australia

As much as master 8 loved being on holidays, he really missed his (almost daily) visits to the library. The few books we brought with us only lasted a couple of days and English books were not easy to find. Now that we are home he is quickly making up for lost reading time starting with this awesome new Pan Macmillan kids’ read:


Most kids would love to go on an unexpected overseas trip, but not London teenager Mak. When his parents take him to India to deal with an urgent family situation he is not happy at all, it is too hot and sweaty and the city too crowded and loud. When Mak and his family go on a boat ride along the river they get caught in a terrible storm, Mak finds himself separated from his family and lost in the big, mysterious jungle that’s full of unknown dangers.

City-boy Mak realises soon enough that he, for a real chance of survival, will have to embrace the adventure and step out of his comfort zone. Climbing trees, making shelters and foraging for food, there is plenty to learn when you are lost in the jungle. On his journey Mak meets and befriends a family of wolves, rescues a trapped panther, escapes snakes and fights monkeys, but there is still no sight of his parents. Eventually it is the panther and his own clever thinking that puts him back on the map of civilisation. It’s obvious: Mak has been given the Spirit of the Jungle.

Famous survival-expert Bear Grylls has done a fantastic job putting childhood classic Jungle Book in a modern (and very exciting) new jacket. Both our twins thought Spirit of the Jungle was a great read, in fact they are quite keen to try some of his survival tips for themselves. Miss 8 especially enjoyed the interaction with animals and the saving of wildlife, while master 8 loved the scary parts like dangerous snakes and sneaky poachers. Definitely a win for the bookshelf!

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at Spirit of the Jungle (RRP $14.99) by Bear Grylls and to order a copy online visit www.panmacmillan.com.au.

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Oct 122016

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Oct 112016


After returning from our wonderful holiday all of us are feeling a bit homesick, but miss 6 is definitely suffering the most. I am trying my best to cheer her up by making her favourite foods and spoiling her a little extra and thankfully we can always count on her favourite Wiggle to turn that sad frown upside down:


It has been a big week for bowtiful Emma and her loveable husband and Wiggles partner Lachy who just went on record as the very first Australian married couple to release an individual album on the very same day. Both Dial E for Emma and Lachy! arrived in store last Friday, to the great excitement of young Wiggles fans all across the country.

dial-e-for-emma-cdFrom dancing to dress-ups, from singing to sign language and from goats to glasses, with a huge 39 tracks to choose from Dial E for Emma (RRP $12.99) will have all those mini-Emmas singing and dancing along in no time. Using her Book of Dancing Emma introduces little ballerinas to a range of different dancing styles: swing your hips to a Jazz tune or tap to the beat of a Country track, you may discover a special talent! Pigtail Polka instantly had our three dancers hopping around the living room.

lachy-cdPurple Wiggle has handpicked nearly 50 of his favourite wiggly songs for his debut album Lachy! (RRP $12.99). From famous Wiggles nursery rhymes and ballads like Michael Finnegan and Down by the Station and even old classics like the Bricklayers Song to catchy new creations like Wonder of Wiggle Town, Lachy! has something for everyone. It’s a perfect sing-a-long CD for in the family car and so well priced too.

‘Dial E for Emma’ and ‘Lachy!’ are now available for digital download, at ABC stores across Australia and online in the ABC Shop.

To find out more about ABCKids, to locate an ABC store near you or to order your favourite ABC Kids products online visit www.abc.net.au.

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Oct 102016

That’s it. Seven suitcases unpacked, all the laundry washed and jetlag mostly under control. We had been looking forward to our holiday for so long that I am feeling rather sad and empty now that it is over. Thankfully we brought plenty of Dutch cheese and liquorice to help ease the homesickness! Seeing Juliet’s gorgeous, gappy grin after losing her second tooth and my lush, green hazelnut bushes has put a smile on my face this week.