Feb 062016

BBox Colour Pallet Concepts 8-14 (RGB)

It is no secret that when it comes to shopping there is nothing I love more than a big saving. As a large family of seven we are always conscious of our budget which is where my bargain hunting skills come in real handy. Regular Hip Little One readers know how much I adore Aussie label b.box, so when I spotted this amazing b.box buy at The Blushing Fox I just had to share:

b.box Diaper Wallet

Whether you’re at home or out and about, b.box has change time covered with the b.box Diaper Wallet. Originally priced at RRP $34.95 you can now pick one up for a tiny $12.95, what a steal!

The compact container fits easily in your baby bag or pram basket and holds all of the necessities for a quick nappy change on the go. Don’t be fooled by its size though, inside this stylish box you can store a large wipe clean change mat (included), wipes with dual access and two disposable nappies, what more do you need? There are currently three different designs to choose from but be quick, a bargain like this won’t last!

b.box Nappy Wallet

To find out more about The Blushing Fox, to browse the b.box range and to order online visit www.theblushingfox.com.au.

Feb 052016


It’s only day 4 of term 1 and the twins are already complaining that their homework is too easy and the school readers boring. They absolutely love books and finished all the class readers last year so it’s time for some fresh new reads that are a bit more exciting.

Jinny & Cooper

I know a pet guinea pig doesn’t sound very exciting at all, but Cooper is not your ordinary guinea pig. This hairy creature may be small in size but he has big stories to tell and quite the attitude (and appetite!) too. Jinny and her brother Tyrone have come to accept that their talking pet is pretty special, check out the latest adventure of this fabulous trio:

In ‘Jinny & Cooper: Revenge of the Stone Witch’ (RRP $14.99) a new girl comes to stay at the house of Jinny’s neighbour Mrs. Goodfellow. At first it seems like Katie will make a great friend, but soon enough things are getting a little strange and there seems to be something a bit ‘off’ about their new neighbour… When Tyrone adopts a new fish called Torpedo the siblings and guinea pig Cooper start an investigation into the previous owner of the goldfish and they discover the story of the ‘Stone Witch’. This mysterious witch is out to get them, but until they find out the identity of the Stone Witch they better be on high alert!

To find out more about ‘Jinny & Cooper: Revenge of the Stone Witch’ and to order a copy online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Feb 042016


After the busy Christmas season and 7 long weeks of school holidays my ‘cupboard of tricks’, where I store spare gifts and surprise boredom busters, is looking rather empty. I generally keep a good variety of presents on hand for emergencies and with the first birthday invitations in the pocket already it’s time for a restock. If you’re looking for a fabulous gift that doesn’t cost the earth check out these fabulous creations by Krooom:


The awesome Fold My Car range is cool, creative and priced at just $9.95 each surprisingly affordable too, I will definitely add a few of these kits to my gift cupboard.

Hippy VanThe Fold My Car collection (age 3+) currently consists of 4 different designs: Fire Truck, Police Car, Hippy Van and Ice-cream Van (my favourite!), don’t they look great? Made from durable, thick, waterproof board these colourful building sets are fun to make AND fun to play with, what a fantastic little project for a rainy afternoon. There are no tools or glue required so it’s easy and mess free.

Krooom Fire TruckTo make sure you can fold and unfold your car over and over again a reusable storage box is included, yay for no missing pieces. I love that the materials used are 100% recyclable and made from at least 60% post consumer paper for guilt-free fun. You can find the Krooom range in store right now at Australian online store Bubbalove, orders over $50 ship free Australia wide.

To find out more about Bubbalove, to browse the Krooom range and to order online visit www.bubbalove.com.au.

Feb 032016

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Feb 022016

Hippo Blue

And off she went, as of yesterday our Juliet is a big schoolgirl. As we walked to school I couldn’t help but worry about how she would settle in at school. We found her name on a little desk, we located her tray and spotted a special hook to hang up her new school bag, one more kiss and one more wave and then it was time for goodbyes.

Juliet backpack

With a big, long corridor full of bulky backpacks it can be a little tricky for a small 5-year old to find her way, but at least our bright, cheeky, kind-hearted girl knows there will definitely not be another bag just like hers. Personalised with her own name this gorgeous backpack is perfect for our little ray of sunshine: Shine Bright Juliet!

HB JournalAt Hippo Blue they understand that every child is different and unique so they celebrate this diversity with a wide range of personalised back-to-school products. While most famous for their personalised name labels (that really stick!) they also offer awesome backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases, stationery and more, all custom-made with the design and name of your choice.

Boys backpackKnowing how much the twins carry to and from school we decided on the Large Backpack (RRP $50) for Juliet. These spacious backpacks have plenty of room for tall folders and books, a large main compartment and a zipped front pocket. They also have soft, padded shoulder straps for extra comfort, a loop for hanging and nice, deep side pockets so that drink bottles are easily accessible and kept away from expensive schoolbooks and homework.

Girls backpackStarting with a pink/green (girls) or blue/red (boys) base the backpacks can then be personalised with loads and loads of different designs and of course your child’s name. Animals, sports, vehicles, hobbies, foods… there are so many themes to choose from! I love how you can ‘try’ all the different looks before you place your order so you can see exactly what the bag will look like when finished. This preview feature made it much easier for our girls to make a decision.

Knowing that yellow is Juliet’s favourite colour and that she loves the sun and stars I was not surprised she had her heart set on the Shine Bright backpack, it turned out so well and it’s such a sweet, encouraging message for our new schoolgirl. Add to that the insulated Lunch Bag (RRP $32) to match and she’s all set for fun days at school.

Sybbie snacks

While miss Sybbie won’t be wearing a uniform for some time she will be bringing some snacks to kindy, so I planned ahead and ordered her the huge Mega Labels Value Pack (value $76.95, now $39.72). It contains regular labels, iron-on labels, pencil labels, shoe labels (so handy!) and more, with 222 labels in the pack we’ve got everything covered! These packs are such good value and using the same label everywhere make it easy for her to recognise her belongings amongst all the others.

Make sure you keep an eye on the Hippo Blue Facebook page to say up-to-date with all the latest news and offers. They often share special promotions and discount codes to help you replenish your personalised name labels and stationery throughout the year (Tip: They make great gifts too). Right now you can save 50% on Vinyl Name Labels and Clothing Labels, that’s a massive saving!

To find out more about Hippo Blue, to browse the range and to order online visit www.hippoblue.com.au.

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Feb 012016

With Harriet’s immunisations and all this back-to-school business it has been such a busy week here with many late nights (and broken ones at that!). I am looking forward to getting back into our routine and the kids settling down in the rhythm of every day life. I’ll be walking around with a box of tissues today as our beautiful Juliet is starting primary school, stay tuned for the photos tomorrow!

Monday 1

Monday 2

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Monday 4

Monday 5

Jan 312016


With the spotlight on ‘Back to School’ it’s all about our oldest three kids at the moment. Trying on uniforms, picking new backpacks, testing out lunch boxes and drink bottles… it may seem like miss Sybbie is missing out on all the fun but with her 3rd birthday just two weeks away she is getting ready for her own dose of excitement.

Bobux Sybil

It feels like yesterday that we battled to get some food into our tiny baby who was struggling to grow, now she measures almost 1 metre tall! She is such a cheeky, active girl and sitting still is definitely not her thing. She is always on the move, climbing, running, chasing, jumping, skipping, hopping as fast as she can and ideally as loud as she can too.

Bobux climbing

Her long, skinny body is not always as coordinated as she would like it to be so not a day goes past without a little slip, slide or fall, it’s good I keep a big supply of band-aids on hand! A good supportive pair of shoes is an absolute must for her growing feet and preferably a design that looks lovely, is non-slip and able to withstand the rough and tumble of active kids as well… I know, we have quite a wish list.

Bobux wood

At Bobux they understand that when it comes to children’s shoes parents don’t just want ‘cute’, ‘pretty’ or ‘cool’, they want quality, support, durability and comfort to encourage healthy, strong feet. Those little feet have to last a lifetime so, even though they will be hiding in socks or shoes most of the time, they are not something to mess around with. Children’s feet are serious business!

Wildflower Mary JaneLuckily the foot experts at Bobux know that the eye wants something too so they have combined al those must-have features with awesome looks that kids (and their parents) love, no wonder Bobux footwear is a hit around the globe. After careful consideration we decided the beautiful Wildflower Mary Jane (RRP $80, size 20-29) ticks all the boxes for us and miss Sybbie is super chuffed with her ‘red flower shoes’, happy faces all around.

Bobux solesThese versatile Wildflower Mary Janes are sweet and strong, flexible and feminine, comfortable and cute, safe and supportive, leather and long-lasting… they simply have everything we look for in the perfect girls’ shoe. Sybbie can be quite fussy with clothing and shoes and if they are ‘not right’ she will let us know immediately and refuse to wear them. For her to be happy with these gorgeous shoes says a lot.

The vibrant red colour is bright and cheerful and the leather is soft and beautiful quality. They really go with everything in her wardrobe and look lovely with bare feet in Summer but awesome with tights in Winter too. Also important: Sybbie loves being able to put them on and take them off herself thanks to the Velcro strap, our little miss independent is growing up…

Bobux slide

To find out more about Bobux, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.bobux.com.au.