May 212016

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As a mum of five little ones I know very well that trendy Winter wardrobes can come with a hefty price tag. With so many extra layers of clothing, coats, socks, tights, boots and hats it’s an expensive season to style, especially if you have a big family like ours. By keeping an eye on special sales and awesome bargains I manage to get the threads I love at a price we can afford.

If you are keen to update your child’s winter look without paying full price you’ll love Eeni Meeni Miini Moh‘s latest Spend & Save offer. Here’s your chance to shop all the must haves from the fabulous Autumn/Winter 2016 collection and save big! This great offer is valid for a limited time only so you better run and grab your favourites.

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To find out more about Eeni Meeni Miini Moh, to browse the range and to order online visit www.eenimeeni.com.

May 202016

Get Go

Getting dressed in the bedroom, doing the washing in the laundry, brushing the girls’ hair in the bathroom, putting clothes away in the wardrobe, making lunch in the kitchen… these everyday tasks are normally quick and easy, except when you have a cheeky 7-month old who is on the move…

Get Go Ball Pit 5

Harriet is getting around pretty speedy these days so I need to make sure I have an eye on her all the time. Instead of lugging around a heavy highchair or bulky rocker to entertain her we’ve found a super fun, fast and featherlight solution to keep her happy so I can quickly get things done.

Get Go Ball Pit 3

The ‘Get Go’ Ball Pit Bag (RRP $59.95, 6 months+) by Worlds Apart is a light-weight pop-up ball pit that provides instant fun for little ones. It is a great all-in-one design that is a breeze to set-up and can be packed away in a flash too with all balls neatly tucked inside. The bag closes using four simple press studs and when you undo them the ball pit almost automatically pops open, it even has a handle so you can carry it with ease.

Get Go Ball Pit 2

When folded the Ball Pit Bag is nice and compact but it surprising spacious when opened up, there is even room for two babies to play together so it’s perfect for little visitors! The older kids like playing with Hattie from the sidelines too by putting balls through the holes on the side and returning any balls that have escaped (thankfully she is not into throwing just yet!). The sides are the perfect height to keep the balls in whilst allowing the child to easily peek over the edge and keep an eye on mum.

Get Go Ball Pit 4
The Ball Pit Bag comes ready-to-play with 50 coloured balls, this leaves more than enough room for your baby to comfortably sit or lay in the ball pit and move around. Of course you can always add another layer of fun by adding more balls, these can be purchased separately.

To find out more about Childsmart and to browse the Worlds Apart ‘Get Go’ range visit www.childsmart.com.au or get social with @Childsmart on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

May 192016


What started as one simple bookshelf when the twins were born has over the years developed into a mini-library, our kids are so crazy about reading that our collection just keeps growing! She may only be 7 months old but even Harriet is turning into a little bookworm already, sinking her teeth into every book she can get her hands on. Usually that calls for a quick book-rescue, but she can chomp and chew to her heart’s content on this gorgeous Beatrix Potter read:

Peter Rabbit Book

Made from soft, cuddly fleece fabric this sweet Peter Rabbit Cloth Book (RRP $24.99) makes the perfect first book for a precious little bundle.

Peter Rabbit Cloth BookYoung children will love touching the squishy pages, hugging friendly Peter Rabbit and looking at the lovely  pictures and bright colours in this baby-friendly cloth book. Not only are Peter’s long fluffy ears easy to hold on to for little hands, they are also gentle on sore gums and growing teeth if your young reader decides to have some rabbit for breakfast. The book comes in a cute see-through gift-box, ready to be presented to a new arrival.

To find out more about the Peter Rabbit Cloth Book by Beatrix Potter and to order a copy online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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May 182016

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May 172016


Today it has been 7 weeks since little miss Harriet had her tongue snipped. Initially I feared it had made no difference at all but slowly we are starting to see some great improvements. Breastfeeding is becoming easier, she is able to eat some solids and even manages to keep in her dummy for a short while (up until now it would just fall out).

Natursutten 1

Just like her older sister Harriet has taken a liking to the fabulous natural soothers by eco-label Natursutten. These European made pacifiers are made from soft, 100% natural, sustainable rubber and therefore contain no toxic chemicals, this makes them super safe for your baby and the environment.

Natursutten RoundAt first sight Natursutten Natural Soothers may look a bit funny but this innovative design is made out of one piece so there are no tiny gaps or joins for nasty bacteria or yucky residue to hide in (Have you looked at your baby’s dummy lately, and I mean closely?…. Exactly!). At the same time the one-piece design lowers the choking hazard, standard dummies are at risk of coming apart and as a result your baby could possibly choke on small particles.

Natursutten OrthodonticInitially I had my doubts about the unique shape of this dummy, the round shield is larger than normal and seemed big for such a little face. However once I read up on the Natursutten pacifier a bit more I started to appreciate this design a lot. The larger shield prevents baby from bending the rubber and fitting it in his/her mouth. It also nearly touches baby’s nose and in doing so it mimics the feeling of the mother’s breast, making this is a great dummy for breastfed babies like our Harriet.

You can find the Natursutten soothers (RRP $9.95, round or orthodontic) in store at Avidiva, choose from size Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-12 months) and Large (12 months +).

Natursutten 2

To find out more about Avidiva, to browse the Natursutten range and to order online visit www.avidiva.com.au.

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May 162016

Who cares about mountains of dirty laundry, crumbs on the floor and truckloads of paperwork that need sorting? When the weather is as soft and sunny as it was last weekend you just have to get outside and make the most of it. Our hazelnut bushes (my Mother’s Day present) are settling into their new home and we planted our replacement hedges while the kids had fun in the garden. With a bit of imagination an old piece of wood makes a great phone and a plastic bag turned their climbing frame into a ship. All aboard!

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May 152016

Mad Alice Jewellery

I know our holiday is still 3 months away but you can never get organised too early, can you? The preparations are actually one of my favourite parts and I really enjoy shopping for presents to surprise my parents, siblings, nieces, cousins and friends with when we come. After all this gift wrapping my gift cupboard is looking a little bare so on my restocking hunt I stumbled upon this awesome bargain from Mad Alice Jewellery:

This weekend only enjoy a fabulous ‘2 for the price of 1’ offer on the gorgeous Little Moments Collection. Simply enter the code ‘STYLISHKIDS’ at checkout for your discount to be applied, be quick as this offer ends May 15, 2016.

Little Moments

The Little Moments Collection consists of six pretty bracelets that represent six warm wishes for the lucky recipient, there is a perfect design to suit every occasion. Love & Laughter, Good Luck, Faith, Dream, Little Wishes and Happy Birthday, what wonderful thoughts do you want to gift the special little lady in your life?

Good Luck BraceletEach Little Moments bracelet (RRP $25) is lovingly handmade by Australian mama Lorraine using silver plated beads with an eye catching Swarovski crystal element to represent the heartwarming thought behind it. The bracelets are available in 4 different sizes so you can select the perfect size for your child. With the current ‘2 for 1’ offer now is the ideal time to shop ahead and pick up some sparkling goodness for upcoming birthdays, communions, weddings and other important events.

All Little Moments jewellery arrives beautifully packaged with a special message on a keepsake card.

To find out more about Mad Alice Jewellery, to browse the range and to order online visit www.madalicejewellery.com.