Oct 152018


Like many other girls our little ladies go absolutely crazy for unicorns. Unicorn jewellery, unicorn cupcakes, unicorn headbands and unicorn stationery, they just can’t enough of these magical creatures! I have gently tried to convince miss 5 that there is no such thing as a real unicorn, but I have to admit that VTech has come pretty close…

Myla the Magical Make-Up Unicorn (RRP $79.95, ages 5+) is beautiful soft unicorn that is sure to charm little fans with her many magical features. Sybbie has been in absolute awe of Myla and the two have been inseparable since their first encounter, she now accompanies us on all our adventures.

Measuring 37cm tall Myla is quite a large toy, which means she gives rather impressive hugs and is easy to handle for small children. You can pose her legs so she can stand up independently and she can even move her head and blink her eyes like a real animal. When you touch her back Myla rewards you with compliments (eg. You are special) and encouragements (eg. Be confident) which encourages interaction between Myla and her owner.

Myla comes with a special microphone that makes her sing a selection of fun and inspirational songs, just hold the microphone in front of her mouth and she’ll perform her latest track for you. Miss Sybbie really enjoys doing Myla’s mane and tail with the included comb and accessories (she has even learnt to braid) however her favourite past-time is by far doing Myla’s make-up.

Just in case you are anything like me: Don’t worry, there is no mess involved! Using the magic make-up brush and a colourful make-up palette you can decorate Myla over and over again with the most beautiful rainbow colours. Simply touch a colour on the palette with the brush and then touch Myla’s horn, eyes or wings to see them light up like she comes flying straight out of a fairytale (this looks especially amazing with the lights off).

VTech toys are available at major department stores, select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.vtech.com.au.

Oct 102018

And then he was one… As much as I wish it wasn’t true our little Ted is no longer a baby. In the blink of an eye he turned into an adventurous boy who walks everyone, climbs on everything and loves exploring the house. He walks so quietly that you don’t even hear him coming (or going) so I could really do with an extra pair of eyes! Thankfully this LeapFrog birthday gift does an excellent job keeping him entertained so I can quickly get some jobs done:

The LeapFrog Learning Safari Playspace (RRP $99.95, ages 6-36 months) is super versatile educational toy that is designed for growing babies, offering a range of ways to play and learn at different ages and stages. This made it a perfect birthday gift for Ted (and great value for money) as I know it will be enjoyed over and over again.

The Learning Safari Playspace features a sweet selection of animal friends who love teaching your baby new things. Simply press the large buttons to learn about numbers and letters (and watch them pop up on the digital light up screen), practise your colours, turn on the chameleon’s magical rainbow light, discover animal facts spin the beads and much more. Each action helps little explorers work on important motor skills whilst having fun (smile and get smarter!).

Babies can (p)lay underneath the large arch and watch the colours, lights and dangling leaves (when you pull each leaf you hear the corresponding number), they can crawl through it or pull up and stand next to it, great practice for those developing leg muscles. You can even lay the arch flat to transform it into a ‘table’ for baby to sit at. Ted loves showing off his talent for the piano (not only do the piano keys play music, they teach shapes too) but he loves it even more to sit ON the piano so we might keep the arch up for a while longer!

From laying down to sitting up, from crawling to standing and beyond, the Learning Safari Playspace will challenge little minds and help young children develop new skills as they get older. From the moment we unpacked and set up this fun new toy Ted has been intrigued by it, he loves the bright colours, enjoys the sounds and songs and his absolute favourite part is the ball slide.

The Learning Safari Playspace comes with three coloured balls that roll through the monkey’s tail down the slide, it even counts the number of balls as you insert them. Seeing the balls disappear down that mysterious hole and finding out where they will reappear next is a perfect cause and effect exercise and Ted can’t get enough of it.

To find out more about LeapFrog, to browse the range and to locate stockist near you visit www.leapfrog.com.au.

Oct 092018

The Monster Jam trucks may have driven out of Adelaide again, but the excitement is still high here at Hip Little One HQ. On Saturday Hip Daddy took our biggest car crazy kids for a surprise outing to Adelaide Oval to see Monster Jam, a treat they are sure to treasure forever…

Known for its larger-than-life Monster trucks, superstar drivers and adrenaline-charged stunts the Monster Jam experience is a hit with fans of all ages. This last year our kids have fallen head over heels for anything that is fast, noisy and has four wheels, so Monster Jam easily ticked all the boxes and more!

11 time Monster Jam World Finals® Champion Tom Meents and a host of other drivers took to the impressive dirt tracks and dare-devil ramps in true Monster Jam style, leaving the audience on the edge of its seat the entire show. Whether you’re rooting for Max-D, are a Grave Digger fanatic, go crazy for El Toro Loco, adore Wonder Woman or another four-wheeled hero, you are guaranteed a true spectacle that will be enjoyed by the entire family.

As a special bonus our little tribe attended the ‘Party in the Pits’ before the show where they had the chance to get up close to their favourite trucks and drivers. If you have a Monster Jam in the family too a Pit Pass is an absolute must-have, who doesn’t want a selfie with their biggest Monster Jam star or the chance to grab a signature or two?

The Monster Jam convoy is currently en route to ANZ Stadium, Sydney (October 13) and will perform its final stunt of the 2018 Australian tour at AAMI Stadium, Melbourne (October 20). Don’t miss out on this year’s monstrous show and grab your seats today.

To find out more about Monster Jam, to check out the tour schedule and to book your tickets online visit www.monsterjam.com.

Oct 082018

As sad as it is all good things have to come to an end. We returned from our big European adventure almost three weeks ago and (after sleeping off their jet lag) the kids squeezed in two more weeks of school before the school holidays arrived. They settled back into school life in no time and also quickly caught on to the Ooshies trend:

Ooshies (ages 5+) are the latest collect and swap trend to hit the school yard and with so many awesome Ooshies characters to collect it is no wonder all the kids are joining in the fun! Don’t be fooled by their small size, these soft squishy pencil toppers are big in entertainment and hot property among hip boys and girls. They can be enjoyed on and off your pencil and they are a perfect size for pockets, pencil cases and backpacks.

Ooshies are available in loads of different ranges so there is a favourite Ooshie for everyone. From DC and Marvel to Pixar and Disney, from DreamWorks to Cars and much more, no matter which team you’re on, Ooshies has you covered. We started our collection with Elsa and Olaf (of course!) and just discovered that Barbie and her friends are the latest additions to the Ooshies family, fabulous news for my little Barbie fans!

The excitement of a blind bag never wears off and the girls were in luck: the adorable Pyjama Barbie and pretty Mermaid Barbie were at the top of their wish list. There are 17 different Barbie Ooshies to collect including a highly coveted limited edition Golden Mermaid Barbie. If we do manage to find that special goldilocks I’ll make sure to share a snap!

My personal favourites (yes, even mums can have an Ooshie soft spot) are the Care Bears Ooshies, it’s like being a child all over again. I just adore these gorgeous bears, I might have to start my own collection! I have already popped some Care Bears blind bags away to put in the girls’ shoes in the lead up to Sinterklaas, I have no doubt they will absolutely love the surprise.

Ooshies are sold in single bags (ideal as a small treat, a pocket money buy or stocking filler for Christmas) or as multi-packs, a speedy way to complete your Ooshies collection. And don’t forget you can always trade with your friends if you have doubles! A little birdie told me that Transformers and Star Wars are soon to join the gang and even an Ooshies Junior range is coming up.

Keep your eyes peeled, you never know when and where the next Ooshies will pop up…

To find out more about Ooshies and to browse the range visit www.ooshies.net.

Sep 032018

EK Books

Discussing sensitive topics with young children is not easy and it is important to tread with delicate steps. Domestic Violence is a big problem in today’s society and something that concerns entire families including young children. Author Dimity Powell and illustrator Nicky Johnston have come together to create a story that brings hope to those in need:

Flick lives in a house At the end of Holyrood Lane. Her home is often plagued by storms, rattling the windows and shaking the curtains, darkening the clouds and surrounding her with loud noise.

Flick tries to hide, but you never know when the storm will come and it is scary and frightening. Until one day she is brave and seeks helps and slowly the storms ease and the sun is able to shine once again on Holyrood Lane. Whether you know a little ‘Flick’ who finds herself in a never-ending storm (or maybe Flick is YOU), this beautiful picture book could just be the little ray of hope that is needed to help you step out and chase the sun.

‘At the end of Holyrood Lane’ cleverly uses visual metaphor to touch on a very delicate topic, making it suitable for children of all ages and also applicable to many situations. No matter what storm you find yourself in, there is always hope!

You can find ‘At the end of Holyrood Lane’ (RRP $24.99) in leading book stores across Australia.

To find out more about EK Books, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.ekbooks.org.

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Aug 232018

Maybe it’s the petting zoo or the cake competition. Maybe it’s the ferris wheel, the popcorn stall or the dodgem cars. Or maybe you just love looking at all the delighted faces and listening to the happy giggles and big belly laughs. There’s nothing like a day at the show, there is just so much to see and do! Let Gwyn Perkins take you out and join the fun:

In Gwyn’s latest picture book Grandad and Iggy set off for A Day at the Show, they want to enter Doreen the Chook into a competition because she lays such beautiful eggs. With Doreen under his arm Grandad and Iggy go on the bus and so their day out begins…

They see amazing rides, wood choppers, ball-throwing games and cheerful bright colours, they go on pony rides and enjoy a twirl in the spinning tea cups, they see animals and ride on the Merry-Go-Round and so much more. The show has something fun for everyone! Then it is time to put Doreen in the spotlight, will she be awarded a ribbon? Let’s see what the judge thinks of Doreen and her beautiful egg…

Gwyn has delivered yet another gorgeous picture book that will delight not just young readers but their parents too (you are never too old for a day at the show!). Through his amazing illustrations has skilfully captured the magic of the show, the joy that is found in every corner and the excitement it brings to all, what a wonderful addition for your family book shelf.

To find out more about Affirm Press, to take a closer look at ‘A Day at the Show’ by Gwyn Perkins and to order a copy online visit www.affirmpress.com.au.

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Aug 152018

EK Books

Learning how to write and spell is tricky, and sometimes no matter how hard you try the words just don’t make it to the paper the right way! If your young author is struggling with spelling or battling with dyslexia this gorgeous book by EK Books is a fantastic motivating read:

Come along on an exciting adventure in My Storee and discover that awesome stories are not about perfect spelling but all about having a big imagination!

Your child may recognise him/herself in the main character, a young boy who loves writing stories about the most amazing things. Sadly his creative skills are dimmed by the teacher’s red pen, and he loses interest in writing because of all the angry red lines marking his spelling mistakes. Until a new teacher comes along who looks beyond spelling and puts the spotlight on creativity, imagining skills and the magic of story telling.

My Storee is an excellent way to empower young children to express themselves through story writing, without focusing on performance and getting things ‘right’. It is also a great tool to talk to children about dyslexia and about the impact a good teacher can have on a child’s confidence. Here’s to fantastic teachers who bring out the best in all children!

You can find My Storee (RRP $24.99) in leading book stores across Australia.

To find out more about EK Books, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.ekbooks.org.

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