Aug 152018

EK Books

Learning how to write and spell is tricky, and sometimes no matter how hard you try the words just don’t make it to the paper the right way! If your young author is struggling with spelling or battling with dyslexia this gorgeous book by EK Books is a fantastic motivating read:

Come along on an exciting adventure in My Storee and discover that awesome stories are not about perfect spelling but all about having a big imagination!

Your child may recognise him/herself in the main character, a young boy who loves writing stories about the most amazing things. Sadly his creative skills are dimmed by the teacher’s red pen, and he loses interest in writing because of all the angry red lines marking his spelling mistakes. Until a new teacher comes along who looks beyond spelling and puts the spotlight on creativity, imagining skills and the magic of story telling.

My Storee is an excellent way to empower young children to express themselves through story writing, without focusing on performance and getting things ‘right’. It is also a great tool to talk to children about dyslexia and about the impact a good teacher can have on a child’s confidence. Here’s to fantastic teachers who bring out the best in all children!

You can find My Storee (RRP $24.99) in leading book stores across Australia.

To find out more about EK Books, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.ekbooks.org.

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Aug 092018

‘It is impossible until it’s done’
Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

While sadly Nelson Mandela is no longer, his legacy lives on and to this day the world is inspired by one man who was determined to fight for change. Not only would Nelson Mandela have turned 100 this year, it also marks 25 years since the abolition of apartheid in South Africa, all the more reason to celebrate his remarkable life in style with a visit to Madiba the Musical:

Combining traditional African dance and vocals with contemporary twists, eternal love songs and stirring anthems Madiba the Musical tells the life of former South African leader Nelson Mandela like you have never heard or seen it before. What an amazing opportunity to learn about Mandela’s lifework as a lawyer and activist for peace, catch a glimpse of his fight against apartheid and get a taste of forbidden love in a troubled land.

Featuring authentic and talented performers from all across the globe (including Australia’s own Timomatic) this energetic new stage show will open your eyes to South Africa’s history and the amazing difference one man made to his homeland. According to Mandela’s own grandson Madiba the Musical is ‘the best show about my grandfather’, are you ready to meet the man that is Nelson Mandela?

Madiba the Musical will tour across Australia from October 3, 2018, visiting Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Warrnambool, Perth and Adelaide. After this the turn goes to our neighbours in New Zealand with stops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Tickets are available now so make sure you secure your seats!

To find out more about Madiba the Musical, to check out the tour schedule and to book your tickets online via Ticketmaster visit www.madibamusical.com.au.

Two lucky Hip Little One readers are in for a fantastic night, as we have the following to give away:

  • 1x double pass for Madiba the Musical on Wednesday 3rd October (7pm) at Comedy Theatre, Melbourne (RRP $179.80)
  • 1x double pass for Madiba the Musical on Thursday 17th January (7.30pm) at Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide (RRP $179.80)

For your chance to win enter our giveaway below, please make sure you to include the venue of your choice:

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Aug 082018

Starting at a new school is not easy, especially when you are only 5 years old and rather shy. Our miss Sybil has been working hard on making new friends and is doing well, although it does make her a little sad when her class mates struggle to remember how to pronounce her name. Sizzle, single, simple… we’ve heard them all and the latest addition is Cyril. Initially she was upset, but I quickly turned that frown upside down with this gorgeous picture book by Emily Gravett:

I read a lot of children’s books but I think Cyril and Pat (RRP $24.99) is my new favourite. This fabulous picture book, filled with the sweetest illustrations tells the story of Cyril, a cheeky little squirrel, who forms a special (and rather unusual) friendship with a rat called Pat. Against the odds, and against what others may think of this unlikely couple, the two make a great pair and love hanging out together. What a fantastic message: Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the most unlikely people turn out to be the best friends!

Written in a catchy rhyming manner and filled with detailed, colourful, eye catching illustrations this book is an absolute joy to read and our kids love listening to the melody of the story and predicting the words.

From the same skilful hand comes Old Hat (RRP $14.99), another sweet book with a empowering message hidden amongst the gorgeous illustrations. Harbet the Dog wears a cosy knitted hat, handmade for him by his nana. Harbet is totally content with his hat, until others start commenting on his ‘old hat’. The teasing leads Harbet on a journey of trying to fit in, always searching for the latest, trendiest item to wear on his head.

There are so many colourful, quirky, unique hat styles, little readers will adore Emily’s creations. However no matter how hard Harbet tries, somehow he always ends up with an ‘old hat’. Thankfully in the end Harbet stops trying to fit in and learns a valuable lesson: You are perfect just the way you are!

To find out more about PanMacmillan, to discover more books by Emily Gravett and to order your favourite titles online visit www.panmacmillan.com.

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Jul 232018

I know I’m not always a ‘fun’ mum. I make my children finish their dinner, they go to bed early every day and when they see a muddy puddle they know very well to walk around it. Unless of course we are on Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddle Walk… If you ever needed a great excuse to let the kids splash about and have fun in the mud this is it:

From August 13 – August 19 Australian families are being invited to join their favourite little piggy, Peppa Pig, in a Muddy Puddle Walk to raise funds for Save the Children. By participating in the Muddy Puddle Walk children all across Australia will help support Save The Children’s work to give every last child the chance to learn, play and grow up healthy and happy. Millions of children around the world are currently missing out on this due to factors including lack of access to health and education, abuse and neglect, and humanitarian emergencies. But you can help!

Families can sign up for their own family Muddy Puddly Walk and child care centres and playgroups can join in the fun together. There are rewards for everyone, with surprises from Peppa Pig including certificates and stickers plus magazines, books and DVDs. The FREE Muddy Puddle Walk Fundraising pack will help you get the most out of your walk with fun ideas, activities, tips and it will also guide you as you talk to your children about the work of Save the Children.

Slip on your gumboots, head to your favourite neighbourhood park or outback track and raise some much needed funds for a great cause. Your muddy puddle fun will help give disadvantaged children a brighter future and every little bit helps!

To find out more about the Muddy Puddle Walk and to request a fundraising pack visit www.muddypuddlewalk.com.au

Jul 202018

Right when I feared that the madness of these crazy, loud, messy school holidays with six kids would get to me I was rescued, just in time. Yesterday sanity arrived in the shape of a bunch of adventurous garden dwarfs called Gnomeo and Juliet and our 7-year old Juliet was super excited to see ‘herself’ on the big screen once again:

In Sherlock Gnomes we catch up with loveable garden gnomes Gnomeo and Juliet (who we met in their first movie adventure). The adorable blue and red hatted gnomes are about to move into their own piece of London ‘paradise’ but first the place will need a good tidy up, and we all know renovations cause friction in the best of relationships…

In an attempt to bring back the love Gnomeo tries to surprise Juliet with a special flower. Unfortunately things don’t exactly go to plan and to top it off they return to find all of their gnome friends have disappeared. Time for dwarf detective Sherlock Gnomes, accompanied by his side kick Watson, to start an investigation. Will they be able to return the gnomes and restore peace in the garden (and in the marriage)?

Sherlock Gnomes is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD at all good retail stores across Australia.

To take a closer look at Sherlock Gnomes or other exciting new releases and to order your favourite titles online visit www.theviewinglounge.com.au.

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Jul 192018

What do you pack to keep a 10-month old busy on a 24-hour plane trip? I’m going with something compact, something sturdy, something colourful, something that moves and something that offers lots of different ways of play. This little gem from LeapFrog ticks all the boxes:

This adorable Rainbow Lights Ladybird (RRP $16.95, age 6 months+) is perfect size for chubby baby hands and for holiday backpacks. Its chunky shape makes it easy to push this little ladybug around (building motor skills) and activate the rainbow light show. A simple push on the round yellow antennae or a press of the large ABC button is all it takes to go on a learning adventure…

The friendly LeapFrog ladybird displays a rainbow of coloured lights on her back and uses them to introduce little learners to different colours and common items that are that colour. She also sings a catchy letter song to teach the letters of the alphabet and the sounds of each letter. Let’s hope the other passengers on the plane enjoy a good old ABC sing-along too!

To find out more about LeapFrog, to browse the range and to locate stockist near you visit www.leapfrog.com.au.

Jul 182018

EK Books

The strange thing about moving countries is that somehow in your head you think of everyone exactly the way they were when you left. This years marks 12 years since I moved to Australia and the unfortunate fact is that people have changed and gotten older. My beautiful Opa is now an impressive 95 years old and sadly suffers from dementia. I know that he will not be able to fully understand/remember me when we visit next month but I will treasure every moment I get to spend with him and he will always be very special to me.

In Finding Granny a little Edie has such a special grandparent too. Her lovely granny is funny and fearsome, creative and courageous and Edie finds comfort in knowing her granny is always the same. Until one day Granny has a stroke and all of a sudden Granny is ‘different’…

At first Edie struggles to find her familiar Granny in this strange lady, she doesn’t sound like her Granny at all and she can’t do the things she used to. But with lots of love, patience and art class not only is Granny finding her new self, Edie is also finding her Granny.

There is so many things to love about Finding Granny and the important messages is shared with young readers: The importance of family, the impact of (sudden) illness/accident/age and how it may change people from the outside, but how they stay the same on the inside. Patience, the value of art therapy and how you should never give up on people. And of course never judge someone by their looks or abilities! This gorgeous picture book features colourful illustrations that children will love and it is a fantastic conversation starter for families with young children.

You can find Finding Granny (RRP $24.99) in leading book stores across Australia.

To find out more about EK Books, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.ekbooks.org.

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