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Now that the twins are getting older and are learning the importance of Australia’s ANZAC Day and Liberation Day in The Netherlands (my home country) they are becoming more and more interested in history’s big events. They may not fully understand exactly what happened (and why) or what life was like for those living through a war, but there are some fantastic kids’ book out there that make history a little bit more real for the children of today. Our kids absolutely loved this recent read by Australian author Felice Arena and thought it was super exciting and a bit scary too:

In The Boy and the Spy (RRP $16.99) we travel back in time to Sicily, Italy where World War II is really starting to impact every day life on the island. Known around town as ‘Rota’ boy (a degrading nickname for an abandoned child) Antonio is struggling to find a sense of belonging, until his life takes an interesting turn when he finds an injured American spy.

Antonio embraces his new adventure with open arms and becomes an assistant-spy, helping American Chris to find his way out of the area with the helping hand of other Italians who are part of the Resistance. From soldiers with guns and dropping bombs to stolen radios, gangsters and last-minute escapes, ‘The Boy and the Spy’ will have young readers on the edge of their seat. Will Chris make it home safely? Maybe Antonio will even find his ‘home’ too…

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  1. looks like a great book to read, I would love this as I have time to read at the moment as I have a broken ankle

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