Feb 192017

EK Books

As a mother of five little ones, and only one of them a picky eater, I can’t really complain. Our kids happily munch away on vegetables, love every single fruit and are always excited to try new foods. If you have a fussy child who needs a bit of gentle encouragement when it comes to healthy eating here’s a gorgeous read by EK Books to win him or her over:

In Our Dog Benji (RRP $19.99) we meet a loveable dog called Benji, a friendly fellow with an impressive appetite. Wherever Benji goes he is jumping at the chance to put his teeth in something tasty and his hunt for food brings him to all kinds of interesting places. He even eats Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, olives and avocado, can you believe that? Of course you don’t have to pretend to like flowers, bones or bugs but maybe you could learn from Benji and try something new from time to time too…

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  3 Responses to “Our Dog Benji”

  1. Wally’s a funny guy,
    He thinks he’s human,
    His fed his crunchy dog food,
    If we’re not looking,he’ll steal cakes and biscuits from bench.

  2. We had a Benji too! He loved people food. His favourite was dads Butternut Snaps dunked in coffee. He wouldnt eat my brussel sprouts though. 🙁

  3. We have Blue Heelers. They love vegemite toast.

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