Nov 012016


As a child I absolutely loved reading Enid Blyton’s stories about a set of twins at boarding school, it sounded like so much fun and there was always a new adventure waiting around the corner. Now it’s time for the next generation to explore the highs and lows of boarding school with the fabulous Alice-Miranda series by real-life boarding school teacher Jacqueline Harvey. This time Alice-Miranda packs her bags and heads overseas for a cultural school exchange all the way in China:


Whether Alice-Miranda follows adventure or whether adventure follows her, one thing is sure: There is never a boring day when Alice-Miranda is around. From visiting some of China’s popular tourist hotspots to sampling the local cuisines and staying with a real Chinese family, Alice-Miranda and her friends from the boarding school are having the time of their life in Alice-Miranda in China (RRP $16.99).

The girls are particularly impressed with famous Chinese acrobat group Circus of Golden Destiny and its leading star, a flexible girl called Summer. When they meet the talented acrobat Alice-Miranda and her friend Jacinta instantly feel that something is amiss, and over the next few days the mystery only deepens. When their host family turns out to be an acrobat group too they’re catapulted right into the centre of it all. In between the trapezes, backflips, tumbles and spinning plates Alice-Miranda and her new Chinese friends bundle their powers to solve the puzzle and put the smile back on the face of little Summer.

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