Nov 122016

Empowering Resources

As much as I would like to say I am always a happy, bright, fun mum I am afraid I have my bad days too and that’s okay. Just as kids have their happy and sad days parents can struggle with their feelings too, something kids seem to pick up on straight away… This Empowering Resources book tackles the topic of sad feelings and depression in a gentle, easy to understand way:


The problem with those down moments is that sometimes children can take them personally and (often without saying it) they feel responsible or guilt for their parents’ sadness. Obviously that is not at all the case and it’s important to let children know that, even when mum or dad is sad or depressed, they love their children to the moon and back.


Even Mummy Cries (RRP $17) is a friendly, warm children’s picture book that oozes love. It will help children understand that the grey clouds that sometimes cover their parent(s) are not all their fault, and that soon enough the sun will shine again and melt away the sadness. Author Naomi Hunter has skilfully captured the feelings of both parents and child which will help the whole family understand each other a bit better during these difficult days.

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