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Now that miss Juliet is 6 years old she considers herself quite the lady (Can I have earrings now Mummy?). She has grown so much this last year and is definitely a real schoolgirl, her reading is getting better by the day. A few weeks ago she brought her favourite picture book to school for Show & Tell and proudly read a few lines from this gem by Jen Storer:

Blue, the Builder's Dog

Blue, the Builder’s Dog (RRP $24.99) spends his days at his boss’ construction site, keeping an eye on the building work and offering a helping paw here and there. At work Blue feels pretty special, but at home it’s a different story and it’s weighing him down.

Surely a real builder’s dog deserves a proper kennel to match his job description? Inspired by his day-job Blue decides to construct his very own dream home and the end result is looking pretty pawesome. But then the storm rolls in…

The book’s bright colours and friendly illustrations are sure to appeal to young readers and I think especially little boys will love the construction site setting, the diggers, building tools and hard hats.

To find out more about Blue, the Builder’s Dog by Jen Storer and to order a copy online visit

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