Aug 042016

Pan Macmillan Australia

One of the (many) things I really love about having a big family is seeing the kids grow and watching their personalities develop. Even though our five kids are very different there are some things they all have in common like their love for reading (they have that from me!). As little as Hattie is, she is already showing great interest in reading (and chewing on) books so that’s a great sign!


Don’t worry, Hattie is not to blame for the cheeky nibble on the corner of Dinoshapes. It’s all part of the playful design of this gorgeous new children’s book.

Dinoshapes is the latest addition to the Alphaprints collection, a colourful series of sturdy board books designed for the youngest readers of the family. Dinoshapes introduces little book lovers to seven friendly dinosaurs using bright colours, interesting textures and different shapes and patterns.

Dinoshapes Alphaprint

Children can look at the fun illustrations, turn the strong pages, explore the textures and listen to the rhyming text, they even learn how to pronounce those tricky dinosaur names properly! It’s a fantastic sensory book that kids will love.

To find out more about Pan Macmillan, to take a closer look at Dinoshapes (RRP $9.99) by Alphaprints and to order a copy online visit

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  1. My kids love the Stegosaurus, because it’s huge!

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