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LeapFrog Epic

Christmas Countdown – Day 1

I know lately the spotlight has been mostly on our youngest family member but our little Harriet is not the only one who is growing rapidly. Tommie and Olivia are now seven and about to finish year 1 with flying colours, we are so proud of them! If you are a regular Hip Little One reader you will know that I often credit LeapFrog for their big love of (and excellent results in) reading and maths so I am really excited to see what’s new from LeapFrog this Christmas:

LeapFrog Epic

The brand new LeapFrog Epic (RRP $199, ages 3-9) will without a doubt be one of the hottest gift under the Christmas tree this year, this much anticipated kids tablet has only just hit the shelves and it’s already flying out the door!

LeapFrog EpicWe all know children grow and change rapidly (a bit too rapid if you ask me!), which is why the LeapFrog Epic is designed to grow and change just like they do. Explore – Play – Imagine – Create, the Epic is packed with fun and educational content tailored to your child’s age and stage and it is the first LeapFrog tablet to work on the well known Android operating system (Android OS. 4.4).

As a loyal LeapFrog user I can safely say the Epic is a big step up from previous LeapFrog tablets. It is very fast, responsive and easy to use, the full-colour graphics are truly amazing and it comes (and can be expanded) with loads of content that is versatile and relevant for children of different ages. In simple terms the LeapFrog Epic is a sturdy, safe, child friendly and age appropriate version of an ordinary tablet.

LeapFrog Epic tablet

As we already own previous LeapFrog products setting up the tablet was easy. We signed in with our account details and the Epic was automatically loaded with our children’s ages and development details, as well as previously downloaded apps. The Epic can be shared by multiple users (great value for families!), who each log in individually to access their own personal Epic world.

DSC_1330 copy

Starting at the home screen children can customise the interactive background, decorate it to their liking and fill it will shortcuts to their favourite apps. From the simple, but important, basics like the local weather and the clock to a calculator and calendar, from learning about nature and the human body to recording songs and making up stories, from a colourful and creative art app to puzzles and an imaginary pet to raise and play with, the options are endless.

Epic LeapFrogThe LeapFrog Epic connects to the internet using WiFi which can be turned on and off. Initially children can only access a pre-approved library of content through LeapSearch so you know all content is appropriate and safe, but if desired you can expand your child’s online world by manually adding other websites to your ‘safe’ list. I find it very reassuring that our kids can not accidentally view webpages that we would not approve of, unsavoury pictures and pages are sometimes just one click away so this protective border is extremely valuable to me.

The smart thing about LeapFrog is that it automatically recognised your child’s achievements and progress and adjusts content and challenges to match your child’s learning level, this keeps things fun and interesting all the time. Our 5-year old likes and is able to do different things than our 7-year old and the Epic effortlessly recognises this, how clever! Like most kids our children love it when their achievements are being acknowledged and LeapFrog does a wonderful job at that by e.g. awarding badges or special bonuses.

DSC_1337 copy

There are so many cool things to love about the LeapFrog Epic, some of our favourites are the ability to see the weather in other places around the world, marking our plans on the calendar, recording videos and songs, playing Alphabet Stew, learning the Word of the Day and much more. You can keep adding to your LeapFrog Epic library by downloading new apps from the every growing LeapFrog App Centre. One of my personal top features is the ability to stay in charge of your child’s play time by setting a timer. Parents can control exactly how long and when their child is allowed to use the Epic, e.g. 30 minutes on weekdays and 1 hour on weekends. What an easy way to manage screen time, keeping rules clear for everyone.

LeapFrog Epic packagingSome of the boring but important facts: The LeapFrog Epic is rechargeable and comes with a USB charger/wall adaptor so you can recharge how, when and where you want. It has a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor, beautiful 7″ Capacitive Touch Screen, attaches stylus and a 2MP front and rear camera to take photos, record videos and sound. The 16GB memory can be expanded to 32GB using a Micro SD Card.

The LeapFrog Epic is exclusively available at JB Hi-Fi stores Australia wide and online at

To find out more about LeapFrog, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

For your chance to win a LeapFrog Epic (RRP $199) enter our giveaway below:

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  1. Such a great device with so many amazing features!
    Thank you for sharing & a wonderful give away!

  2. It would keep my child quiet & entertained for hours. I would love to have some time quite for myself hehehe

  3. I love my kids,they are my world and They are the most precious gifts a mum could ever ask for

  4. Green is my son’s favourite color and he loves playing games. The Leapfrog Epic is the perfect combination!

  5. Leapfrog Epic is a fantastic prize

  6. The LeapFrog Epic sounds and looks so appealing. It would definitely build up my sons confidence!

  7. My daughter Joanne starts kinder in February. We NEED leap frog to help her graduate from her mobile phone rock! Yes she’s drawn on numbers and squares, so she has her own mobile phone. Please help us Leap Frog spaces out of the stone age.

  8. a Leapfrog Epic game would be perfect to help my disabled son with his hand eye coordination and memory skills

  9. One small leap into technology, one epic leap for my little guy. This is the device he needs to transcend from tadpole to frog!

  10. the leap frog epic is such an amazing prize my grandson wld love it itll keep him entertained for hrs

  11. LeapFrog Epic is a great toy while at the same time is educational. It is a technological stepping stone which is a must these days.

  12. Wait and see hope I can win this amazing product

  13. We just can not afford anything like this for our children but would love to win one for them
    Aged 5 & 3

  14. Thankyou in advance

  15. What a great give away for some lucky kids out there

  16. I’m a single mother to a 4year old , so any technology or anything that’s high of that price I can’t afford. My son would love this , we always see it on Tv adds and always screams out to buy him one but I feel bad that I can’t. So this would be an awesome Christmas present, as this year he miss out on presents.

  17. As an infant teacher, I am always looking for the very best learning experiences for my little ones. Leapfrog is definitely one of the best products I have come across.

  18. Love how you can control the screen time, just epic!

  19. Another amazing product from leapfrog keeping our little ones in touch with technology is so important in this day and age. Would love to win this for my two little ones, well done leapfrog ?

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  21. Educational and fun – children are very motivated by this technology and they soon learn how to use it.

  22. my seven year old would love this, as she is behind in maths and reading.
    Her older sisters love to read would be wonderful for her self esteem THANKYOU

  23. My3 year old boy had his Leappad stolen with all of his favorite games and shows on there. This would make his day knowing he can play them and watch them all again

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