Nov 212015

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A few months ago I introduced you to the Sporty Kids book series for young readers. Each bitesize book puts a different sport in the spotlight using a short, engaging story that children can relate to. Since then two new titles have been added to the range, which team will you be rooting for?

Sporty Kids TennisStefan loves a good game of tennis and is always practising his moves in the backyard, playing against the shadow monsters on the wall. The Smashing Demon, the Lobbing Lizard… they’re great competitors who put up a real fight but nothing beats a real friend to play with. In Sporty Kids: Tennis a new neighbour called Emma pokes her head over the fence and all of a sudden tennis becomes even more fun.

In Sporty Kids SoccerSporty Kids: Soccer Abby discovers the hard way that no one likes a show-off and that you have to work together in order to win. No matter how hard you can run, in the end soccer is a team sport and that means every player is important and has a role to play. Will she learn this valuable lesson in time to patch things up with her friend and teammate Pete so they can beat their opponents Luca and Sofia?

To find out more about Sporty Kids (RRP $9.99 per book) by Felice Arena, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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  1. I played netball for school, and for a club on weekends.

  2. I did little athletics outside school hours on sat mornings, netball and basketball representing the school

  3. i use to play a few sports. i played hockey for 15 years,cricket all through primary school, t-ball,softball, soccer,and basketball

  4. Netball in Primary and High School. Umpired the occasional match at High School.
    Played for the local youth team on Saturday afternoons

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