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Book Week may officially be over but as you know we are big readers all year around so I couldn’t possibly resist sharing these beautiful new additions to the Kids Year book series. Written by the talented Tania McCartney and illustrated by Tina Snerling each Kids Year book is filled to the brim with fun, quirky, exciting and interesting facts about life in another country. Using short sentences and beautifully detailed pictures that you can look at for ages young readers will discover what the local kids get up to, eat, celebrate, enjoy and play with throughout the year. What a wonderful way to broaden your child’s horizon!

An Aussie YearIt all started one year ago with the release of An Aussie Year (RRP $19.99). Whether you are a purebred Aussie, a newbie or even living overseas, you are sure to enjoy this colourful book full of Aussie highlights. Explore childhood in Australia through the eyes of five Aussie kids, all from different backgrounds, families and locations across the country. I absolutely LOVED this book and (being relatively new to Australia myself) I learnt a lots of cool stuff I didn’t know about my new home country.

An English YearWith Australia being linked so strongly to the United Kingdom An English Year (RRP $19.99) is the logical no.2 in this great book series. England represents a true melting pot of cultures and this is clearly visible throughout the book. From snowy Christmases to mushy peas, from Shakespeare to the Wianki Festival, from pitched roofs to Buckingham Palace and from conkers to Bobbies, let’s see how much you know about England!

A Scottish YearOf course you can’t welcome England without its grassy green neighbour Scotland. Most people (including myself) won’t get much further than tartan, bag pipes and haggis so the A Scottish Year (RRP $19.99) offers a very welcome look into all the other things that make Scotland such a unique country to live in. Scottish kids sure know how to show their pride with many celebrations throughout the year. By the way, did you know the unicorn is the official animal of Scotland?

The awesome thing about Kids Year books is that they are much more than just a picture book you read once and put away. As you flick through the months and read about new places, foods, traditions and more you can use the book as a fun conversation starter. Go look up different cities on the map, try out a recipe, talk about the country’s history, make some traditional craft… the options are endless! The Kids Year series would be a fabulous resource for classrooms too.

You can find the Kids Year series in leading book stores across Australia or online in the EK Books Shop.

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  1. I have never seen these books before but think they are fabulous!
    Coming from a Scottish family this is something my whole family would enjoy!
    Wonderful giveaway!

  2. Great books . Teach children about individual cultures.

  3. Great memories to treasure and look back and reflect.Aussie Year.

    Many thanks


  4. My family is of English descent. The first family arrived in Adelaide in 1838.

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