May 292015

Label Label

It’s not a secret that many babies and toddlers love a good snuggle with a special blanket or soft toy and often it’s the little tags and labels they’re really obsessed with. All this cuddling, hugging, wiping, patting, pulling and tracing helps them calm down and drift off to sleep peacefully, even our 4-year old still sleeps with her tag comforter.

Friends Label Label

I recently stumbled upon these gorgeous plush Friends blankies ($23.50) by European brand Label Label and think they are totally adorable.

Label Label Friends PigThe super soft toys feature tags in lots of different shapes, colours and patterns all around, offering plenty of sensory distraction for little hands and minds. Pig or horse, fox or polar bear, the animal Friends are available in a range of stylish designs to suit both boys and girls. I have to say I am partial to the fox but of course they’re all very cute. Bonus for mum: Friends are machine washable.

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  1. These plush blankies are adorable. Bright, interactive, comforting and very importantly they are machine washable! My youngest is very attached to a hand towel, I would love to upgrade her to the pink owl blankie!

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