Apr 112015


Since starting swimming lessons last year our four kids can’t get enough of the water, but getting to the water is not always as easy as they would like. Whether it’s a hot and sandy beach, a rocky lake side or a slippery pool deck, often there are some obstacles to overcome for little swimmers. Dutch designer label Duukies has come up with the perfect way to help little feet find their way into the water:


Duukies Beach Socks (RRP $34.95) are the hip and comfortable way to keep kids’ feet safe in and around the water. Brand new to Australia these clever nylon/neoprene beach socks are sure to be a huge hit, after all we are blessed with beautiful weather for most of the year and you will have a hard time finding an Aussie kid who doesn’t love the water!

Duukies Beach Socks LieveDuukies are comfortable to wear, protect against the sun, hot sand and sharp rocks, are slip-resistant, easy to put on and they won’t be in your way when swimming (unlike the traditional stiff and uncomfortable water shoes). There are currently six colourful designs to choose from to suit both boys and girls with sizes ranging from a tiny 4 up to a big 4. Not only do Duukies match up with your favourite swimmers, just like your cossie they dry in a flash too.

To find out more about Duukies, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit www.duukies-beachsocks.com.au.

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  1. These are gorgeous!!

  2. These Duukies beach socks are adorable.

  3. These look great especially since my kids love to run around the house with no socks on

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