Mar 102015

Petal Blossom

It is not a secret that my girls love gorgeous clothes (just like mummy). They like picking out which dresses to wear and matching it up with the right shoes and accessories. Especially now that they are wearing a school uniform most of the time they really enjoy something a bit more special and colourful when it’s not a school day. Between my three girls we have a big box of hair accessories and I think we’ll have to add some of these little delights from Petal Blossom very soon:

Petal Blossom

Petal Blossom accessories are lovingly handmade in Adelaide, South Australia. Sweet hair clips and headbands, cute hair ties and even a dedicated range of Easter goodies, if you are looking for a unique piece to brighten your daughter’s day you are sure to find it here (and it won’t break the bank!).

Rainbow ConnectionThis adorable 4-piece Rainbow Connection set ($11.96) is one of my favourite Petal Blossom designs, you can pick it up on sale at Mickey House Kids. The two eye catching ribbon alligator clips with rainbows and clouds are the ultimate accessory for a pair of piggy tails, one for the left side and one for the right side. And how sweet are the lollipop hair ties? I know my girls would totally love this.

To find out more about Petal Blossom, to browse the range and to order online visit

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