Mar 142015


It may sound strange but I rarely bring my phone or wallet with when I go out, unless I am off to do the grocery shopping I prefer to bring as little as possible. However one thing I won’t leave home without is a nice tube of lip balm. I am a bit addicted to the feel of smooth lips and preferably a lovely smell too but I have to say the taste is often a lot less lovely, leaving me to wonder what is really hiding in that balm…

Hurraw Hello Charlie

If you love soft, smooth lips, maybe with a touch of colour, and want to make sure you’re not putting any nasty chemicals on your skin look no further than Hurraw.

Hurraw CinnamonHurraw Lip Balm ($6.45) is all natural and vegan and made from premium raw, organic and fair trade ingredients, they have even added a bunch of natural and fun flavor options to make sure there is a perfect Hurraw balm to suit everyone’s taste. Coconut or cinnamon, green tea or grapefruit, chocolate or cherry and many more, which Hurraw flavour would you pucker up for?

You can now find a selection of Hurraw products in store at Hello Charlie, the home of all your eco needs.

To find out more about Hello Charlie, to browse the Hurraw range and to order online visit

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