Jan 092015

Sweet Creations

After spending a week in Paris last year the kids are absolutely intrigued by everything French. They practice simple French words and are masters at spotting Eiffel towers and Arc de Triomphes in catalogues, books, stores and many other random locations. Luckily there are plenty of French inspired toys and decor around to keep their latest interest alive, this is my current favourite:

Paris Machi

This gorgeous Paris Machi Tiny Town Play Set (RRP $49.95, ages 3+) bring Paris city centre into your Australian living room. Using magnetic boards, an Eiffel tower statue, Arc de Triomphe building, metro track, signs and carriages children can design their own version of Paris, adding finishing touches with chalk on the play mats as they go. I know our kids would absolutely love to recreate our holiday and what a lovely way to remember seeing these monuments in real life.

You can find the stylish Machi Tiny Town Play Sets in store at Sweet Creations and you can choose from Paris, London and Japan. Which destination makes your heart beat a little faster?

To find out more about Sweet Creations, to browse the range and to order online visit www.sweetcreations.com.au.

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