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Christmas Countdown – Day 3

For weeks, if not months, we’ve all been enjoying the magic of Christmas and crossing out the days until Christmas morning. Once the presents have been opened, the empty boxes have been thrown out and the food has been eaten there is little left for kids to be excited about… or is there? Thanks to Disney Live! you can enjoy an extended dose of magic over the rest of the school holidays with Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales.

Disney Live

This Summer Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales will be touring Australia with another fantastic show for people of all ages. Minnie, Mickey, Goofy and Donald will be taking their guests on a wonderful journey through three of Disney’s favourite fairytales: Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Beauty and the Beast.

Disney Live Snow White

Beautiful princesses in pretty dresses, mean stepmothers and nasty stepsisters, a fairy godmother with a magic wand, a handsome prince or three and many other special guests, it is going to be another spectacular Disney Live! performance. There is something to enjoy for everyone and the kids are sure to sit on the edge of their seat the entire show, not wanting to miss a thing.

Disney Live Princesses

The Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales tour will kick off on December 27 in Perth and travel through big Australian cities to take a last bow in Townsville on January 25, 2015. It’s a busy schedule and they’re only stopping for 1-3 days in each location so if you’re keen to treat your little ones to an unforgettable show you better be quick! Ticket prices start at $29.50 and family tickets are available.

To find out more about Disney Live!, to see the tour schedule and to book tickets online visit

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  9 Responses to “Christmas Countdown Day 3 – Disney Live”

  1. Entered, Thanks. xxx

  2. Hope I get to see it with the kids

  3. Snow White and the seven dwarfs has to be my pick, loved the dwarfs and how especially they all had there little own traits hence the names but by gee they all worked and lived in harmony…got so excited when dad went for the book shelf at night and saw he had picked this little gem…thank you and merry Xmas…

  4. Awesome Come On Cinderella,Jorjia wants to meet you and your Disney Friends!

  5. Entered many thanks

  6. Princess and The Frog- good values for my almost 8 year old daughter. Princess Tianna shows that hard work, commitment and never giving up does pay off. Also that you should look beyond looks to find true beauty. Her green dress is stunning too and she looks like my daughter.

  7. I always loved “Snow white and the seven dwarfs” they fascinated me so much.

  8. Hi. Hopefully, you got my response/entry, via the above method!!!

  9. Cinderella I love the story how a girl who is poor and always get bullied and picked on by her step mother and step sisters and always told she will never meet the man of her dreams. love the story How she meets the prince and falls madly in love with him but she gets told time and again that she is not good enough to be with the prince but in the long run she ends up getting the man of her dreams and get the life she was. Ment to have all thanks to some magic from her fairy god mother

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