Nov 102014

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After many tiring days of looking after my sick family I was in desperate need of some quiet catch-up time before starting a new week, so while my lovely hubby took the big three to Bunnings and the baby had a nap I snuggled up on the couch with a new book. I may not get to read as much as I used to but when I have a spare minute I love reading a few pages, it is my favourite way to relax. This year why not pop a good book for yourself under the tree too? Go on, you deserve it! Here’s a great book suggestion for you:

Saving Grace

I started on Saving Grace by Jane Green yesterday and didn’t go to bed until I had read all 343 pages of it, I just had to know how it ended! Saving Grace tells the story of wonderful wife, mother and cookbook author Grace who is married to Ted, a world famous author whom everyone looks up to. Life in the spotlight is not always easy and of course they have their struggles and arguments but all in all they have a good life.

When Ted’s loyal assistant quits things start to crumble so when a young, quiet and helpful girl called Beth shows up out of nowhere both Grace and Ted are grateful to have found the ‘perfect’ assistant. At first Beth seems to be the Godsend they all prayed for but slowly things are becoming a little odd and Grace starts to feel uncomfortable, the problem is that no one else sees it but her. As Beth makes herself more and more unmissable Grace is losing her sense of self and there are few people she can talk to. Almost unnoticeably Beth takes over Grace’s roll as a partner, a wife, a mother and any other position Grace enjoyed. Beth even starts to dress like Grace and wears her hair the same, Grace feels the life as she’s known it for the past 25 years slip away from her and there is nothing she can do about it.

The quiet, dull Beth is nowhere to be seen and the confident, beautiful new Beth wraps everyone around her little finger. As she mentally reduces Grace to shreds and breaks up the marriage she steps in the spotlight as Ted’s muse and unmissable partner. Who is Beth, where did she come from and where is she heading? If Grace wants a chance at saving her marriage she has to find out, even if she has to do it on her own. That is, if she wants her old life with Ted back at all…

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  1. Love a great book, take me away on a journey. Thanks for the Giveaway Guys

  2. I need a summer read!

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