Oct 282014

Edible Education

There is no denying it any longer, many Australian adults are overweight due to an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Sadly as a result of this many children grow up with little knowledge of healthy, nutritious foods, important food groups and correct portion sizes, it’s a worrying trend that needs to change and one Australian mum has found a creative way to do just that:

The Healthy HarvestAs a mother of two Emma Martin recognises the importance of healthy eating and she has made it her mission to inform children all over the country about healthy foods and where they come from using her very own book series called Edible Education. The first title in the range has just been released and we got to have a little peek at this fun and educational read, The Healthy Harvest.

The Healthy Harvest ($14.95, 32 pages) is a full colour, paper back picture book written specifically for primary school children. The book introduces young readers to Alfie Apple, Sammy Salmon and Wally Wheat and other interesting food characters and teaches them what these foods do for your body, where they come from and how much of them you should eat every day.

The Healthy Harvest Alfie Apple

This first Edible Education book is a fantastic tool for parents, carers and teachers who want to spread this valuable message in a fun, age-appropriate way. At the same time it is a good reminder for adults to make sure you cover all the food groups when planning your meals and keeping an eye on the recommended serving sizes for each of the food groups too. Before you know it the kids will be telling you exactly what is on their plate!

The Healthy Harvest Dairy

To find out more about Edible Education, to take a closer look at The Healthy Harvest and to order your copy online visit www.edibleeducation.com.au.

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  1. What a fantastic and fun way to learn about healthy foods. Thankyou for this Giveaway

  2. i have 2 kids that are always in the veggie patch and wanting to know about foods what better way then through books.

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