Apr 172014

Penguin Australia

A few weeks ago I told you about the twins’ book picks for ‘Show and Tell’ so you know miss 5 chose The Brothers Quibble, but what book did master 5 pick? For him the choice was easy, he combined all his favourite things in one gorgeous book called Max by award winning author and illustrator Marc Martin:


Max tells the story of a friendly seagull called Max, you may have seen him around on one of your visits to the beach. Max loves spending time with his old friend Bob at Bob’s fish & chips shop. During the day Max ‘helps out’ in the shop, he keeps Bob and the customers company and even gets to pick at a chip or two. In the evenings the two friends go out fishing together, they share a wonderful life and a special friendship.

Max page 3

But one summer things change, as a result of a decline in customers Bob is forced to close his shop. Max waits and waits but Bob is gone, he misses his friend (and possibly the hot chips) terribly and travels all over town in search for Bob. Then one day he smells a familiar smell, he has finally found Bob who has opened a brand new fish and chips shop in the city. Bob is so happy to see his feathered buddy again, the two friends are back together at last.

Max page 4

Master 5 is always spotting birds (and any other animal), he absolutely loves going to the beach and having chips for dinner is the ultimate end to a fun day out. The thought of actually having seen seagull Max himself makes the book even more exiting for him. Max shares a sweet message of friendship and companionship, it’s a beautiful hardcover book with warm, bright colours and lovely detailed illustrations. Max is worth the bookmark, it would make a wonderful gift idea for a special little person in your life.

To find out more about Max ($24.99), published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order your own copy online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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