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You’d think after three children you know what you’re doing but life is full of surprises. Our first three kids are all very good eaters so I wasn’t at all prepared for the feeding and weight issues of our fourth baby. After many months of sleepless nights, doctors visits, hospital tests and trials with food and medication we are now slowly finding our way but boy, it’s a challenge.

The Tommee Tippee Stickee Bowl in action

Right now we’re combining Sybbie’s reflux medication with a dairy free, soy free and gluten free diet (not that easy!) but it’s already paying off so we’ll stick with it for a while. We’re on a mission to make mealtime interesting so that our little lady will hopefully start gaining some weight. Lots of colour and fun self feeding tools are a great way to get babies and young children excited about eating, starting with the Tommee Tippee Stickee Bowl.

Stickee BowlThis cleverly designed bowl offers the perfect balance between a happy baby who likes to try its hand at self feeding and a happy mum who doesn’t have to clean a tipped up bowl from the ground every five minutes. Thanks to the strong suction function the bowl stays neatly in place on high chair or table, making it much easier for your baby to get food on the spoon or fork without the bowl continiously sliding away.

The Stickee Bowl (6 months+) comes complete with looped ‘starter spoon’ and lid, so you can pack a meal or snack for on the go and use it when out and about. Of course the set is completely BPA free so you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals leaching into your child’s food.

Twin Compartment BowlNow the Tommee Tippee Twin Compartment Bowl with Spoon (6 months+) has been one of my favourite mealtime products for three years or so. We have a few of these bowls and use them all the time when going out because they are so convenient. The two separate compartments are ideal for main and dessert or two different snacks, I often pack some crackers on one side and fresh fruit or sultanas on the other.

The biggest selling point for me however is the specially designed lid with little flap to store the spoon in, it means you’ve got a complete meal sorted in one container. You’ll never find yourself without a spoon again and you don’t have to pop a dirty, sticky spoon in your baby bag afterwards either.

Roll 'n' Go BibI know I’ve mentioned the handy Roll ‘n’ Go Bibs (4 months+) before but they’re still getting a great work out at our house. They do an awesome job catching dropped food and after dinner I just rinse them under the tap, much quicker than fabric bibs that need to be washed in the washing machine and hung up to dry. Instead of digging for dropped food on her lap and under her legs (and getting everything dirty in the process), Syb just picks it out of the food catcher.

My First Cutlery SetOf course a small knife is still a while off but little miss independent is giving her first fork and spoon a pretty good try, we all have to start somewhere! She’s been closely watching our 3-year old using her First Cutlery Set (24 months+) and tries to copy her which is adorable to watch. We usually do the main feeding while she does her training (Shhh… don’t tell her) and that way dinner doesn’t take forever.

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  1. Love TOMMEE TIPPEE products!

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  4. love tommee tippee products

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