Feb 012014

Like many other people one of my New Year resolutions was to be less stressed this year. Well, it’s only the first day of February and I already find myself in the same old pattern of worrying, overthinking and battling an overflowing agenda. Sounds familiar?

Executive-B-StressYou are not alone, research has shown that a massive 45% of Australians feel that their lives are out of control. We’re all so busy and it’s easy to let the craziness of every day life take over. The good news is that Blackmores is here to help turn stressed out Aussies into the relaxed, laid back, happy people we are known for all around the world, using a fabulous range of natural anti-stress products.

SleepSoundFormulaBlackmores is on a mission to de-stress Australia and because they known stress is different for everyone they have created the Blackmores Stress Quiz. Simply answer some easy questions about you, your life and personal situation and you will receive a FREE personal stress assessment as well as directions to relevant tips and resources to get those stress levels under control. This could be the first step to breaking that vicious stress cycle!

Sustained-Release-Multi-AntioxidantsFrom busy work schedules to a challenging family life with way too many activities, from sleepless nights to a tummy upset with worry, no matter what stress looks like for you Blackmores has a product to suit your needs perfectly. If you would like some help selecting the right product for you, you can call Blackmores free Advisory Service on 1800 803 760 to speak to a qualified Naturopath.

If money is a big stress factor in your life you may want to try your luck in the Blackmores De-Stress competition, simple purchase any Blackmores product from any store for your chance to win a huge $10,000 cash or one of many other great prizes.

Blackmores Stress Less Prize PackOne of you will soon be on your way to a more relaxed life with this fantastic Blackmores ‘Stress Less’ Prize Pack valued at $210 containing Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula ($61.95), Blackmores Sustained Release Multi + Antioxidants ($62.45), Blackmores Digestive Bio Balance ($29.95), Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula ($29.95) and Treasured Aromatic Stress Less Uplifting face & space mist ($34.00). If finding a fresh new you is your goal for 2014 this is the perfect prize for you!

To find out more about Blackmores, to locate a Blackmores retailer near you or to order online visit www.blackmores.com.au.

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  15 Responses to “Blackmores ‘Stress Less’ giveaway”

  1. I could really do with a Blackmores Stress Less Pack right now, that’s for sure!

  2. What’s stressing me out right now is the Rafflecopter thingie NOT WORKING, loading, loading, loading, then not submitting…..it is a pain in the bum 🙁

    • How strange, it is working just fine for me! Maybe hit refresh or log in and out, stay calm!

  3. would love to win this great prize keep calm and stress less

  4. would love to win a Blackmore’s Stress less pack

  5. Just about out of Krill oil. My late father was a Chiropracter and Natrapath and always recomended Blackmores so this would be a great prize

  6. How do i reply?

    • Hi Cindy,

      Just follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget. There is one mandatory entry, the rest are bonus entries. Good luck!

  7. I use Blackmores Executive B Vitamins regularly,
    So to win some would be wonderful.

  8. Going through cancer treatment right now and the stress, worry and weariness drains you – something to help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  9. My husband and I are both unemployed and having him around me all day is doing my head in.

  10. Food for thought…Stressed is desserts spelled backwards – so maybe if I lay off the desserts I will be less stressed about my weight…and with Blackmores “Stress Less” life is pretty sweet as it. 🙂

  11. Yes please!!

  12. I’m studying post grad qualification to teach adult literacy, studying floristry at trade level, a volunteer literacy teacher and getting married in two months!! Plus I have multiple sclerosis and lupus. Maybe I should slow down? lol, no but I do need to de stress urgently.

  13. What don’t I stress about!!..Unfortunately a HUGE anxiety problem that nothing seems to alleviate. Perhaps Blackmores can help?

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