Jan 072014

Ready to Go Toilet  Time

You’d think after doing the whole toilet training business twice before (at the same time and with a boy and a girl) I have some idea of what I am doing but the truth is that nothing ever goes as planned. As you may remember I have been planning to use the Ready to Go! Toilet Time Kit and the organised part of me had decided to neatly start on January 1st…

Ready to Go! Toilet Time GirlsWith nothing on the agenda for another 3 weeks I figured it would be a perfect time to stay home and ditch those nappies. The weather would be warm and summery, washing would dry quickly and she could run around in nothing but undies. Needless to say I would have an endless supply of clean undies, wipes, toilet paper and toilet cleaner at hand, I was well prepared. Of course miss 3 had other plans…

On Boxing Day we left for a few days away to beautiful Halls Gap, a 6 hour drive away from home. Now that’s already quite the car trip with four young children who need to be fed and entertained and I hadn’t counted on a very determined 3-year old who insisted on having a dry nappy at all times and using every single roadside toilet we passed. I have never seen so many public toilets in my life! (And I have never been so grateful for family size bottles of hand sanitiser and bulk packs of disinfecting wipes)

Ready to Go! Toilet Time BoysAs you can imagine it was a challenging few days, both on the road and while at the holiday park. Let’s say I have a new found appreciation for my trusted cleaning liquids and the big stash of emergency toilet paper in our laundry cupboard. Who would have thought you could fit so much toilet paper in a toilet? (I almost had to go ask reception for help unblocking the toilet but thankfully I was spared the humiliation)

Now that we are safely back home our sparkling white toilet is all of a sudden not so interesting at all and so far we only have a few stickers on our Ready to Go! Toilet Time chart, but every step (and every toilet visit) counts so we’ll just keep going.

If you have a fabulous, tried and tested, toilet training tip I would love to hear it and make sure you enter our giveaway to win 1 of 2 Ready to Go! Toilet Time Training Kits.

  14 Responses to “Toilet Training Trouble”

  1. Put stickers on where they are to aim and always prasie them good or bad

  2. I bought undies and left them on the table. I said to my daughter when you are ready to be a big girl and wear undies you tell me, about a week later she was ready and we only had a handful of accidents.

    • Great idea, we did say we would take her to the shop to pick some once she was successful but maybe it works better when she can see them already?

  3. I’d love this prize for my 2-yr-old boy! What we did for our daughter was to withhold things she loved until she deposited into the potty. Sounds mean, but it worked!

  4. It’s all in the chocolate smartie ‘reward’…… 1 for wee’s 2 for poo’s, it’s my sure way for training them on the loo!

    • We did the lolly jar approach for a while, and as she does all her poos on the potty her lolly jar is empty by now. Sadly the same trick didn’t work for wees 🙁

  5. Would love this for my son who we have tried everything with, and yet, no toilet training yet, despite being 3.5yrs 🙁

    • Hi Nicole, I hear you! Our daughter is 2y4m and while she does all her no.2’s on the potty the rest is all over the place. It is hard work! But I am sure eventually they’ll get there, we’ll just have to sit out the ride. Good luck!

  6. No of a little downsyndrome boy who is 4 and still in nappies see if we can get him out of the habit.

  7. Try wearing cotton undies and find some fun toilet paper. Cotton undies feel horrible when wet.

  8. The poo fairy….yup! Intriguing- I know! She only comes and delivers something special if you go poopie on the pottie! LOL works a treat tho!

    • I LOVE this, that is so funny!! By now we’ve got everything under control and haven’t seen in a nappy for a few weeks (day and night) but I will definitely remember this one 🙂

  9. My Grandson is the one I have to watch, he loves his juice of a morning when he comes to us, I know his movements and sit him down on the snuggy pot as he calls it, and Ive got him into the habit finally

  10. The best advice I can give is ‘ping pong balls’. Sounds weird I know; but you draw a face on it with permanent marker then place it in the toilet or potty. My kids loved it and ‘aimed’ both wee wees and poos at it. They thought it hilarious when they ‘bullseyed’ the target!! In fact both my boys from then on, spent ALOT of time on the potty.

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