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This day next week our beautiful twins will be off for their very first day at the big school. They are almost ready: the backpacks are organised, bottles are washed, lunchboxes labelled and just a few more school uniform garments need their labels ironed on. The last thing on the list is to take their new school shoes for a few test walks around the house so they can get used to them, I think they’ll be very happy to comply.

Meyu School Shoes

Meyu School Shoes

As you may know I grew up in a country where children get to choose their own school clothes and shoes so I am quite new to the whole ‘school shoe shopping’. I know that they have to be black but obviously there is much more to shoes than just the colour. On average children will wear their school shoes at least 7 hours a day, 5 days a week so it is important to do your research and choose shoes that are up to the task like these fabulous leather school shoes by Meyu.

Meyu DerbyMeyu footwear is designed right here in Australian and engineered in Germany in one of Europe’s leading shoe technicians using only the highest quality materials. Their black leather school shoes tick all the boxes: they are supportive for growing feet, strong, durable and able to withstand the rough and tumble kids get up to, stylish to look at and breathable to keep them fresh, dry and comfortable.

Meyu SoleOf course many other school shoe brands (claim to) have these qualities too, but here’s what makes Meyu different: Meyu school shoes are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner with high focus on sustainability. Unlike most other labels Meyu uses materials that are free from harmful substances so there’s no need to worry about toxic chemicals being near your child, not now but also not as the shoe gets older.

Meyu BallerinaThe current Meyu range consists of 5 different styles to suit boys and girls, available in sizes 32-41 (depending on style). From traditional lace ups to a classic buckled Mary-Jane or trendy ballerina with velcro closure, there is a Meyu style to suit every student. All Meyu school shoes are priced at $129 per pair. For our son I have chosen the Meyu Runner, featuring both laces and velcro (because he is only just learning to do them up) and a sporty look that suits him well.

Meyu RunnerThe first thing I noticed about our new Meyu shoes was that they ooze quality and comfort. They are strong and supportive without being stiff and they are classy without being old fashioned or boring. A lot of research has gone into the design and all components of the shoe, (scuff resistant leather upper, perforated leather insole and injected rubber sole), are made to meet and exceed the highest standards.

Obviously time will have to tell how long they will last on a busy boy like mine but I am feeling very confident!

Ready for school with Meyu

Ready for school with Meyu

To find out more about Meyu, to browse the range and to order online visit www.meyu.com.au.

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  1. I’m a big believer in looking after your feet. I won’t allow shoes that squash my kids’ precious little toes – or mine for that matter!

  2. Meyu shoes look divinely comfortable!

  3. Have been hunting like a crazy woman for a replacement for my grade 1’rs all black leather converse lo cut lace ups which have been fantastic wearing and look grey but need an upgrade and am unable to find them anymore in the kids sizes.. Sigh.. Thankfully it lead me to meyu! So glad I did, fingers and toes crossed for the competition, not sure i can even wait that long!

  4. Me thinks these Meyu school shoes will be HEAPS more comfy than ones we parents had to endure some years back (ouch.)

  5. They are great price for a high end shoe well worth the money

  6. Shopping for shoes for my children is easy with the help of Meyu

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