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Back 2 School Target

Confession time: In two short weeks my babies are starting school and I am terrified, in fact I am losing sleep over it. Kindy was sort of okay but now they are going to (insert scary voice here) ‘the big school’. Since I never went to school here in Australia I am extra nervous about it all, probably more nervous than they are! Everything about school is different in The Netherlands, from the age they start school (there is no such thing as kindy, Dutch children start primary school at 4 years old) and what/how they teach to the fact that Dutch children don’t wear uniforms and come home to eat their lunch.

This whole Aussie school business may be totally new to me and I am feeling completely lost on most fronts, but when it comes to shopping school supplies I think I’ve got it all under control:

Boys RunnersWith the school booklet in hand and some helpful advice from other mothers under my belt I managed to put together a complete shopping list that covers absolutely everything, or so I hope. From school uniforms and school shoes (don’t forget the runners) to lunchboxes and drink bottles and of course all the necessary school stationery bits, almost all items on my list are now ticked off so we’re good to go.

Master 5's pick: Printing Paper and new textas

Master 5’s pick: Printing Paper ($3) and new textas ($3 per pack)

NotebookWith only two weeks of school holidays left you’ll probably find that you just don’t have time to go from store to store to collect (amd compare prices for) all your school supplies. Luckily Target is offering a helping hand with a huge range of Back to School products at the best prices, allowing you to enjoy a one-stop-shop and be done in a flash. You can even shop ‘all the tools, all the cool’ online so you don’t have to leave home!

Miss 5 spent her $10 wisely, a savvy shopper just like mum

Miss 5 spent her $10 wisely, a savvy shopper just like mum

Lexar USB StickTimes have changed a lot since I went to school (and that’s not even that long ago!) and these days kids need more than just a nice pencil case filled with a new set of pencils, a gluestick and an eraser. It won’t be long before my little students will need USB sticks, endless supplies of printing paper and even their own tablet, call it the digital days. I was glad to see Target has those areas covered too with affordable options that won’t break the family budget.

42 piece Stationery Set, a bargain at just $5 each!

42 piece Stationery Set, a bargain at just $5 each!

To help you with your Back to School shopping we are giving away a $50 Target gift card, get your entries in below.

To find out more about Target, to browse the Back to School range and to shop online visit http://shop.target.com.au.

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  15 Responses to “Back to School giveaway”

  1. It may seem daunting, but the main thing to make sure you do is name everything! Stuff will be lost, but if it’s named you stand a better chance of it coming back to you than if it’s not. My kids school had 2 tables covered with lost property at the end of the year, none of it named. Hats tend to be the worst thing for getting lost.

  2. Buy school bags that have a separate compartment for drink bottle /lunch – makes it so much easier when the lids are loose or you get a leakage.

  3. Always name every thing with first and surname and a little motif if the child is not as vigilant as others.. School gear is not cheap when you have preppies that are excited and nervous and tend to be distracted and loose things.

  4. relax as the new stationary does not need to be covered write names on everything and enjoy the last few days of holidays have a great year everyone

  5. I’d defiantly spend it on school shoes as
    It’s the only thing I have not got on layby.

  6. I’d defiantly spend it on school shoes as
    It’s the only thing I have not got on layby.

  7. School shoes

  8. If I one I think I would spend 50$ voucher on socks and underwear for my two 🙂 nothing better than going back to school feeling fresh from head to toe.

  9. I’d buy myself something nice as I would be celebrating the kids going back to school!

  10. Would help with school stationary/lunch pack, bag and clothes.

  11. As he is a slow to warm up kid and the first year going to prep, I would buy a Lego set to encourage him to invite his new friends come over, and be more sociable.

  12. I would buy stationary and shoes I would be so grateful if I won

  13. I woul purchase clothes, undergarments for my boys

  14. Even though I have already started school, I would spend the voucher on a new school bag since the one that I have already is basically like a tote bag, also because I have back problems and the bag that I have at the moment is very bad for my back. So that’s what I would spend the voucher on 🙂

  15. New swimmers, backpacks, sports runners, & more.

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