Jan 202014

Mamas and Papas

As some of you are aware our little Sybil has been a bit of a troublemaker in the eating and sleeping department. At 11 months old she still wakes up several times overnight and while we now have the vomiting under control with medication we are still fighting daily food battles. At this stage Sybbie is not gaining as much weight as she should and refusing most foods, add to that the recent diagnosis of cows milk allergy and we’ve got our work cut out for us. Time to spruce up mealtimes at our household:

Mealtime fun

Mealtime fun

In the hope that the little lady would be distracted by her siblings and eat more we’ve swapped our highchair for this funky booster seat by Mamas & Papas so she can join the others at the big table. The Mamas & Papas Baby Bud sits on your normal dining chair and provides a raised seat for young diners aged 6 months up to approximately 3 years old. Sybil is currently 11 months old and sit in it really well, safely strapped in by the 3-point harness.

Baby Bud Play TrayJust like a normal high chair the Mamas & Papas Baby Bud comes with a meal tray ideal for self feeding and optional fun play attachment for the meal tray. The ‘toy tray’ has lots of different play areas to explore and offers great entertainment for during and after meals (or before as you’re doing the cooking!) and it simply attaches with strong suction caps. I never thought we would use this as much as we do but Sybil absolutely loves it.

Mamas and Papas Baby Bud BlueThe Baby Bud meal tray has raised edges to keep food from dropping on the ground and is easy to wipe clean. Depending on the size of your baby (and his/her belly) you can pull the tray closer to/further away from baby, it simply locks in on the sides. I love that you can take the tray off completely as it gives you lots of room to put your baby in without blindly fiddling with a harness under a tray and after dinner you can clean around/ under your baby easily while baby stays safely strapped in.

Mamas and Papas Baby Bud RaspberryTo make sure the Baby Bud sits safely on the chair and does not wobble or slide it is secured by two straps across the backrest and seating area. We have leather dining chairs which can get slippery but the straps are nice and tight (without causing damage) so there is no movement in the seat. The Baby Bud also features four rounded feet that are easily adjustable so you can set the booster seat at the right height for your table.

The Baby Bud Booster Seat is great for at home but makes a clean and safe baby seating solution when eating out too. As your baby gets older you can eventually leave off the meal tray completely and just slide the dining chair with Baby Bud closer to the dining table.

Baby Bud

To find out more about Mamas and Papas, to take a closer look at the Baby Bud (RRP $99) with Baby Bud Activity Tray (RRP $24.95) and to locate a stockist near you visit www.mamasandpapas.com.au.

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