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Sleep, they say you don’t appreciate its worth until you can’t have it. With four children five and under we have become quite used to broken nights but I wouldn’t mind a few solid hours of sleep every now and then. As you may know I am a huge fan of swaddling and at 9 months old our little Sybil is still being wrapped for bed time (just like her siblings were) but I admit it gets trickier the bigger and stronger she gets, one waving arm means a wide awake baby. Especially with those little escape artists in mind the talented team at Mum 2 Mum has created the Dream Swaddle:

The Mum 2 Mum Dream Swaddle ($36.95) is designed by and for mums, it’s simple to use and very effective. No need for tricky folds and twists and no masses of excess fabric, just a clever three-step wrapping system in one compact garment.

DreamSwaddle PinkThe first step involves two flaps that keep the arms neatly at the side of the body, however unlike a traditional wrap the arms are tucked in individually and not directly against the torso. Step two is a handy front zip, creating a cosy fit whilst still leaving the necessary room for hips and legs to move. Last but not least a velcro security wrap goes around your little bundle, allowing you to create a perfect fit every time even as your child grows.

DreamSwaddle BlueThe fool proof designs means that dads, grandparents and carers will have no trouble copying the swaddle routine, ensuring your baby receives the exact same sleep message anytime and anywhere. Made from 100% cotton the Dream Swaddle is soft, comfortable and breathable which is very important in the hot Aussie summers. To take the hassle out of mid night nappy changes the zip opens up two ways, that way you don’t have to undo the whole swaddle.

DreamSwaddle GreenThe Mum 2 Mum Dream Swaddle is currently available in the sizes Small (7-14lbs/3.17-6.35kg) and Large (15-22lbs /6.80–9.98kg) and four different colours to suit both boys and girls. For comparison: at 9 months old our daughter weighs around 8kg so with a bit of luck you can use the Dream Swaddle from birth to around 1 year old, by that time most babies will have progressed to (or be ready for) a sleeping bag.

To find out more about Mum 2 Mum, to browse the range and to order online visit

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  1. I’m due to have my second bub in April so would LOVE to win one of these great swaddles.

  2. I’m due to have my second bub in April so would LOVE to win one of these great swaddles.

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