Sep 222013

My Very Own Story

A little while ago I wrote about how my kids love reading books with their name in it. I had no trouble finding books ‘featuring’ my two middle girls Olivia and Juliet but it wasn’t that easy for my son Tommie. He is named after his great grandfather in The Netherlands and his name is spelled the Dutch way, quite tricky when you live in an English speaking country! Then I discovered My Very Own Story

A day at the farmThe personalised My Very Own Story books are made to order, which means you can order any name and any spelling you like. Not only will your child play the main character in the story, there are also small roles for his/her friends or siblings so that kids really feels the book is about them. The simple, 25-page books have a hard cover for a bit of extra protection and feature a nice big font so children can read the story by themselves, with a bit of help from mum or dad where needed.

A day at the farm with Tommie

A day at the farm with Tommie

There are seven different My Very Own Story titles to choose from covering popular kids topics like fairies, trains, monsters, the zoo and, the hot favourite this time of year, Christmas. Because our twins went on a kindy trip to the farm just a few weeks ago I knew he would absolutely love A day at the farm, I had the book personalised with his name, added in his twin sister as a special person and it even used our home town in the story too. He thought it was awesome!

A day at the zooTo make it extra special I had a little message printed on the first page, wishing our son a happy 5th birthday. His eyes lit up when I read it out to him, he could not believe there was a book made just for him and he even claimed to recognise himself in the illustrations, over all a real hit and at $20 each (+ $3 postage) a My Very Own Story book is a unique and affordable Christmas gift idea.

If you like the My Very Own Story concept and think your family, friends and neighbours will too you might be able to earn some extra money from home by becoming a My Very Own Story sales representative. For more details on how to become a seller visit the My Very Own Story website.

To find out more about My Very Own Story, to take a closer look at the books and to order online visit

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