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As you can imagine life with four young children is rather busy and if it wasn’t for my wonderful husband I think I would have gone crazy a long time ago. He is absolutely amazing with the children (and with me!) and helps out wherever and whenever he can, I know he does much more than many other husbands do and I am so grateful for that. Hip daddy is not one to spend much on himself so we decided Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to spoil him with some stylish new clothes and a brand new Power Tool Haircut Kit (so he can finally get rid of his ancient clippers!), time for a hip makeover maybe?

Remington Power Tool Haircut Kit ($79.95)

Remington Power Tool Haircut Kit ($79.95)

At Remington they know that many dads don’t often see a hair salon on the inside (if ever!), they just take matters into their own hands and do it themselves at home. Of course a few lucky fathers have a loving wife that knows how to handle the clippers so they get to sit down and hope for the best. Whether dad does the job himself or mum is in charge, a nice clean cut is now much easier to achieve with the new Remington Power Tool Haircut Kit ($79.95). It’s like having your own barber at home!

Super Magnet MotorTo guarantee a fast, clean, effortless cut every single time the Power Tool Haircut Kit is fitted with an innovative Super Magnet Motor that is low in noise and vibration. This heavy duty motor drives more power to the precision ground blades which are capable of handling even the thickest hair. The blades are perfectly aligned so there will be snagging or pulling. Unlike many traditional ‘3-settings’ clippers this heavy duty kit comes with 8 (!) different combs, allowing you to create the ultimate look.

When you hear the words ‘power tool’ you probably think of durable, strong, reliable, quality, heavy duty and consistency and that is exactly what the Power Tool Haircut Kit is all about. The high impact polycarbonate casing is drop proof (tested from 3 meters) and rock solid whilst still being lightweight. The industrial strength power cord is a very generous 3 meters long so you can move around as you please. Aside from the clippers and 8 different combs the handy storage case toolbox holds plenty of other pieces to make your next haircut a success, for example a barbers cape, barbers scissors, lubricating oil and more.

A toolbox full of accessories

A toolbox full of accessories

I can’t wait to see hip daddy open his present this Father’s Day and I’ll make sure to come back here and share our experiences in a week or two once he has had a chance to try it out. I may even give it a try myself and once I have mastered these fancy new clippers I might just be brave enough to start cutting master 4’s hair myself, very budget friendly!

The new Remington Power Tool Hair Kit comes with a very impressive 5-year warranty and is available from leading electrical retailers across Australia. For further stockist information please phone: 1800 623 118.

To find out more about Remington, to browse the range and to take a closer look at the Power Tool Hair Kit visit

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