Jun 082013

Snuggles & Smiles

When I spotted this collection on Facebook I knew I had to share, I am sure you will all love it as much as I do. Designed and handmade by Australian craft talent Sheryl from Snuggles & Smiles these gorgeous calico cottages and dolls are absolutely unique, no two pieces are exactly the same. I think we all know a special little girl or two who would love to receive one of these fairytale play sets:

Calico Cottage with Family

Calico Cottage with Calico Family by Snuggles & Smiles

The whimsical cottages are available in different shapes, fabrics and colours, I particular like the ‘traditional’ house shape with its handy carry handle. You can open it from the top or side to store away or unpack your very own doll family. A handsome prince and beautiful princess, sweet girls and funky boys, adorable babies and friendly pets, who is going to live in your Snuggles & Smiles Calico Cottage?

Snuggles& Smiles Calico Prince and Princess

Snuggles & Smiles Calico Prince and Princess

The cute dolls are made from non-bleached 100% cotton calico (hence the name) and filled with a recycled polyester fibre. Because they have a cardboard disc stitched in the base they are able to stand up independently, allowing kids to create the loveliest play scenes without having to hold every doll up straight by hand and of course this is also perfect for displaying your collection on a shelf. After all, these sets are way too beautiful to be hidden away.

Calico Cottages

Calico Cottages in all shapes and colours

To find out more about the Calico Cottages and dolls visit the Snuggles & Smiles Facebook page, take a look at all the different options and place your custom order via email.

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