Jun 072013


Move over Lego, Duplo and MegaBloks, it is time for a refreshing take on the classic building block. All the way from trendy Denmark Plus-Plus has just arrived on Australian stores and you can find it fresh on the shelves at gorgeous online store Coccinella.

Plus-Plus Midi Box

Plus-Plus, the latest building craze from Denmark

Designed and made in Denmark PlusPlus is quickly becoming one of the hippest building toys around. Plus-Plus blocks have the shape of, you guessed it, two plus symbols, sort of like a traditional puzzle piece but with square corners. Made from strong, solid, durable material that is free from Phtalates and PVC the Plus-Plus blocks are perfect for children, they can’t break them or squash them and they are made to last.

Plus-Plus Midi 100The smooth rubbery texture gives them a very pleasant feel which is very important for young children and it makes it easy to slide the pieces into eachother. At the same time the blocks ‘grip together’ well so your child’s artwork doesn’t just fall apart. Whether kids want to recreate or invent a specific shape or image or prefer to just connect the blocks, it is great fun either way.

Plus-Plus House

My 4-year old twins (and of course miss 2) have not yet worked out how to build something that resembles anything but that doesn’t seem to bother them in the slightest. They experiment with balance, colours and patterns and absolutely love it! Plus-Plus is a great tool to help kids to use their imagination and get creative. At night time I found myself playing with Plus-Plus and time just flew by as I tried to build things, an awesome boredom buster (or excuse not to do laundry).

Plus-Plus PastelPlus-Plus is available in two sizes (Midi and Mini) and comes in multiple colours (Pastel, Basic and Neon), so it’s a perfect toy for both boys and girls and it suits different ages too. Prices start at just $9.95 and pack sizes range from 100 pcs all the way up to a huge 3600 pcs. This biggest Plus-Plus kit contains all three colour combinations, it would be an ideal size for eg. schools and kindergartens and is still very well priced.

Plus-Plus Pastel, construction fun for girls

Plus-Plus Pastel, construction fun for girls

To find out more about Coccinella, to browse the Plus-Plus range and to order online visit www.coccinella.com.au.

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