May 252013


Two weeks ago, on a lazy Saturday morning, we treated our kids to a special outing and went to see Miffy the Movie at the cinema. As you (may) know Miffy is Dutch just like me so my little half Dutchies are big fans and they were really excited to see her on the big screen. Because we got there nice and early we even got some free Miffy ears to really get us in the mood, add a big bucket of popcorn and we were dressed for success.

Miffy-Poster - CopyMiffy the Movie was created with little children in mind and it was really lovely to sit through a movie without having to explain anything, keep an eye out for ‘scary’ scenes or worry about the noise the kids make. In fact it is a very interactive movie and children get invited to sing along with songs and answer questions, so cute to watch all those kids get involved. Even the parents joined in, it was a great family event.

 Miffy Parrots

In Miffy the Movie Miffy and her friends visit the zoo, where they go on a treasure hunt set out by Miffy’s parents. With a few helpful clues given to them by Miffy’s parents the three friends explore the zoo and try to find the treasure. Along the way they learn about different animals but also about friendship and helping eachother. The run time of 60 minutes is perfect for little ones, long enough to keep them entertained for a while but not too long so they won’t get bored and lose interest.

Miffy Zoo

Miffy the Movie will be available on DVD ($19.95) from May 29, 2013.

To find out more about Miffy the Movie and to watch the movie trailer visit

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