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Breastfeeding, so much is being said about it at the moment and everyone has an opinion which can make it all very confusing. I myself have encountered both a breastfeeding disaster (the twins, 2 months) and a breastfeeding success (miss 2, 1 year) yet all three children have turned out healthy and happy which in my opinion is all that matters. After my first (negative) experience with breastfeeding and the nasty comments I received from some people I was quite scared about having to try it again but I discovered the Breastfeeding Book just in time.

Breastfeeding BookThe book ‘Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How’ by Melissa Macdonald (also known as the Breastfeeding Book) is a real, informative book with lots of facts, figures, real-life experiences, tips and tricks about breastfeeding, combined feeding and bottle feeding. It left me feeling inspired to try again but also supported in case it didn’t work out the way I hoped. After reading this book I was much less worried about feeding our new baby and I think it really helped me to stay calm.

Now that I have started my third breastfeeding journey I thought it would be good to mention this book again, it could just be what you need to help you prepare for your own feeding journey without feeling guilty or pressured. I wish every mum could read the Breastfeeding Book, it is so worth the read!

To find out more about Melissa Macdonald, to take a closer look at the book ‘Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How’ ($19.95) and to order your copy online visit

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  50 Responses to “Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How giveaway”

  1. What question do you hope to see answered in the Breastfeeding Book?
    How to deal “appropriately” with your sister-in-law who is visiting you & newborn in hospital, can see you are struggling, but whips hers out and feeds her 6month old in front of you, THEN goes on and on about how easy it is.

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  4. What question do you hope to see answered in the Breastfeeding Book?

    Why does it hurt so much when you first start feeding, and how long do you expect this to last?

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  18. How to soothe sore, cracked nipples & tips and tricks to expressing………am just pregnant, and so many things playing on my mind!!

  19. HoW to stop breastfeeding without the pain?

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  21. I would love this question to be answered….

    feeding growth charts, why are they based on bottle feed babies and not breastfeed? it gives mothers false infomation on there babies, especially for first time mums.

    Makes breastfeeding mothers more anxious IMO…..

    I dont even use these charts anymore…

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  23. Is it normal for it to hurt, and is it normal for your nipples to go a rainbow of colours (brown, purple, red). I didnt know these were normal so it was a bit of a shock when i started feeding my baby.

    Another questions would be how to stop bubs from biting. I had to wean my 8mth old due to him drawing blood every feed and me having non-stop infections at the bite wounds.

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  28. Should be ashamed whether you can breastfeed your baby or not it’s how you love & take care if your bubs through all the bad good joyous sad times as yiu’ll look back seeing how small apart breastfeeding is in your tots life in years to come though these years are still important to all family member as it them as much as baby & you we mustn’t take anything away from fathers that are raising their children on their own as well … cheers!

  29. Tit or Bot that is the question to do or not?

  30. My Apologies the ABOVE comment should read ‘Shouldn’t’ NOT ‘Should’ Cheers!

  31. I would like to know the correct position to feed a baby and when/how to ween a baby off breast milk 🙂

  32. Question: What can go wrong & how to fix it!

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  40. Melissa’s Breast Feeding book: Would be wonderful to solve the problem of how to reduce the number of 6 month “littlie’s” night time feeds.

  41. I’d like to win it for my sister-in-law who is expecting her first child so needs all the questions answered.

  42. I would love to see how Australia compares in regards of breastfeeding with other countries!

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  49. I would love to find out how will I know when i am empty on one side and what happens if the baby hasnt had enough yet

  50. What question do you hope to see answered in the Breastfeeding Book?
    I hope that the book lets new breastfeeding mothers know that it is perfectly normal to experience some discomfort/pain initially and that breastfeeding can be hard to start with, you aren’t necessarily doing it wrong and there is definitely nothing wrong with you if you are having trouble, it is normal and will get easier!!!!

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