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Just like many other women I have really treasured every moment of being pregnant, it is such a special time and I am so very blessed to have been able to carry our children and deliver healthy babies. Living in a western country gives our children such a big advantage over other babies born in underdeveloped, third-world countries where mothers often struggle to keep themselves alive, let alone look after their unborn/newborn baby as well.

Akua-Ba Maternity Tunic GreyAn old African legend tells the beautiful story of Akua who carries a wooden doll in her bag that helps her to fall pregnant and give birth to a beautiful child. The Akua-Ba label by Starfish is based on this old legend and their mission is to create maternity clothing that makes western mums look fantastic while supporting African mums at the same time, a double win!

Akua-Ba Packaging

For each Akua-Ba garment sold a mosquito net is given to a pregnant woman in Burkina Faso to protect her and her child against malaria, what an amazing gift you can give another expecting mama just by shopping wisely. I think the packaging is just gorgeous, the netting is really symbolic.

SONY DSCThe Akua-Ba Maternity Tunic is a real wardrobe staple for pregnant women that is super easy to mix-and-match thanks to the neutral colours. It comes with a special little wooden doll that can be tied on the strings around the waist and represents a wish for life and good luck. Another great selling point: this tunic is made following fair trade practices in Tanzania and can be machine washed. You can find the Akua-Ba Maternity Tunic at Shak-Shuka, this style is available in white and grey and costs €39.95.

To find out more about Shak-Shuka, to take a closer look at the Akua-Ba Maternity Tunic and to order online visit Shipping is €6.95 worldwide.

For more information about Akua-Ba visit

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