Timber & Tamber

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Mar 312013


There’s no avoiding it now, Autumn is here and it is cold! While I am looking forward to sitting in front of the warm fireplace the kids don’t mind the cold and they love being outside. If your kids are the outdoor type too they are going to need a good pair of gumboots to keep those little feet toasty. Check out these adorable Timber & Tamber gumboots from Appleseed Lane:


TamberTimber & Tamber Gumboots are designed in Melbourne and available in two designs and four hip colours. Girls will go crazy for the cute bow gumboots, aren’t they just divine? Made with 100% natural vulcanised rubber and a sturdy skid resistant sole these rain boots are perfect for the wet Autumn weather. Both the sock and bow gumboots feature 100% cotton lining that’s anti-bacterial and quick drying, because no one likes splashing around in soaking wet boots.

The boots cost $45 (sock) or $49.95 (bow) and come in sizes US7.5 – US10.

To find out more about Appleseed Lane, to take a closer look at the Timber & Tamber Gumboots and to order online visit www.appleseedlane.com.au.

Mar 302013

Isn’t it amazing how much a little bit of a sleep-in can do for your energy levels? I have really been looking forward to this long weekend, I love spending time as a family and my lovely husband even let me have a sleep-in yesterday morning so that was a great start to the Easter break. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my four little ones but it is hard work!

Alive_Womens_60s_3As a mum of four I sometimes (read: often) wake up feeling ‘more dead than alive’ so I take a good multivitamin to give me the much needed energy to get through the day (believe me, I need it when I’ve been up all night with an unhappy newborn). At Blackmores they understand that most women lead a busy lifestyle and we all have our flat moments, which is why they have developed a complete multivitamin that contains all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes you need to feel alive.

The Blackmores Alive! Women’s Multivitamin does more than just help restore your energy levels, it also contains important antioxidants for healthy skin and key nutrients for a healthy immune system, healthy brain performance and healthy bones and muscles. It will also support your metabolism and give your system a little boost in times of stress. With just one tablet a day Blackmores Alive! has got all these important factors covered, no wonder it makes you feel more alive!

AliveWomens60s503Because your body, needs and lifestyle (usually) change as you get older there is a special Blackmores Alive! Multivitamin for women over 50. Of course women are not the only ones who sometimes wake up feeling far from energetic (ask my husband who keeps me company during the night feeds) so the men can count on Alive! Men’s Multivitamin and Alive! Men’s 50+ Multivitamin for daily support.

UntitledTo help one lucky Hip little one reader feel extra alive we are giving away a fabulous Blackmores Alive! Prize Pack valued at $250+. Our lucky winner will receive the following prizes: 4 bottles of Blackmores Alive! Multivitamins, a Blackmores water bottle, a Blackmores visor and a cute Alligator Pink overnight bag to take with you on your next adventure. What’s the first thing you’ll do when you’ve refound your energy?

Blackmores Alive! Multivitamins cost $29.95 per 60 tablets or $49.95 per 120 tablets.

To find out more about Blackmores, to take a closer look at the Blackmores Alive! range and to order online go to www.blackmores.com.au/alive-multivitamins or visit one of the many Blackmores stockists across Australia.

For your chance to win the $250+ Blackmores Alive! Prize Pack visit www.blackmores.com.au/alive-multivitamins and answer the following question: What moment/event this year made you feel most alive?

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Miomee Double Electric Breast Pump (+ save 15% storewide)

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Mar 292013


Breastfeeding, what can I say, it’s almost a sport really: It takes a lot of exercise, you need to show persistence, for some people it comes naturally and for others it doesn’t, some people end up choosing a different sport, you even burn the calories! This is my third go at breastfeeding and I still find it hard.

While I have not missed a single feed yet I know there might come a time I will be away from our daughter when she needs a feed, whether it be for work, an evening out or just to catch up on some sleep. With that in mind I have started to build a little breastmilk stash by expressing some extra milk every day. Now expressing can take quite some time if you do it by hand or with a manual pump but with the Miomee Double Electric Breast Pump it is a quick and effortless task.



There are many different breast pumps available so it is hard to know what pump is best. When I first used a breast pump in 2008 the nurses told me to make sure I bought a ‘hospital grade’ pump with a strong, durable motor that is suitable for daily use if needed. The Miomee Double Electric Breast Pump ($399.95) is designed to fit the bill, it is made with high quality materials, a strong motor and adjustable settings for ultimate comfort and efficiency for every user.

The gentle flex cups are most definitely comfortable on both low and strong suction settings, no painful vacuum seal or red marks like with some other pumps. The cups are specifically designed to compress the breast to replicate baby’s feeding action and they will fit most breast shapes. Cleaning the soft 100% food grade silicone cups is super easy as you don’t need to pull them apart, this will save you so much time (more time to sleep!). When it comes to expressing just screw on any size Miomee bottle and you’re ready.


The Miomee Double Electric Breast Pump motor unit looks neat and is simple to use with few buttons, but it actually has a massive 9 different suction strengths and 9 cycle rates to suit your body, your preference and your baby’s natural feeding action. After all, every woman and every baby is different and your milk expression will be most efficient if your pump ‘feels’ like your baby. This natural feel makes let down very easy and you can change the settings during your session to suit your personal taste.

Miomee DEBThe Miomee Double Electric Breast Pump Kit contains all you need for expressing, storing and feeding breastmilk. The kit consists of the motor unit with two gentle flex cups, four feeding bottles (2x 150ml and 2x 270ml) with slow flow teats, two 3m+ medium flow teats, two bottle stands, four milk storage lids and six disposable breast pads. With a bit of luck these are all the feeding supplies you need, all in one complete box. A special Miomee backpack is included for easy transport and storage.

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, now is the time to stock up on all your feeding essentials. This Easter weekend you can save 15% storewide at www.miomee.com.au. Simply create an account and enter the code ‘EASTER15’ at checkout, minimum spend is $25. Be quick as this great offer ends April 1, 2013!

To find out more about Tommee Tippee Miomee, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.miomee.com.au, shipping is free Australia wide.

Mar 282013

After my first week on my own with all four little ones there are a few things I have learnt, one of them being that getting the kids dressed and ready for school takes a lot of time. I quickly got in the habit of packing the kindy bags and putting out their clothes the night before which really helped. We also paid a quick visit to our local Target Newton store for some new kindy outfits that are easy for them to put on. The past month the baby has been spoilt with lots of gifts so this time the big three got to pick their own outfit (a bit risky I know!):

Olivia and Juliet, my giggly girls

Olivia and Juliet, my giggly girls

Pink LeggingsFirst up was Olivia (4 years old), she has ‘strong leadership skills’ (you could call it bossy) so she made very clear what she wanted: a toasty warm top to wear when it is cold outside and pink pants to wear to kindy. Now ideally darker pants would be a safer choice but this time she got her way. It took her a while to browse all the kids tops (so much choice when you are four!) and she ended up choosing a sweet navy cat print hoodie ($16) and these cute pink/white spot Full Length Leggings ($7).

It looks just gorgeous together as the spotty lining of the hood and pockets matches the leggings so I won’t complain about the colour choice of the pants. I am already happy that the navy top will hide most of the marks she’ll make on them during outside play and craft.

Tommie, the awesome big brother

Tommie, the awesome big brother

9784018698270I’ll be honest and tell you that Tommie (4 years old) really wanted to pick a pair of Jake the Pirate pyjamas but I was able to convince him that they weren’t exactly kindy material… Luckily for me he is easily pleased so he settled on this blue/green striped Pullover Fleece Hoodie ($14) without complaint. Teamed up with a pair of kids jeans they make a cool and comfortable outfit for his days at school.

Juliet and Tommie, these two always get in trouble together

Juliet and Tommie, these two always get in trouble together

Bird TeeOur beautiful Juliet (2 years old) usually follows in her big sister’s footsteps so she picked something pink too. Juliet loves birds (we often call her our little birdy) so I wasn’t surprised at all that she chose this lovely Girls Mix + Match Ruched Sleeve Heart Top ($12). In fact she was so interested in the pretty embroidery and button detail that she didn’t really care about pants anymore. I quickly grabbed a pair of the striped Target Essentials Leggingss ($7) to complete the outfit, easy.

Thanks to some great discounts on the majority of kids clothing I only had to pay $47 at the checkout for the lot, pretty good if I say so myself!

To find out more about Target, to browse Target’s kids fashion range and to locate a Target store near you go to www.target.com.au. To shop online visit http://shop.target.com.au.

For your chance to win a $40 Target Gift Card visit www.target.com.au and answer the following question: What would your son/daughter’s ideal Target outfit look like?

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Sales & Savings – Week 13

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Mar 272013

Little TyroLittle Tyro
What? 20% off Big Top Circus, Alphabet Activity and Pre-Writing Cards
How? Enter the code ‘Easter’ at checkout
When? Until March 29, 2013
Where? www.littletyro.com.au

My Cute Baby Clothing
What? Buy 1 item and get 10% off, buy 2 items and get 20% off or buy 3 items and get 30% off (full priced items only)
How? Enter the code ‘Easter10’, ‘Easter20’ or ‘Easter30’ at checkout
When? Until April 2, 2013
Where? www.mycutebabyclothing.com.au

Hip KidsHip Kids
What? Up to 15% off Balance Bikes
How? Prices as marked
When? Until April 1, 2013
Where? www.hipkids.com.au

K and K Creative ToysK and K Creative Toys
What? 10% off Toys, arts, craft and games
How? Enter the code ‘E2013’ at checkout
When? Until April 2, 2013
Where? www.kandkcreativetoys.com.au

All About Baby
What? 50% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘take50’ at checkout
When? Until April 1, 2013
Where? www.allaboutbaby.com.au

What? 15% off Mealtime Fun Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until April 21, 2013
Where? www.bubbalove.com.au

Make a dream come true with Woddlers

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Mar 262013

A little while ago I wrote about the amazing work the Starlight Children’s Foundation does by making the wishes of seriously ill children in Australia come true and what a difference your support can make. I am really excited to share with you the huge project our beautiful friends at Woddlers have been working on to raise money and awareness for this great cause and the best part is that you can join in too, in fact, we NEED you to make it a huge success!

On April 1, 2013, Woddlers in direct partnership with the Starlight Foundation will launch the ‘Design-a-Backpack’ competition and all Australian kids under 12 are invited to enter. If your backpack design is chosen you will get to work with the Woddlers cartoonist to bring your own unique backpack to life. How exciting is that, your design could be for sale in stores all over Australia as part of the new ‘I dream of…’ Woddlers range due in August!


To enter the competition entrants will have to make a donation to the Starlight Foundation, what a great opportunity to teach your children about caring for others and about making a difference in someone’s life. These donations plus ALL funds raised by the sales of the two ‘winning backpacks’ will go directly to the Starlight Foundation. The ultimate goal of the event is to be able to grant 4 Starlight wishes, which equals $24,000.

Many generous sponsors are joining forces to spread the word about this great event and they have offered amazing prizes valued at $4000+ for the winners of the Design-a-Backpack competition. Special thanks goes to the awesome Brisbane Kids for being major sponsor, you guys rock!


Make sure you are a part of this fantastic initiative by spreading the word and entering the competition via www.woddlers.com.au. Give the Woddlers Facebook page the big thumbs up to stay up-to-date with the latest news, all will be revealed on Monday.


Mar 252013

I recently told you gr8x designer Caroline has been a busy bee and here is proof I am not exaggerating. Only two weeks ago I showed you one of the new baby bag designs (Have you entered to win the Penny Top Zip Hobo yet?) and today I am revealing some of the latest gr8x accessories to be added to the range:

gr8x Enchanted Leaves Bottle PackThe gorgeous new Enchanted Leaves print with its soft green and pink tones is just lovely and teamed up with classic black this is a design that will appeal to many mothers. Keep your baby’s bottles and/or food at the right temperature with the Enchanted Leaves Bottle Pack ($34.95). On top of the generous (insulated) storage space for 3-4 bottles/jars this compact pack features mesh pockets for storing extra little bits and pieces.

gr8x Enchanted Leaves Change WalletThe Enchanted Leaves Change Wallet ($34.95) is the perfect solution for parents who want to go out with bub without the hassle of a heavy nappy bag. Compact in size yet big enough for a few nappies and a travel pack of wipes this wallet is ideal for quick trips, just attach it to your stroller and off you go. When it comes to change time simply fold it open and you’ll always have a soft, clean place to change your baby!

To find out more about gr8x, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.gr8x.net.

For your chance to win a gr8x Enchanted Leaves Combo Pack (Bottle Pack + Change Wallet) visit www.gr8x.net and answer the following question: Name another colour/print the Bottle Pack and Change Wallet are available in.

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