Feb 242013

As little as my kids are they gather belongings quicker than I can keep up with. From little hair accessories to small gifts and from ‘special rocks’ to sea shells and colourful clothing tags, in their eyes they are all treasures worth keeping. If you are looking for a stylish way to store and/or display your child’s precious goods take a look at all these super stylish storage solutions:

Stylish Storage

Blafre Circus Tin Suitcase at Baby Donkie $24.95
Bobangles Rainbow Cases (Set of 2) at Little Boo-Teek $42.95
Cottage Case at MiniStyle $39.95
Bobangles Trolley Case at Little Boo-Teek $39.95
Fruit Cases (Set of 3) at MiniStyle $49.95
Polkadot Suitcases (Set of 3) at Rudy and the Dodo $39.95

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