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Like most children my kids absolutely love craft activities, they can’t get enough of drawing, glueing, cutting, stamping, playdough and of course, painting. I am quite the creative person myself so I never mind getting out all the goods and sitting down with them at the kitchen table but, I’ll be very honest here, I always secretly hope they won’t ask for painting. Painting is always messy and then there is the cleaning up afterwards!

Flexapots Paint PotsAustralian dad Rob experienced the same so he decided to create a product that would make craft time easier and more enjoyable for parents/teachers, meet Flexapots. Flexapots takes the hassle out of cleaning up with a cleverly designed range of flexible paint pots, activity mats and artist palettes. Just let the paint dry first, flex the silicone pot/mat/palette and peel off the dry paint, easy! With Flexapots you can just pop all the tools aside and clean them when it suits you, without any mess.

The cool Flexapots products can be used for all types of paint and most art and craft glues and although perfect for use at home they would also be super handy at schools and playgroups. For those kids who want to do more than just paint with primary colours from the paint pots the artist palette ($14.95) is a real musthave, it is ideal for mixing different colours and thanks to the raised edges paint is more likely to stay put on the palette.

Flexapots in action

Flexapots Artist ComboYou can buy the Flexapots paint pots, artist palettes and activity mats individually but there are also some great combo packs ($29.95) available which would make fantastic gifts. With the kids home for school holidays there will be lots of time for craft, so save yourself the hassle of cleaning up and use Flexapots. The twins are so pleased they are now allowed to paint at home more often and they think the artist palette is so cool, it looks like Flexapots is keeping us all happy.

To find out more about Flexapots, to browse the range and to order online visit

For your chance to win a Flexapots Artist Combo + Acitivity Mat visit and answer the following question: What is your child’s favourite craft activity?

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  235 Responses to “Flexapots giveaway”

  1. My child’s favourite craft project is anything that makes a mess. but If I had to pick one I would say painting. Then mention of paint usually triggers squeals of delight around here 🙂

  2. At the moment it’s paper planes, thanks for the giveaway.

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  7. My daughter likes all art and craft activities. She is very creative and even makes things out of paper plates, toilet rolls or small empty boxes (taken out of the recycle bin). I must admit I haven’t really let her do painting at home… mainly because of the MESS it would cause. A Flexipot set would be fantastic to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

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  10. Love the Sophie the Giraffe teething ring from Sustainababy.

  11. Love the Cindy double zip satchel (black) from gr8x.

  12. Love the Milk & Soda Slater sunglasses (pink) from Skip To My Lou.

  13. Love the pink tea sets from NanaClair’s Gifts.

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  15. Fingerpainting! And tasting the paints 😛

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  18. Anything and everything to do with Play Doh.

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  20. We love all things crafty too but anything that lets you get your hands in an feel it’s texture is always a plus. Finger painting and play dough are ever popular.

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  22. My child loves to scrapbook and make cards with me.

  23. My son loves to paint, even though it ends up getting everywhere it is really enjoyable to paint with him.

  24. I must say I do cringe each time my kids want to do some painting at the work I will have to do to clean up. I LOVE this great idea!!!!!

  25. The Grandies love painting……then it is play do!

  26. Magically messy paint activities…. Begin with one, maybe marble painting but usually dot painting, with finger tips into the paint… followed by finger-painting, hand prints … one activity creatively leads to another!

  27. My daughter loves PAINTING! We have bought her an easel for Christmas as well as the paint brushes and rollers and of course the paint! She also loves pasting pictures and stickers!

  28. Like Flexapots on FB. These sound fab and will make the cleaning up process so much easier!!

  29. Master 2 1/2 loves drawing with textas, Miss 14 is the painter and Master 16 the sketcher. These would be an awesome addition to the mess, I mean art trolley xxx

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  33. Fingerpainting..all over my white walls.

  34. They love anything that they can make the most mess with. Finger painting is all the rage at the moment! These would be super handy to own!!!

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  40. Potato stamps, and carrots and a few other fruits and veggies that make nice patterns. They had a ball before Christmas stamping all over brown kraft & butchers paper, making home made wrapping paper for Chrissy.

  41. At the moment it’s finger knitting. Nan taught them, and they can’t get enough of it.

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  49. Handprints on canvas is the activity that our little girl loves. We will make another one soon.

  50. At the moment it is cutting out snow flakes in time for christmas as he is intrigued how beautiful snow flakes look

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  54. Painting, not so much on paper as all up her legs and arms.

    These flexapots are a very cool idea!

  55. Collage from nature, collecting items from the beach, park, yard & more, then designing gifts for friends out of nature

  56. Painting anything!

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  63. My little ones favourite activity at the moment is to glue little pieces of craft material to pages and make collages 🙂

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  65. my girls lovee painting whether its marble, butterfly, hand/foot prints, cotton tip, string paintings they cant get enough so these pots would make my life so much easier and less messy and stress free as painting makes soo much mess

  66. Current fave activity is in actual fact painting – she has graduated from fingers to sponge and now to brush, but I’m still using old plastic plates for paint, would love to win this for her!

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    My angel loves to paint and design with crafts and drawings, she might just grow up to be a painter

  71. Ah yes…these will be good for some finger painting and even hand painting. As long as the kids are not staying with Grandma.

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  73. Definitely Play-doh

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  77. Playdoh-liked and follow:-)

  78. Is painting & Collages,
    Paint paint, Paint he goes
    And followed with a,
    Stick stick stick!
    He creates better creations then me me me!

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  85. my kids favourite craft is making there own books from scratch we make picture books glitter books numbers and colours and family books it is so much fun

  86. Favourite craft activity is making a mess liked on fb:)

  87. My 5yr olds favourite craft is drawing, drawing on paper, walls, table cloths and even on cars.

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  90. Both my daughters love all arts and craft but painting and collage are the favourites! I’m so relieved to find out I’m not the only Mum who cringes when the paints come out!

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  92. thats a hard one…… my 4yr old loves anything to do with craft! i would say though that painting would be close to her favourite at the moment, as well as my 2yr old as well, he loves painting, but i think its more the getting messy part he likes the most!!

  93. Making things like houses and robots from anything she can find in the craft box .

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  95. My little one’s favourite craft activity is ripping paper, then throwing pieces everywhere. Today he made ‘snow’ on our bed (our half roll of toilet paper disappeared)!

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  100. The kid in my house LOVES to sew and play with fabric – she’ll cut up her old clothes and sew them back together or make new things out of the scraps.

  101. My daughters favourite craft activity is sticking tiny little sequences on everything. glue everywhere and tiny things througout the house oh what a delight

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  104. Alimrose Designs Super Hero Doll at Baby Donkie store is my favourite.

  105. Artiwood Flip Kick at Little Boo-Teek is my favourite.

  106. Back Me Up Short – Light Stone at HoodKid store is my favourite

  107. Wooden ‘laptop/notebook’ blackboard at rudy and the dodo store is my favourite.

  108. My boys love to paint, especially with glitter.

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  112. My budding little Artist is a big fan of painting. She loves sharing her love for colour.

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  114. Craft time with your child is not only a learning experience, but also a bonding session. Panting is fun, messy and enjoyable. Flexapots takes away the cleaning session, making it a breeze

  115. Mt granddaughters love painting

  116. The only craft I’ve attempted with my 7 month old bub is painting and she loooooved it 🙂

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  119. My son loves finger painting. Unfortunately, he also loves eating the paint, so I make my own edible pants. Delicious fun!

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  124. She loves helping mum scrapbook, but on her own like many others, loves to paint as it is messy.

  125. My 17 month old daughter loves ripping paper and finger painting with her best friend Elmore beside her getting messy as well (our puppy).

  126. Painting

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  129. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  130. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  131. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  132. Love the Avidiva – Lelby’s Owl – Bluebell Stripe

  133. We both love painting! 🙂

  134. From the amount of curious box constructions that my twins brought home after each kinder day, I would say that they love pasting and construction best! But really, anything crafty and they are happy!

  135. we love making playdoh and then creating things from it

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  137. My kids all love painting and playdough the most. They also love to do collage activities with balloons.

  138. My kids love playdough. I on the other hand hate playdough lol

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  143. My daughter is right into cutting and tearing coloured paper and pasting it onto anything and everything. She then adds a multitude of extras including buttons, foam animal shapes and paddle pop sticks. Undoubtedly I love to lend a hand. It must be in the blood!

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  147. Havoc Denim – my FAVOURITE ITEM is the Girls New York Ruffle Playsuit

  148. Baby Donkie – my FAVOURITE ITEM is Happi Cupcake Land Wall Decal

  149. gr8x – my FAVOURITE ITEM is the Odette Satchel

  150. Early Birds – my FAVOURITE ITEM is gift set a

  151. mmmm hard choice as my daugther loves anything art from painting to cutting to drawing to sticking things together to stickers – she is craft mad and comes up with some amazing stuff that she creates/makes out of nothing – love this flexapot idea and would help my kids stop making such a mess with painting 🙂

  152. i like flexapot on facebook 🙂

  153. i subscribe to the weekly sales alert 🙂

  154. from hootkid i lvoe the must have sunglasses pink 🙂

  155. from binkkids i love the Organic T-Shirt Butterflies by Duns

  156. from nana clairs gifts i love the Dino Marina Set

  157. from rudy and the dodo i love the pack of stickers – owl (by seedling)

  158. i follow hip little one on pinterest 🙂

  159. Decorating cardboard cartons to make magically modern ‘eco’ doll’s houses with furniture fixtures, solar panels etc… all of which MUST be painted, glued . FLEXIPOTS perfect for messy things and holding “bits and pieces’.

  160. Decorating cardboard cartons to make magically modern ‘eco’ doll’s houses with furniture fixtures, solar panels etc… all of which MUST be painted, glued . FLEXAPOTS perfect for messy things and holding “bits and pieces’.

  161. Collage! Glitter, bits of paper, felt pens, and glue glue glue. And he loves saying “collllll-aaaaaa-ge” like a little frenchman. V Funny!

  162. Flexapots liked on FBook.

  163. The fav activity right now is painting incorporating collage – they like to slather on the paint then stick bits of paper, glitter, shapes and all sorts of things in it.

  164. My kids a big on collages! Glue, scissors and paper is all they need to be kept occupied for hours.

  165. Three of my daughter’s favourite words: colour, sticker, star.
    We both love craft time.

  166. My kids love making cards for any occasion.

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  168. The kids and I made our own glitter baubles for Christmas. Now they want to glue glitter to everything!

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  171. Love the 20 pack –

    Master four loves any craft involving glue, scissors and sticky tape

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  175. Sustainababy Studio SLINKY Playon Crayon

  176. Bink Kids Organic Wool Mittens Stripes by Lasticot

  177. Hoot Kids Kinderbag – Frog

  178. Nana Claire’s Gifts – Bobble Art Large Canvas Backpack – Dinosaur

  179. My little boy loves plastacine, much easier to work with than playdough

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  181. My girls love playing with beads and making assorted jewellery. Unfortunately for me, it means a lot of vacuuming!

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  182. My son loves to make collages

  183. My girls love Playdough! Not only playing with it but they love helping me ‘cook’ thier playdough too 🙂

  184. New liker of Flexapots on FB 🙂

  185. My little boys are obsessed with scissors at the moment and love cutting paper into little bits- give them a few sheets of paper, pencils and scissors and they happily create all sorts of things 🙂

  186. I like Flexapots on Facebook

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  190. Liked and shared Flexapots on Facebook. My childs likes to paint.

  191. My favourite product at Sustainababy is the ERGObaby Organic Carrier – Black

  192. My favourite at hootkid is the Little Prairie Skirt, very sweet! 🙂

  193. My favourite at baby donkie is the gorgeous Alimrose Designs Bird & Flower Teether – Posy Stripe

  194. At Bink kids my favourite is the Organic Tunic Stars Red by Maxomorra- which I recently bought for my little girl! 🙂

  195. My kids love making fruit baskets with paddle pop sticks

  196. have liked flexapots on facebook

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  199. Oil painting and of course framing the art!

  200. I like Flexapots – easy clean paint pots, activity mats and artist palettes on Facebook.

  201. Your e-mail follower!

  202. Favourite item at Skip to My Lou – Coco & Ginger Minx Swing Top!

  203. Favourite item at Avidiva – BabyLuxe Organic Terry Reversible Bib!

  204. Loving Amber Teething Necklaces at Gummy Babies.

  205. Loving DaVinci Art Cabinets at Art Eater.

  206. My Granddaughter has for the last few months been trying to knit, she just loves it sitting on my knee, we started with 20 stitches, went down to 15 and now we are up to 32, and she thinks this is great.

  207. What a fantastic idea!

  208. Colouring in the lines…granddaughter is so much fun to watch, tongue between her lips concentrating!

  209. Making things with play doh.

  210. craft time for our kids is usually on the table , crayon.. coll, textas and popstick.. cool , glitter ah nope , it is the one thing that the whole house can reminise on for months

  211. We love to make little houses and gardens for fairies. We paint paddle pop sticks to make fences or paint flowers then stick them on the paddle pop sticks and plant them in the garden.

  212. Bailey loves play dough, we make figurines and then put it in the oven to bake.

  213. My Charlotte likes to make play dough cupcakes for her dolls tea parties!

  214. My two year old daughter loves to draw – but doesn’t limit it to paper. No anything goes when it comes to a canvas and creative expression, as I have on occasions discovered.

  215. Play-dough. We can make different things everyday. Aliens one day. Balls the next. It never gets boring and it’s never finished till Mum takes a photo of the days creation.

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