Oct 182012

A few weeks ago our little family was invited to a barbecue, a perfect opportunity for me to test if other people would love the kids’ new Nohi Kids gear as much as I do. It is easy for me to rave about how gorgeous a brand is but it is nice when other people notice it too (and of course it helps that my little ones are very cute too). Everyone loved the Nohi look and I have no doubt you’ll also fall for this hip find in a flash.

Right now Hip little one readers can enjoy a massive 25% off all Nohi Kids designs, simply enter the code ‘hip25’ at checkout. Offer ends November 18, 2012.

Nohi Kids is all about ‘celebrating small’ with stylish, eco friendly and age appropriate clothing for little ones up to 8 years old. I absolutely love the colourful designs and the fabric feels amazing, very soft and stretchy too so perfect for active kids. Our miss 2 is a real busy bee, she’s always running, rolling and chasing yet this sweet Nohi Kids Flock Dress survives it all. It features a gorgeous sash belt that ties at the back and an all-over birdy print.

When I picked my son up from his first day of kindy he told me that someone threw sand on his ‘brand new beautiful motor bike top’, I think we can safely say he loves his Motorcycle Tee. It gets my tick of approval too because it comes up beautiful after the washing (being a real boy he usually only gets 1 day of wear out of his tops, with so many washes quality and durability is definitely the key!).

Miss 4 is madly in love with her Girls Tree Dress and the bright pink colour suits her very well, I will have to take a picture of both of my girls in their dresses as they look just adorable. We don’t know the gender of the new baby yet but there are some great unisex Nohi Kids designs available for newborns, check out these cute Nohi Kids Newbie Gowns! A nappy change can’t get any easier than with an elastic bottom and the envelope neck to make dressing a breeze.

To find out more about Nohi Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit www.nohikids.com.

For your chance to win a Nohi Kids bodysuit or t-shirt of your choice (subject to availability) visit www.nohikids.com and answer the following question: Which Nohi Kids t-shirt or bodysuit is your favourite?

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  1. My favourite bodysuit is the Organic Bodysuit – Giraffe, Persimmon

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  5. The long sleeved skateboard t-shirt, my son loves getting out on his penny board and scooter, he would love this!

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  10. Liker from both page and subscribe for newsletter is well:)

  11. Love the whale bodysuit. Gorgeous!

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  17. Nohi Kids on Facebook

  18. long sleeve tee motorcycle red is great

  19. I like the organic romper in flock

  20. I love bodysuit – disco bots from nobi kids. It is so cute!

  21. love Way To Go Harem Pant from hootkid

  22. love Humble Bumble Doolittle Dress – Mustard from Little Boo-Teek

  23. my favourite- long sleeve tee motorcycle

  24. I love the Organic Bodysuit – Disco Dot

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  29. Love the Disco Dot body suit

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  34. I like the Organic Newbie Gown – Little Mack. very cute.

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  36. My favourite Nohi Kids bodysuit or t shirt is the organic bodysuit giraffe – teal. It’s so cute. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  37. Long Sleeved Tee Drums, Red one is my favourite.

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  42. Long Sleeved Tee – Skateboard – even though he can’t ride a board just yet, he’s into the spirit and this would suit him to a “T”

  43. Bobble Art Large Bowling Bag Star and Stripes at Nana Clair’s Gifts is one of my favourites.

  44. Love March On Pant at Hootkid

  45. MT Grey & White Pants at looking at you kid is very cool

  46. Alimrose Designs Pirate Doll at Little Boo-Teek is lovely

  47. Milky Paris Tee at looking at you kid is so gorgeous

  48. For Walls Air Transport at Little Boo-Teek is one of my favourites.

  49. Love Missi Missi Bean Bag- JUNIOR SIZE- Dark Blue with White Stars at Nana Clair’s Gifts

  50. Love There & Back Dress – Rainbow Stripe at Hootkid

  51. Long Sleeved Tee, Drums, Red – my son loves music!

  52. I subscribe to the weekly email

  53. The organic owls bodysuit is cute.

  54. Boris the Pirate at Nana Claire’s Gifts.

  55. Liked on fb 🙂

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  60. i love organic owls bodysuit

  61. Missi Missi Bean Bags are cute!

  62. Love the Disco Dot body suit xx

  63. Humble Bumble Doolittle Dress is gorgeous

  64. The Organic Bodysuit in Owl is gorgeous

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  69. Rudy & The Dodo-The Bunny Rabbit Night Light

  70. Avidiva-Love the Kicky Pants Bamboo L/S Tee in Lotus Hippo

  71. Whimsy Child-Agoo bamboo leg huggers in raining tulips

  72. Sustainababy-Apple & Bee Baby Nappy Bag in Bird

  73. The Owl Organic Bodysuit is way too cute!

  74. I subscribe to the HLO weekly emails

  75. I like Nohi Kids on Facebook

  76. I love the Rudy and the Dodo Set of 3 Polka Dot Suitcases

  77. I love the gr8x Madison Taupe Hobo Bag

  78. I love the Avidiva Lelby’s Pink Damask Bean Bag

  79. I love the Whimsy Child Le Toy Van Ice Cream Sundae

  80. Love Matilda doll from australiangirldoll

  81. Love Girls Allegra Ruffle Dress

  82. My favourite one is Bodysuit – Whale, thanks!

  83. I like the Long Sleeved Tee – Motorcycle, Teal

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  85. The Giraffe bodysuit in Teal is my pick – how CUTE!

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  92. From Sustain A Baby I love the FLATOUTbearbaby – so cute!

  93. From Tiny Twig I love the Red Girls Jacket.

  94. From Looking At You Kid, my favourite item is Hide And Seek Pricilla Dress.

  95. From Rudy & The Dodo I love the “blocks” notebook (for my Lego obsessed lad).

  96. Love the Owl bodysuit.

  97. I now am a liker of Nohi Kids on facebook

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  99. I love the Giraffe body suit in Pink

  100. My favourite is the disco dot organic bodysuit. Love the colours.

  101. I am a weekly newsletter subscriber.

  102. organic body suit giraffe teal is soo cute deffo my favourite

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  112. I love Le Toy Van Honeybake Cake Stand Set from Little Obsessions!


  113. I love All Things Pretty Simply Sweet Dress from Little Boo Teek!


  114. I love Three Little Trees Moon Walk Dress from Looking At You Kid!


  115. I love Daily Tea Flutter Fun Romper from Whimsy!


  116. I love the Organic Whale Bodysuit.

    Ive done these:
    Like Nohi Kids on Facebook
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  117. The Nohi Kids Organic Bodysuit in Disco Dot

  118. Love the ‘Australian Girl’ Doll – Emily

  119. Love the Tiger Tribe Wooden Boxset Barn House from Little Obsessions

  120. Love the Pull Along Deer Lillifee from Bright Button Toys

  121. Love the Avidiva – Lelby’s Owl – Bluebell Stripe

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  123. Love the Butterfly Stacker for toddlers at Rudy and the dodo.

  124. Have subbed to your weekly email. Cheers!

  125. Love the Early birds prem vests – fabulous when our prem boy was in hospital nursery…thanks, Earlybirds.

  126. My favourite is Organic Bodysuit – Owl because it is cute 🙂

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  131. I love the whale bodysuit, babies grow pretty fast and after carrying them around for a while the feel like mini whales haha

  132. new liker to Nohi Kids on facebook

  133. My favourite item at Rudy and The Dodo is wooden transformer – bulldozer.

  134. My favourite item at Petit is Navy multi-stripe Tent.

  135. My favourite item at Stickybiz is Dino Room Wall Art.

  136. My favourite item at Gr8x is Cindy Double Zip Satchel.

  137. Nohi Long Sleeved Tee – Gecko, Brown..gorgeous gear for my ‘Great Gecko hunter’… with his favourite magnifying glass, of course, as geckos climb up the outside of our windows in the Summery evenings.

  138. I like the Disco Dot body suit – love the retro look.

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  143. I like the I’m Toy Dinozone Marina and Stegosaurus Set from Little Obsessions

  144. I like the baltic amber necklace from Gummy Babies

  145. I love the gecko t-shirt in red…. would look stunning on my little boy, and I could see him coming a mile off!

  146. I love the Girls Long Sleeved Tee – Peacock, Purple, very cute! 🙂

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  151. My favourite item at rudy and the dodo is the “my playhouse adventures” cubby – domestic adventures 🙂

  152. My favourite from gr8x is the ‘Penny’ Top Zip Hobo

  153. My favourite item at Sticky Biz is the Girls Large Name Labels- love the butterfly!

  154. My favourite item at Little Boo-Teek is the Tiger Tribe Boxset – Barn House

  155. I have subscribed to weekly Sales,Savings & Giveaways email.

  156. I visited earlybirds. I like the earlybirds 100% Organic T-Jacket

  157. Long Sleeves girls t-shirt with the peacock in pink, love the colours!!!

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  163. Love their Organic Bodysuit – Disco Dot!

  164. Love Nohi Kids on Facebook.

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  166. I love Belle Doll at Australian Girl!

  167. I have shared this competition on Facebook.

  168. I love Stroller Strap at the Gr8x!

  169. I love DaVinci Art Cabinets at Art Eater.

  170. I love Skinny Jeans at Havoc Denim.

  171. Organic Bodysuit – Giraffe

  172. At gummybabies I like the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace- Rainbow

  173. The Seedling Wooden Alphabet Blocks is my favourite product at Little Obsessions

  174. I like the Angel Dear Blue Bunny Blankie at Petit.

  175. The Organic Whale print bodysuit – so adorable! Love the whale print! <3

  176. Liked on FaceBook 🙂

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  178. I absolutely love the Organic Body Suit – Whale!

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  181. Signed up to Hip Little One 🙂

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