Oct 272012

As some of you might know I am not originally from Australia, I moved here just six years ago from The Netherlands to settle down with my Aussie husband. A pretty big move and one I don’t regret, although I do get homesick from time to time (nothing some Dutch food can’t fix). I am afraid kangaroo or vegemite don’t appeal to me much (and what is with the barbecue flavour on everything?), but I do like TimTams! After the week I have had with three sick kids I thought I deserved a little Australian treat so I set off for our very first Cold Rock Ice Creamery experience.

The twins picking their icecream flavours (Easy decision, pink and blue!)

I have always have a soft spot for ice cream and being pregnant I am struggling even more to resist a bowl of cold yummyness. Cold Rock turned out to be much more than ‘just’ ice cream, it is delicious ice cream combined with all your favourite lollies, chocolates and other delights! Yes I probably ate my daily calorie intake in one bowl but it was so good and just what I needed to cheer me up a little. Of course the kids were more than happy to come along with me…

Master 4 and Miss 2 drooling over all the mix-ins (and baby bump in the corner!)

The Cold Rock concept is pretty simple: ‘Choose it, Mix it, Smash it and Love it’. Just pick your favourite ice cream flavour, then select some tasty treats to go in it and they mix it for you on the spot. I think there were at least 30 different ice cream flavours to choose from and around 20 different mix-ins so you can go as crazy as you like. Because I felt very Aussie I went for Aussie Vanilla with TimTams mixed into it, and not to forget Cookie Dough (right now you can get a Cookie Dough mix-in for just $0.50!).

Just in case you didn’t know, Cold Rock is 100% Australian owned and made. As part of the Franchised Food Company there are over 100 Cold Rock stores all over the country run by ordinary Aussies like you and me (yes you could own your own Cold Rock store too, only for people who have a lot of self control!). If you’d like to stay up to date with the latest Cold Rock news and specials make sure you ‘like’ the Cold Rock Ice Creamery Facebook page.

To find out more Cold Rock Ice Creamery and to locate a Cold Rock store near you visit www.coldrock.com.au.

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