Aug 262012

Sitting in front of the fireplace I can’t believe it was only a week ago that we were soaking up the Dutch sun. After living in Australia for nearly 6 years I am very aware of the sun and the damage it can do so my kids were wearing hats and sunscreen when many Dutch children weren’t. I made sure my littlest one was well protected wearing a stylish Eco Peko bamboodie when splashing in the water.

Eco Peko is a fabulous Australian fashion brand that produces organic clothing for babies, children and even mums. The talented designer behind this great label is mum Justine, who is joining us for today’s Sunday Coffee.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
A very, very slow start to the day. My partner gets me coffee, whilst I whip up some baked eggs from our little chookies. We sit in our backyard (which is heavily treed on half an acre), listen to the birds and read the paper. We usually like to have a look around and plan what we could do, if only we had the time!!..Then off for a bush walk down at Roley Pools (heaven)…or perhaps a sneaky lunch with friends and their kids at The Core. Its this fantastic organic cidery, over looking orchards.

What do you love most about running Eco Peko?
I love the people I meet. I love everything I learn. I love creating clothes that I love. I love meeting and hearing about the people that help make the clothes. I love that the label is now evolving. I love my kids in eco peko…and they know this, so to impress me or to perhaps get something they want, they will wear it and look at me with coy eyes….gets me everytime 🙂

Why did you start Eco Peko and how did you decide on the name?
I started eco peko for many reasons. One as a creative outlet for me, as I had 2 little babies at home, the 2nd to create an organic label for my kids to wear! I am heavily involved in the Organic Growers Organisation, and I love popping little messages on kids shirts that are positive, contemporary and funny (and light on sugary 🙂 Peko is an ancient God of Crops, protector of the fields, and it rhymes with eco…and peko sounds little to me…I don’t know why 🙂

What is your favourite Eco Peko design from the current range?
I have a few 🙂 My classic range (timeless pieces for mum and kids) is growing with some very, very cute dresses (for mum and bubs)they will be out in a couple of weeks……I am though constantly wearing my bamboodie (in adults and big kids sizes now) and my organic cotton leggings (also in adults, bubs and big kids sizes)…they are so soft!

What is your number 1 eco tip for families?
Get chooks…they are so fun, they eat all the scraps, you get eggs and great fertiliser…and they are so fun!

To find out more about Eco Peko, to browse the range and to order online visit

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  1. Love Eco Peko … I have the bamboodies too. Such soft well made presentation , also like that most of the clothing is unisex, so great buying before you know the sex of your baby. Jo

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