Apr 292012

Those of you who know my kids have probably spotted their ever growing collection of Havoc Denim gear: Jeans, dresses, shorts, skirts, jackets, they love them all and wear this Australian label all the time. If you haven’t already make sure you enter the Havoc Denim giveaway and your son or daughter could soon be walking around in Havoc Denim too. (I am sneakily waiting for owner Linstel to get my hints and design a ladies collection, I would buy it all before I even laid eyes on it)

So what made Linstel decide to start Havoc Denim, where does she get her inspiration from and for which Havoc Denim design does she have a soft spot? Read all the answers and meet the face behind Havoc Denim in today’s Sunday coffee:

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
My ideal Sunday would be brekkie with my hubby down @ Williamstown… 2 minutes from where we live! Then, research trips to stores… and maybe a movie! And a nice looong massage to finish off the day! But ideal and my real world do collide a bit! Since Havoc does eat into my weekends… as we are growing the business each season… comes with a lot more challenges and work loads + deadlines to meet between stores and factories.

Why did you start Havoc Denim?
Having fashion and textile engineering background and worked within the children’s fashion industry in Australia and overseas..over the last 15 years… the one prominent aspect I noticed was that brands offered denim in their range as an add on, and not a core product with attention to the detail, quality and hardware… and the ones that do come at a price! So, with research being done for well over 2 years Havoc denim was born in 2009. Our ranges provide cool fashion yet easy and functional clothing.. With a strong attention to detail, soft washes and detailed stitching+ hardware..

Where do you find your inspiration for new Havoc Denim styles?
Our inspiration each season stems first from trends in denim, cotton fabrics+washes, as we design our ranges based on both new and past trends in fashion and street, as well as pop and hip hop culture from around the world. I also get a lot of my inspiration from my childhood growing up in India with amazing colours and fabrics.

What is your favourite item from the new range?
So many items I love form our Winter range, but I’d have to say our bestseller: Unisex Skinny Milano Jean (with contrast stitch detail) in 6 colours : black, vintage blue, bleach blue, cadet blue, purple and fuchsia take your pick! And our sleeveless denim hoodie, love them as these 2 items in the range are so versatile with a detachable hood: dressy enough yet warm for a cold winter with all the street cred! I think I might get some made in my size too…

What are your big dreams for Havoc Denim?
Havoc Denim has exceeded our expectations since we began! We would love to see Havoc Denim becoming the trusted brand for kids denim and take our business overseas. As we have already started gaining a lot of interest from overseas markets in which we have started stocking.

To find out more about Havoc Denim, to browse the range and to order in their new online store visit www.havocdenim.com.

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  1. I absolutely love Havoc Denim

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