Apr 082012

This week we are sharing a quick Sunday coffee with the lovely Angela from Finlee and Me. As you already know from my Finlee and Me giveaway (go enter if you haven’t yet) I absolutely love this store as there is always something new, original and fun to be found no matter how many times I visit the website. Aside from constantly adding fabulous new products to her store Angela also does an amazing job on the Finlee and Me Facebook page where she shares the coolest things to do with kids (and much more), make sure to give her page the thumbs up!

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
I love, love, love Sundays.
Sundays are brilliant when my 2 year old boy Finlee comes in for a morning snuggle. Once we have our family snuggle time there is nothing better then making some pancakes topped with fruit. Most Sundays will include a stop at a cupcake parlour or an ice cream shop and a walk at the duck pond or a play in the park.

Why did you start Finlee and Me?
Once Finlee was born, I quickly learned that quality baby products was something from the past. So I was on a mission to find affordable products that would meet the demands of parents who choose to surround their babies and young children with items that are not only safe and beautiful but encourage development and learning through play and curiosity.

What can we expect of Finlee and Me in the near future?
There are many things in store with Finlee and Me. New products are arriving weekly from designers in Australia, but also from around the world. We also have a very high engagement on our Facebook page where we have an array of competitions, daily highlights etc.

What is your favourite item in store?
My favorite item in our store would have to be our Balloon Balls. It’s a wonderful twist from your every day balloon with modern day covers. More importantly the cover protects babies and children from choking on balloon pieces that pop.

What is (one of) the funniest things your child has ever said?
It’s something simple but makes me laugh every time… Finlee has just learned the context of saying “no thank you.” So we play this tickle game that he loves and I asked him if he wanted to play and he looked at me and said “No thanks mummy; later” and then just walked away like nothing.

To find out more about Finlee and Me, to browse the range and to order your favourites online visit www.finleeandme.com.au.

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