Apr 132012

Thanks to the public holidays we had the opportunity to spend some nice days out together. Great fun but also quite a challenge, car trips are not so relaxing when you are travelling with 3 small children. As if two freshly toilet trained toddlers are not enough there is also the baby, who likes a delicious bottle milk before her sleeps but no place to clean and sterilise a bottle on the go. Luckily I recently discovered a fabulous product by Gelpack, the Steri-Bottle.

The Steri-Bottle is, you guessed it, a feeding bottle for babies that is pre-sterilised. This eliminates the need to wash and sterilise bottles when out and about, now that is what we call super easy and convenient. These clever bottles are designed in the UK and made in a hygienic, state-of-the-art facility in the USA. Thanks to Steri-Bottle your baby can enjoy a clean bottle anywhere and anytime, there is no need to worry about boiling water, brushing and scrubbing and yucky dried up milk in hard to reach spots.

Even though these bottles are single use and disposable they still meet the same high standards as ordinary bottles so of course they are BPA and phtalates free and they are recyclable too. The teats are fast flow and suitable for ages 3 months+. Steri-Bottles are available in a 2-pack (RRP $5.34) and 5-pack (RRP $8.85) which works out to be $1.77 per bottle, a small price to pay for the ease and convenience it offers.

In our case we were well prepared and brought the Steri-Bottles along for the drive, but of course they are also a brilliant solution for when you find yourself without a bottle and away from home, a case of emergency when you are dealing with a hungry baby. Instead of paying more for an ordinary bottle and trying to find a place to sterilise it before use you can pick up a Steri-Bottle for a fraction of the cost and use it straight away.

Did you know that Gelpack is a proud sponsor of the Miracle Baby Foundation? By buying Gelpack Nappy Sacks you are helping raising much needed funds for this great cause.

To find out more about Gelpack, to browse the range of products and to locate a retailer near you visit www.gelpack.com.au.

For your chance to win one of 32 Steri-Bottle 2-packs visit www.gelpack.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the Steri-Bottles which other Gelpack product would you like to try?

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

Competition ends May 13, 2012. Sorry, Australian entries only.

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  1. I already use the disposable nappy liners and change mats. Both are great products would also like to try the disposable bibs

  2. I’d love to try the Disposable Burp Cloths – what a brilliant idea – so much easier than washing out little hand towels

  3. NAPPY SACKS® to see if they really do neutralise that horrible odour, I’ve been assured I will get used to! As if!!

  4. Shrink Film, to see if it breaks and tears like our current brand at work…..that is when I return to work from maternity leave 🙂

  5. Fresh and crisp veggie bags look fantastic. My fruit and vegetables always seam to go lymp in the fridge. These wonderful inventions look like they keep everything really fresh.

  6. I would love to try the disposable burp clothes. We are going on our first holiday soon and I think they would be convenient and save washing.

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  11. Favourite item from gr8x is Baby Traveller Diaper Bag

  12. Favourite item from Gummy Babies is the Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet – Cherry

  13. Favourite item from Sticky Biz is the Jungle Scene Wall Canvas

  14. Favourite item from Little Obsessions is the Seedling DIY Pirate Treasure Map

  15. Already use the nappy sacks, but would love to try the Fresh n Crisp veggie bags

  16. Email subscriber

  17. fresh and crisp, food is so expensive and if these can prolong the life of my fruit and veg that would be fantastic.

  18. new liker of gelpack on facebook

  19. ive npw joined the gelpack club

  20. The disposable burp cloths – would be so handy.

  21. I love the Beatrix New York Little Kid Esther Bunny Backpack from Sukimama

  22. I love the Little Tee-Tee – Arielle Dress from Bubzyboo

  23. I love the Ulubulu – Mute Button on Glitter Purple Silicone pacifier on Little Yoyo Styles

  24. I love the Faux Fur Vest – Humble Bumble from Nelly Jean

  25. the fresh and crisp vegie bags Im soo sick of throwing vegies off before they can be used properly so this can help, as a single mum I cant afford such wastage! I have liked and shared on facebook

  26. Already have the Disposable Change Mats which are great but would love to try the Bibs and Burp Cloths. Really want to use the Steri-Bottles but have not found them instore as yet.

    have liked on FB

  27. Sorry I use the Nappy Sacks as well and just signed up for e-club.

  28. I would love to try the Fresh & Crisp bags and keep my fruit & veg fresher for longer 🙂

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  34. My favourite item at gr8x is the Talia Drawstring Nappy Bag

  35. My favourite item at Little Obsessions is the Alimrose Designs Martha Doll Rattle, adorable!!

  36. My favourite at Outlet Shop for Kids is the Frilly Floral 3 Piece Set- so pretty!

  37. My favourite item at Havoc Denim is the Girls Vintage Lace Yoke Pinafore 🙂

  38. Nappy Sacks would be super-handy!
    Especially when out and about with the kids.

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  43. The Boon Flair High Chair with Kiwi Seat/Coconut Pad from budburstkids is so innovative and stylish! I’d love one…


  44. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a Spineless Classic from brightbuttontoys would be an amazing centrepiece for my little girl’s room!

  45. The Butterfly Chalkboard Wall Sticker from Bright Star Kids is adorable and practical too. What a great idea!

  46. The ‘Penny’ Top Zip Hobo by Gr8x is top of my wishlist, very stylish and handy too.

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  48. I would love to try the Fresh and Crisp food storage bags! i Love the idea of storing food for longer!!

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  53. From Little Obsessions i love Melissa and Doug Habitats Reusable Sticker Pad

  54. From Mumma Bubba i love the Pendant Basic Range – Mint!! such a stunning colour!

  55. From Badburst Kids i love the – Sparkle T Markham Machine – Orange Digger. ADORABLE!!

  56. From Bright Button Toys i really like the Transport Stamps- 15 Piece by Aladine Copy. very cute indeed!

  57. I have to say i LOVE LOVE LOVE their NAPPY SACKS ! I would love to try the Fresh & Crisp bags.

  58. have liked The Gelpack Lounge on facebook

  59. Would love to try their LITTER TRAY LINERS.

  60. I follow your blog via e-mail.

  61. I like Matilda Doll at Australian Girl.

  62. I love teething necklaces at Gummy Babies.

  63. I like Djeco Farm Buildng Blocks at Little Obsessions.

  64. I like a Stroller Strap at the Gr8x!

  65. The disposable bibs. Great on holidays or trips to the beach.

  66. The nappy sacks

  67. Love the easy of the nappy sacks.

  68. The super handy disposable bib for dining out. Are there adults sizes too?

  69. Love the disposable bibs and the nappy sacks

  70. Amazing disposable bibs. They look so amazing

  71. Nappy sacks

  72. Disposable bibs

  73. Disposable bins are super cool

  74. Love the nappy sacks what a great idea

  75. I love Gelpack, I already use the nappy sacks, Incognito and the vegatable crispers

    I didn’t realise they made disposable bottles, would love to win some 🙂
    Would also like to try the disposable bibs, especially with the crumb catcher – saves me cleaning arrowroot biscuit up all the time from bub

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  79. I would like to try Fresh and Crisp Veggie Bags.

  80. I joined the GELPACK E-club.

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  83. My favourite item is Wooden Space Play Set from Bright Buttons Toys.

  84. Never had a sense of smell until a recent op fixed my jaw but now i do have one… NAPPY SACKS!!

  85. the disposable change mats are a great idea also the disposable lines i’m a fan of cloth nappies myself

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