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Whether you are celebrating Christmas with a lunch or dinner, and whether you are getting together at your house or at friends or family, someone has spent a lot of time preparing a beautiful meal and everyone wants it to be a success. Adults are usually polite enough to eat what is on the menu but young children don’t always like what is served on their plates which can cause an embarassing and unpleasant drama. For some fantastic tips and tricks to bring some smiles to the table take a look at these fabulous Fred products from Budburst Kids.

Of course the concept of making faces with your food is nothing new, but it doesn’t work that well if you are not very creative and your child can not recognise what you made. For those people the Fred Mr Food Face ($19.95) is the answer, this ceramic plate features a fun face ready to be turned into an edible personality. Carrot eyebrows, potato mash hair, a tomato nose, there are no rules and endless options.

A girl version is available too, so there is no need to fight and maybe the kids can swap some days? Both styles come packaged in a gorgeous box ready to be gifted, each box shows some yummy serving suggestions to get you started. For once having food on your face is not such a bad thing! I love how  spaghetti makes long hair, my oldest daughter would love it (Warning: Dinner might just take a little longer because kids will enjoy having a little play themselves too).

If your boy is not so much into delicate arts but more into the real fist work he might prefer the Fred Chewdriver Cutlery Set ($19.95). The set contains three magnetic utensils that simply snap into the tool handle, your little worker can do the digging, shoveling and lifting himself. So do yourself a favour and pop one of these Fred gifts under your tree, they will make your Christmas lunch or dinner fun for little ones too.

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  1. This store makes me dream about having a little girl, with all the frilly baby girl clothes. I don’t think my son would appreciate the frilly bloomers, but I do like the look of the Emma Owl DINGaRING

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