Nov 172011

When you find out that you are pregnant there will be lots of things you need to buy. Putting together a nursery can be costly but at least you get to enjoy it every day, something that can not be said of all those disposables nappies you are throwing in the bin! Disposable nappies cost parents a fortune to buy and will all end up in landfill, go talk to the girls at Booloo Babe to find out how can you save a heap of money on your nappies.

Booloo Babe is a store for ‘mums with babes in cloth’, but don’t worry, modern cloth nappies (also known as MCN’s) are nothing like the cloth nappies your mother or grandmother used to use. The modern alternative is fuss free, requires no soaking, pins or folding, these nappies are easy to use (even for dads, grandparents and babysitters) and above all they are much cuter than ordinary disposables. In store you’ll find great brands like GroVia, Motherease and Rumparooz.

Unlike in the olden days modern cloth nappies do not need to be soaked, you simple store them in a nappy bucket or dedicated wet dry bag until you wash them (every two days). These Planetwise hanging wet dry bags are nothing to be ashamed of, in fact they are pretty stylish and available in a large range of colours and prints. After the nappy stage they make great swimming or beach bags too.

To celebrate their second birthday Booloo Babe is running a big birthday competition on their Facebook page. There are three prize packs up for grabs and entering is as simple as liking the photo of the products you would most like to win. It doesn’t get much easier than that! The first prize draw is on November 22 and you can win great prizes like a Catbird baby carrier, drink bottle, modern cloth nappies, laundry detergent and more.

To find out more Boolo Babe, to browse the range and to order online visit

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