Oct 182011

Many children have a ‘favourite’ soft toy, the one they drag around wherever they go and the one they sleep with at night time. Unfortunately when she was a baby none of the beautiful toys I showed my oldest daughter tickled her fancy, instead she set her heart on a fluffy rabbit named Duncan. Duncan is a sweet little number but he is hard to get in Australia and over the last 3 years I have needed a few replacements and spares that had to come from overseas. I wish I had known about the very hip knitted Huglees toys back then, they are designed right here in Australia so they are much easier to get and definitely much cuter too!

My personal favourite is Squeaks the Mouse, at 30cm tall he is very generously sized for a mouse and his arms, legs and tail are perfect for little hands to grab on to. Thanks to his multi coloured spots this friendly mouse is suitable for both boys and girls and a perfect gender neutral gift for an unborn baby too. The Huglees toys comply with Australian and New Zealand safety standards so they are safe from birth onwards.

Huglees are designed by Australian mum Renae and like all mums she knows that favourite toys get lots of cuddles and are a part of everything kids do (even the messy things) so they do need a bit of a clean sometimes which is why Huglees are hand washable. If your little one can’t handle the wait whilst his Huglees friend is being washed and dried, or worse if he gets lost or broken, you should have no trouble getting a doppelganger (a big benefit of buying Australian designs).

You can find the Huglees ($24.95-$29.95) at La Stork, to order visit www.lastork.com.

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  1. Cute – definately the right proportions for little hands

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