Oct 192011

A few weeks ago my oldest daughter had an unlucky fall and lost a teeny tiny piece of her front tooth. Unless you run your fingers across the bottom you won’t even know and of course I know they are just her baby teeth so she will lose the whole tooth eventually but I was still very sad about it. I absolutely love baby teeth, those tiny teeth and all the gorgeous gaps between them, they are so adorable! I dread the day they will start coming out and I am determined to keep them safe in the Baby Tooth Flap Book from Baby Tooth Land.

At Baby Tooth Land they understand how precious your babies milk teeth are so they have designed a range of products that will add a special touch to the toothless stage and that will help you keep the teeth safely stored. The hardcover Baby Tooth Flap Book ($28.95) closes with a magnetic flap and inside it features twenty individual compartments (protected by a transparent cover). The round box shows exactly which position each tooth used to sit in and you canΒ fill out when each tooth came out. Add a photo of a big toothless grin and your personal keepsake album is complete!

If your family is one of the lucky ones to be visited by the Tooth Fairy when a tooth comes out you will love the Tooth Fairy Kit ($44.95). The kit contains all you need to make the Tooth Fairy feel right at home at your place: a Tooth Fairy Doorhanger that tells her where to go, a satin Baby Tooth Pouch to place the teeth under the pillow, Tooth Fairy Stationary so your child can write a letter to the Tooth Fairy and of course a Baby Tooth Keepsake Box to store the teeth in once collected. Imagine how lovely it will be to look back at the complete set of mini teeth later and read the very funny tooth fairy letters!

All Baby Tooth Land products are available in a boys and girls version, make sure you like the Baby Tooth Land Facebook page to get a special 10% discount code for your first order.

To find out more about Baby Tooth Land, to browse the range of products and to order online visit www.babytoothland.com.au.

For your chance to win a blue or pink Baby Tooth Flap Book visit www.babytoothland.com.au and answer the following question: Which item in the range do you like most and why? Please also mention if you would like to win the blue or pink book.

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Competition ends November 19, 2011. Sorry, Australian entries only.

  76 Responses to “Baby Tooth Land giveaway”

  1. would have to be the complete tooth fairy kit, I love bringing extra life to traditions like this and would have to get pink simply because my daughter is older than my son and will use it sooner

  2. follow hip little one with google friend connect

  3. subscribe to hip little one newsletter

  4. I like the flap book best. I like the fact that the tooth position can be recorded. The book makes kept teeth less like grisly relics and more like something interesting and precious for kids to learn from. Mummy gets away with being sentimental whilst pretending she’s doing it for educational purposes/ the child’s sake!
    I would prefer to receive a blue book.

  5. I love the baby tooth flap book, I have kept a record of all my sons major moments in life and love the way this little book brings it all together after the tooth fairy has collected them πŸ˜‰ If I won I would love blue since I have a boy. =]

  6. Liked Baby Tooth Land on FB

  7. Follow hip little one blog =)

  8. Subscriber of the newsletter πŸ™‚

  9. The item i like most would have to be the Tooth fairy kit πŸ™‚ So cute! Would like pink please πŸ™‚

  10. Liked Baby tooth land on facebook

  11. google friend connect follower

  12. Network blog follower

  13. Newsletter subscriber

  14. I visited Mickey house kids and i love the Guess tiered embroidered skirt, Very pretty!

  15. I visited Sukimama and i love the Dandelion Crinkle bear, Love organic toys

  16. I also visited Whismy child and i liked the Stun flutter dress in spring mix soo pretty!

  17. I visited Australian girl and my favourite doll is Matilda πŸ˜‰

  18. My little one doesn’t even have teeth yet, but I can always be prepared with a little blue book. I’ve pinned the book to pintrest so I don’t forget when the time comes.

  19. Love the tooth fairy kit. Mum said it was really hard to find our teeth after we finished playing and fell asleap and this comes with heaps of great stuff including a tooth pouch.
    Would love a blue one.

  20. Liked Baby Tooth Land on facebook.

  21. Subscribed to HLO

  22. Love Belle on Australian Girl.

  23. Love the Olivia Wristlet on Shop for Tots. My things are all over the place.

  24. Love Bright Star Kids Wall Letters.

  25. Outlet Shop For Kids has the coolest Train Top and Cargo Pants. Love the hat too.

  26. I love the complete Tooth fairy Kit, and would love to win a pink book

  27. Liked on fb – also would love to win so I have somewhere proper to put all my daughters teeth details that I have written on loose paper. What ages she got her teeth in etc …. and then what age she starts losing them!

  28. Subscriber

  29. I love the baby tooth organiser! Miss 10’s teeth are all in a zip lock baggie, so something like that would be much more special for baby. (Pink)

  30. Google connect follower

  31. Newsletter subscriber

  32. Love the little ice cream singlet over at avidiva

  33. Denim ruffle dress at Havoc Denim is stunning!

  34. I wish i’d known about the PSI bands at sincewewerekids when I was pregnant

  35. That little stun spring tunic at whimsy child is so cute and a bargain on markdown

  36. I love the Baby Tooth Organizer, as it’s for a scrapbooking album!
    I’d love to win the pink book πŸ™‚

  37. Am now a new liker Baby Tooth Land on Facebook

  38. I follow Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

  39. And also follow Hip little one with Networked Blogs

  40. And I subscribe to the Hip little one newsletter too πŸ™‚

  41. I like the baby tooth organiser- perfect for scrap booking the special occassion- would prefer the blue book.

  42. I liked Baby Tooth Land on FB.

  43. I follow HLO with GFC.

  44. I like HLO on facebook.

  45. I subscribe to HLO newsletter.

  46. I visited Stickybizz and like the plane invitations.

  47. I visited whimsy kids and liked the knight stickers.

  48. I visited Outlet shop for kids and liked the milky denim jumpsuit.

  49. I visited avidiva and liked the book, ‘Save our sleep’.

  50. P.S. My daughter has chipped her front tooth twice, once on the corner of a table and the second time with a fork πŸ™ I am devastated….but like you said they are the baby teeth….

  51. i love the baby tooth organiser, how much easier would that be when keeping those cute little teeth rather then just having them in a container not knowing which tooth was which. – Pink

  52. have liked baby tooth land on facebook

  53. I love the flap book. What a great idea. I was wondering what I would do with teeth when they start falling out and this is a great idea.
    I would like the blue.

  54. I’ve liked Baby Tooth Land on Facebook

  55. I follow Hip little one with Google Friend Connect

  56. I follow Hip little one with Networked Blogs

  57. I subscribe to the Hip little one newsletter

  58. I love the wooden “space” pinball machine from Rudy and the Dodo

  59. From Little Yoyo Styles I love the Chew Chew train

  60. From Bubzyboo I love the Little Tee-Tee – Zara Dress

  61. From ArtEater I love the framed wall art.

  62. Tooth Fairy Kit…cute! Pink please!

  63. the complete tooth fairy kit in Blue for a still toothy (but that will change with time lol ) little one Cooper

  64. Baby Tooth Flap Book is a great item. A great way to keep such lovely tooth memories. The blue colour would be great!

  65. the tooth fairy book..what a great idea for your memories
    the blue colour i would love to win

  66. I love the Complete Tooth Fairy Kit because it’s got everything you could need right in the one place! Would love blue for my son please.

  67. I follow HLO with GFC as Di from Max The Unicorn (or lately it’s just coming up as Di)

  68. I already subscribe to the HLO newsletter πŸ™‚

  69. Ive tweeted this giveaway on Twitter tagging you. My twitter name is @FunkieFrog
    Here’s the tweet

  70. Love the Baby Tooth Organizer, love that it will fit into existing baby books as part of their childhood memories.

    Love a blue book πŸ™‚

  71. HLO email subscriber

  72. Arteater – love the framed wall art

  73. Rudy and the Dodo – love the ‘My Dad’ interview book

  74. Sukimama – love the litecups

  75. Gummy Baby – love the Gummy Princess gift box

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