Jul 092021
NAIDOC Week 2021: Heal Country!

Stories, art, music, expositions, poetry, sports, TV, fashion… What a joy it was to see the wide variety of NAIDOC celebrations all across the country, honouring the first people of Australia and taking an important step in healing. National NAIDOC Week (Sunday 4 July to Sunday 11 July) may be almost over but we are continuing our journey of learning and understanding with the help [read more]

Too cool for school with Smiggle

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Apr 122021
Too cool for school with Smiggle

Term 1, done and dusted! Four of my students have settled in beautifully this year but the last little one is not so keen on this whole school business. We are trying our very best to change her mind and have been showering her with special treats and fun rewards, after all who doesn’t love a trip to Smiggle with her sister-squad? Smiggle is home to [read more]

‘Sesame Street Circus Spectacular’ giveaway

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Apr 112021
'Sesame Street Circus Spectacular' giveaway

They say good things are worth waiting for and the extra long wait is finally over! Now that COVID is ‘under control’ the red velvet curtains of Silvers Circus can reopen at last to reveal a fabulous circus treat that is sure to capture the hearts of young and old: Showtime Attractions and Silvers Circus have joined forces to bring to Australia an exciting show [read more]

Join the Choose Kindness crew

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Feb 012021
Join the Choose Kindness crew

Bye bye lazy wake-ups and late breakfast, hello school rush and mad mornings! My little tribe has eagerly returned to class and I now have five cute students in the same primary school. For most children, including my own, a new school year comes with some nerves and reservations about classes, friendships and fitting in and school can be a real challenge! To make sure [read more]

LeapStart 3D: Simba’s Surprise

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Dec 242020
LeapStart 3D: Simba's Surprise

When you have a big family like ours, storage space is always hard to find especially when it comes to toys. Ahead of the festive season I always give our playroom a thorough clean-out, sorting all the toys in the right boxes, donating older toys they’ve grown out of to our local op-shop or church and throwing away any broken bits and pieces. The kids [read more]

LeapFrog to the Rescue: Touch & Learn Tablet

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Dec 152020
LeapFrog to the Rescue: Touch & Learn Tablet

Just when you think life is slowly returning to (a new version of) normal a range of interesting curve balls come rolling your way and we’ve certainly had our share! From an unexpected hospital stay for my little Ted (which had us all scared and running back and forth to hospital), to myself being admitted for major surgery right before a statewide lockdown. Thankfully hubby [read more]

Secret Safe Treasure Chest

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Nov 152020
Secret Safe Treasure Chest

While having sisters is lots of fun, every now and then a girl needs a bit of quiet time away from her nosy siblings. Secret notes, locked diaries, little treasures… our four girls are generally great at sharing but some things are simply private property. So where do you tuck away your special belongings so your curious sisters can’t find them? VTech has your back: [read more]