Competition Winners


September 6, 2020, EK Books
Bedtime, Daddy!: Belinda Baldwin, Cassy Newman and Caterina Percival

September 5, 2020, Pan Macmillan
There’s a Zoo in my Poo: Monica Huffer

July 20, 2020, EK Books
The Battle: Ying Ying Tan, Beatrix Gebhardt and Janine Boyington

July 8, 2020, EK Books
Tabitha and the Raincloud: Natalie Cooper, Pammyann Smith and Annette Rowe

June 22, 2020, Charlie Golding
When the World Went Inside: Anita Worker

June 4, 2020, EK Books
Ella & Mrs Gooseberry: Yvonne Wunsch, Hannah Plozza and Rebecca K. Foster

May 29, 2020, EK Books
Arabella and the Magic Pencil: Izabella Di Tomasso, Kathy Foden and Susan Collins

May 27, 2020, National Reconciliation Week
Magabala Books prize pack: Sandra Lawson

February 24, 2020, Adelaide Fringe Festival
Hotel Paradiso family pass: Allie Sanderson and Anita Lorraine Daminato

December 23, 2019, Smiggle
Frozen 2 Prize Pack: Alyce Holschier-Lucas

November 26, 2019, Walker Books
The Corner of my Eye: Jordana Hodgetts, Sarah Blockley and Tammy Tattersall

November 21, 2019, Santa’s Wonderland
Santa’s Wonderland family pass: Janine Need McMonagle

November 15, 2019, Walker Books
‘Where’s Wally? Double Trouble at the Museum’: Tegan Beckett, Lou Ware and Lisa Hinks

November 4, 2019, Magabala Books
Jasmine Seymour prize pack: Jodie McBride and Chrissy Roberts

October 31, 2019, Walker Books
Madama Badobedah: Rebecca Stark, Semra Lauren and Jonnine Boreham

October 10, 2019, Walker Books
‘Alex Rider: Secret Weapon’: Katre Heynatz, Daniel Ralph and Sophie Nicole

September 26, 2019, Walker Books
Fanatical about Frogs: Sarah Spalding, May Lee and Vanessa Lea

September 16, 2019, PlanToys
Wonky Fruit & Vegetables Playset: Maggie Westbrook

September 10, 2019, Walker Books
Letters from Australia: Rebecca Garner, Tania Primomo and Laurelle Nutley

September 4, 2019, Magabala Books
Going to the Footy: Debbie Schramm, Deb Harrison and Manda Gorton

September 3, 2019, Penguin Random House
The Most Ungrateful Girl in the World: Kerry Ann, Sharon Fuller and Debbie Mcdonnell

August 28, 2019, Sesame Street Circus Spectacular by Silver’s
Sesame Street Circus Spectacular by Silver’s tickets: Indria Purnamasari

August 24, 2019, Pan Macmillan
Dad Hacks: Richard Sullivan, Deborah Osborne and Sheldyn Hart

August 22, 2019, EK Books
Grandpa’s Noises: Amy MacDonald, Bren Plum and Natalie Cooper

July 9, 2019, Guess How Much I Love You
Guess How Much I Love You family movie pass: Carlee Du Chatenier

July 1, 2019, Micro Motorz
Micro Motorz prize pack: Elizabeth Gannaway

June 12, 2019, EK Books
The Incurable Imagination: Rebecca Lubasinska, Bec Jane and Nicole Shaw

May 20, 2019, Disney On Ice
2 tickets for Disney On Ice Melbourne: Robyn Johnstone

April 24, 2019, PJ Masks
PJ Masks prize pack: Philippa Tudor

April 14, 2019, Pan Macmillan
I Love My Mum Because: Anna Altunsu, Meghan Hardes and Nicole Gurney

April 7, 2019, Affirm Press
There’s Only One Mum Like You: Jacqui Lagaluga, Crystal Dawn Carpenter and Jessica Rogers

April 1, 2019, Affirm Press
Eight Lives: Louise Dalzell, Colleen Williamson and Ali M McArthur

March 19, 2019, Walker Books
‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ prize pack: Tamara Lamb and Eva Kiraly

March 16, 2019, The Greatest Magic Show
‘The Greatest Magic Show’ family pass: Bianca Howie

February 28, 2019, EK Books
Saying Goodbye to Barkley: Jennifer Robertson, Jess Rutjens and Prue Evans

February 21, 2019, EK Books
Grey-glasses-itis: Tamara Gray, Sophie Warran and Ann Mark

February 14, 2019, Pan Macmillan
Ten Terrible Dinosaurs: Brooke Smith, Amy Northcott and Viv Dibs

February 7, 2019, EK Books
The Box Cars: Karina Hahn, Chrissy Hemelaar and Adam Mitchell

February 1, 2019, Pan Macmillan
Dinosaur Roar: Caroline A’vard, Jeanine Kent and Alicia Valli

January 28, 2019, Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston ‘Greatest Love of All’ double pass: Isabella Pugh

January 20, 2019, Smiggle
Smiggle ‘Back to School’ pack: Ella Faulkner

January 3, 2019, Walker Books
‘The Short & Curly Guide to Life’: Chris, Maree Gray and Maggie Karner

January 1, 2019, The Illusionists
The Illusionists double pass: Marlo Rachor

December 31, 2018, Silvers Circus
Silvers Circus family pass: Angela Jane Flint and Jaimee-lee Anderson

December 30, 2018, Walker Books
‘Helen Oxenbury: A Life in Illustration’: Cassy Newman, Amy Wedding and Oliver Burgess

December 19, 2018, Sovereign Hill
Sovereign Hill family pass: Ilknur Given

December 16, 2018, Exisle Publishing
Cluck: Amber Boyce, Krystal Murray and Kate Slack

December 9, 2018, PJ Masks
PJ Masks batboy Cat-Car Ride On: Katrina Bache and Jacqui Stevens

December 8, 2018, Legends in Concert
Legends in Concert double pass: Daniella Mavili

December 2, 2018, Kooki U
Kooki U gift tin: Lisa Ferlazzo

December 1, 2018, Walker Books
A World of Discovery: Natalie Murnane, Christina Salt and Scott Brunskill

November 30, 2018, Santa’s Wonderland
Santa’s Wonderland family pass: Anita Parker, Jessica Buchmueller

November 27, 2018, Grit Scooters
Grit ‘Vibes’ Scooter: Simm Beeston

November 26, 2018, Santa’s Magical Kingdom
Santa’s magical Kingdom family pass: Josefino Jr Jayme

November 25, 2018, Walker Books
Judy Moody and the Right Royal Tea Party: Sarah, Dawn Taylor and Amy Petersen

November 16, 2018, EK Books
‘Australia: Illustrated’: Karen Smiley, Paula Harris and Marie White

November 12, 2018, Peter Pan Goes Wrong
Peter Pan Goes Wrong double pass: Antonio Marchionna

November 5, 2018, EK Books
Invisible Jerry: Anne Costello, Joseph and Nicole Marie Williams

October 27, 2018, Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig prize pack: Maddison Vidler

September 3, 2018, At the End of Holyrood Lane
At the End of Holyrood Lane: Chau Nguyen, Rebecca Biljna and Nell Hamilton-Schulz

August 23, 2018, A Day at the Show
A Day at the Show: Richard Harrison, Trudy Mylrea and Lorna Jarvis

August 15, 2018, My Storee
My Storee: Julie Riley, Jen Marsh and Melicia Mah

August 9, 2018, Madiba the Musical
Melbourne double pass: Helen Russell
Adelaide double pass: Sasha Oelsner

August 8, 2018, Emily Gravett
Old Hat + Cyril and Pat: Lauren Betterman, Sara Johnston, Joanna Harrison, Linda Pepper and Sarah Wieland

July 20, 2018, Sherlock Gnomes
Sherlock Gnomes DVD: Judith Maunders, Christina KS and Lorna Jarvis

July 18, 2018, Finding Granny
Finding Granny: Maggie Karner, Christina Lungo and Sarah Ellwood

July 16, 2018, My Baby Gifts,
Delux Blue Star Hamper: Kelly Waldron

July 6, 2018, Irish Celtic
Irish Celtic double pass: Emmi Koll

July 3, 2018, The Nowhere Child
The Nowhere Child: Nell Hamilton-Schulz

June 28, 2017, Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit DVD: Anita Andrews, Alex Ho and Karen Edwards

June 10, 2018, The Wiggles
‘The Emma! & Lachy! Show’ DVD + CD pack: Joe P and Sharon Markwell

May 30, 2018, ergoPouch
ergoPouch 2.5 TOG Winter Sleep Suit: Lisa Muldoon

May 27, 2018, Disney Princess
Disney Princess Story Book Perfume: Debra Holden

May 24, 2018, Moments4me
Moments4me prize pack: Michaela Franerova

May 22, 2018, Disney On Ice
Disney On Ice Melbourne double pass: Angie Sanft

May 21, 2018, LaVie
LaVie Lactation Massager: Katrina McAliece

May 19, 2018, Scaredy Book
Scaredy Book: Kelli Dundas, Monika and Amelia Jane

April 12, 2018, Jumanji
‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ DVD: Elizabeth Davey, Susanna Martin and Linda Pepper

April 5, 2018, STOMP
STOMP Adelaide double pass: Natalie Murnane
STOMP Melbourne double pass: Ross Shaw

April 1, 2018, Peter Rabbit
‘Peter Rabbit: Adventure Seeker Collection’ DVD box: Janice, Chlogan Heatherill and Julie Morton

March 24, 2018, Paddington 2
Paddington 2 DVD: Tess Rachel, Kerrie Tullipan, Anna Torre, Vicki Wilson and Ray Barnes

March 19, 2018, The Eczema Detox
The Eczema Detox: Anna Torre, Tracy Mackay and Kristy

March 8, 2018, The Silver Sea
The Silver Sea: Hayley Shaw, Amber Boyce and Nicole Whincup

March 1, 2018, ONE.CHEW.THREE
Necklace and Teether Pack: Natalie Hodgson

January 18, 2018, Smiggle
Smiggle ‘Squad Dolly’ Pack: Susanna Martin

January 4, 2018, ergoPouch
ergoPouch ergoLayers: Rachel Kapsalakis

December 29, 2017, Alphaprints
Happy Dog + Quirky Bird: Lee Golder, Kirsty Anne and Kerry Green

December 19, 2017, The Emoji Movie
The Emoji Movie DVD: Fiona G Charlton, Karen L and Sarah Armstrong

December 17, 2017, Maze Activewear
Maze Activewear Sports Nursing Bra and Tights: Judith Whiting

December 10, 2017, Smiggle
Smiggle Christmas prize pack: Peter Gerard

December 3, 2017, Diary of a Wimpy Kid
‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Getaway’: Charl Lowther, Alecia Owens and Karen Thompson

November 28, 2017, Feed Your Brain
‘Feed Your Brain’ The Cookbook: Teena Lewis, Teresa Clark and Sharyn Williams

November 21, 2017, Ickyfoodia
Ickyfoodia: Richard Harrison, Rebecca Floyd and Tracey Taylor

November 17, 2017, All I Want For Christmas Is You
‘Mariah Carey’s: All I Want For Christmas Is You’ prize pack: Bec Huysse, Mel Sajeva and Lyn Smith Cornege

November 13, 2017, ergoPouch
1.0 TOG ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag: Amanda Smyth

November 9, 2017, Smiggle
‘Smile with Smiggle’ prize pack: Phillip Cunningham

November 6, 2017, Busy Books
Busy Nativity: Annie G, Katherine Fenerty and Dawn Taylor

November 5, 3027, The Wiggles
‘The Wiggles: Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas!’ DVD + CD pack: Paul Minniti, Patricia Harkin and Renee Ballantyne

November 2, 2017, Talkin’ Toys
Talkin’ Toys pack: Andrea Dinan

October 30, 2017, Milkbar Breastpumps
Haakaa New Mum Starter Pack: Jenna Marsh

October 14, 2017, The Wiggles
‘The Wiggles: Nursery Rhymes’ DVD + CD pack: Corrie McCarthy, Gerard Egan and Keight Den

October 12, 2017, Smiggle
Smiggle Advent Calendar: Leanne Veivers

October 6, 2017, ergoPouch
ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle + Sleep Bag: Gayle Vos

October 1, 2017, Finn and Puss
Finn and Puss: Tess Doyle, Rachel Kapsalakis and Sheena Savage

September 21, 2017, Despicable Me 3
Despicable Me 3 DVD: Andrea Dinan, Cher Glass and Maree Gray

September 11, 2017, Maybe
Maybe: Rosie Latimer, Jennifer Robertson and Vicki Anderson

August 24, 2017, Guff
Guff: Kristina Snowden, Dianne Kitson and Luigi Costantino

August 18, 2017, Busy Books
Busy Books pack: Karla Oleinikoff, Sharon Markwell and Rebekah Ballingall

August 11, 2017, Talkin’ Toys
Pass the Pen: Kate Slack

August 1, 2017, Pan Macmillan
Dr. Karl’s Little Book pack: Cheryl Crumblin, Renee Ballantyne and Helen Jones

July 28, 2017, Talkin’ Toys
Pop the Pig: Kell Ball

July 25, 2017, Bananas in Pyjamas
‘Bananas in Pyjamas’ 25th Anniversary DVD + CD pack: Amber Boyce, Michael Power and Susanna Martin

July 14, 2017, Pan Macmillan
Dinosaur Munch: Richard Harrison, Krystal Dee and Kathryn Gilham

July 6, 2017, Smurfs
‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’: Joanne Cardamone, Dianne Kitson and Peta Newsome

July 1, 2017, Pan Macmillan
Charlie Chick finds an Egg: Alex Ho, Dawn Taylor and Fiona G Charlton

June 29, 2017, Penguin Books
Super Con-Nerd: Cheryl Ellis, Sophie Gavrilidis and Danielle Tassan

June 23, 2017, ecostore
ecostore Baby pack: Laura Baker

June 19, 2017, EK Books
A Kiwi Year: Kori Kollmann, Abba Flores and Alicia Elgood

June 16, 2017, The Wiggles
‘The Wiggles: Duets’ DVD + CD pack: Viki Jurek, Teresa Clark and Bella Ri

June 9, 2017, EK Books
A Canadian Year: Elisabeth Martins, Helen Goody and Glenda Lattimore

June 1, 2017, Penguin Books Australia
The Boy and the Spy: Melicia Mah, Renata Marchionna and Nicole Larsen

May 29, 2017, ergoPouch
ergoPouch ergoLayers: Tia

May 23, 2017, Disney On Ice
4 Disney On Ice presents Frozen tickets for 7th July 2017 (7pm) at Melbourne’s Hisense Arena: Anna Barglowski

May 15, 2017, gr8x
Zoe Snowflake Blue: Hayley Rattan

May 7, 2017, With My Daddy
With My Daddy: Tammy Newman, Bec Neary, Alexis, Jayde Blue and Mary Preston

May 1, 2017, The World of Dinosaur Roar!
Dinosaur Roar! The Tyrannosaurus Rex and Dinosaur Boo! The Deinonychus: Samantha Harbert, Indika WJ and Lin Burke

April 21, 2017, The Adriatic Kitchen
The Adriatic Kitchen: Julie Armstrong, Elisabetta and Natalie Murnane

April 14, 2017, Teletubbies
Teletubbies prize pack: Lauren Pratt

April 13, 2017, Ballerina
Ballerina DVD: Amanda Smyth, Aleisha Austbo and Shannon Le Lievre

April 10, 2017, The Leaky Story
The Leaky Story: Laura Scriven, Fiona G Charlton and Davo Will

April 7, 2017, The Wiggles
‘The Wiggles; Wiggle Around Australia’: Symone Philippe, Lauren Pratt, Rachael McIlvaney, Christina Lungo and Kelly Ryan

April 6, 2017, My Awesome Adventure
My Awesome Sydney Adventure: Sharon Markell, Kristina Snowden and Kerry

April 4, 2017, ergoPouch
ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag: Roberto Colombi

March 30, 2017, Sing
Sing DVD: Adrienne Noble, Leanne Rust and Sharon Gock

March 28, 2017, Charlie Chick
Charlie Chick Wants to Play: Rosemary Englert, Nicole Whincup, Symone Philippe and Mikaela Cowan

March 17, 2017, Just like Molly
Just like Molly: Nile Ulgen, Kellie Heaton and Amber Boyce

March 11, 2017, The Fix-It Man
The Fix-It Man: Dana Langham, Sue Drew and Kelly Maree

March 7, 2017, A Walk in the Bush
A Walk in the Bush: Sarah Armstrong, Jessica Ashbrooke and Nicole Marie Williams

March 3, 2017, Barbie
‘Barbie: Video Game Hero’: Malena Gangou, Maree Wood and Sara Johnston

March 2, 2017, NIOVI Organics
NIOVI Organics Long Sleeve Onesie: Annie

February 25, 2017, ecostore
ecostore Kids pack: Sarah Armstrong

February 19, 2017, Our Dog Benji
Our Dog Benji: Alex Ho, Hayley and Rachel Kriss-Newell

February 14, 2017, The Everywhere Bear
The Everywhere Bear: Karen Smile, Catherine and Renae Shaw

February 11, 2017, Dr. Bronner’s
Dr. Bronner’s prize pack: Joanna Rigby-Roberts

January 20, 2017, Girl Lane
Girl Lane prize pack: Trudy Mylrea

January 17, 2017, ABC Kids
‘All Aboard’ DVD: Misty Ramjet, Elisabeth Martins and Stacey Shailer

January 10, 2017, Smiggle
Smiggle Back to School Pack: Cheryl Ellis

January 5, 2017, The Gobbledygook and the Scribbledynoodle
The Gobbledygook and the Scribbledynoodle: Christina Lungo, Linda Steabben and Lynda Kibblewhite

December 29, 2016, ergoPouch
ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag; Jody Smith

December 27, 2016, Diary of a Wimpy Kid
‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down’: Gillian Harridge, Tracy Lowings and Kerry

December 25, 2016, Storks
Storks DVD: Monika, Andrea Kneebone, Elly Chen, Sue Perry and Alyson Wright

December 24, 2016, Globber
Globber MyFREE FoldUp with Flashing Wheels: Heather Hopley, Lynette Smith and Kylie Turner

December 23, 2016, Twirlywoos
Twirlywoos Prize Pack: Sharon Gock

December 22, 2016, Diaper Caddy: Allira Akehurst

December 21, 2016 Teletubbies
Teletubbies Prize Pack: Sharon Moura

December 20, 2016, BabyBjörn
BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One: Kat

December 19, 2016, Milk & Love
Mother-to-Be Eco Gift Box: Chau Nguyen

December 18, 2016, Smiggle
Smiggle Prize Pack: Jasmine Stanford

December 17, 2016, Wean Meister
Wean Meister Prize Pack: Colleena Rotherham

December 16, 2016, VTech
VTech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall: Michelle Skelton Fay

December 15, 2016, Sustainababy
Little Innoscents prize pack: Richard Harrison

December 14, 2016, Mikki & Me Kids
Along Came A Baby pack: Abby Lee

December 13, 2016, Il Tutto
Il Tutto ‘Nico’ in red: Lynne Lillington

December 12, 2016, BedGuard
BedGuard Guardian Comfort Waterproof Single Bed Mattress: Alicia Bardsley

December 11, 2016, The Wiggles
‘The Wiggles: Dance, Dance!’ DVD: Leanne Christine White, Jennalee Ratley, Jody Smith, D Lee and Cassy Newman

December 10, 2016, Australian Girl
$50 Australian Girl gift voucher: Belinda Moxey

December 9, 2016, Tiptoe & co
$50 Tiptoe & Co gift voucher: Rachel Kapsalakis

December 8, 2016, The Secret Life of Pets
‘The Secret Life of Pets’ Blu-ray: Jessica Ashbrooke, Tabatha Voss and Debrah Bassett

December 7, 2016, Fridge-to-Go
Fridge-to-Go MF24 Carry All: Rick Sherden

December 6, 2016, Baby Gift Works
$150 Baby Gift Works gift voucher: Sudi Gowen

December 5, 2016, Bink Kids
$50 Bink Kids gift voucher: Ashley Beech

December 4, 2016, Poldark
‘Poldark: Complete Series 2’ DVD box: Mary Preston, Madelaine Howe, Bella Ri, Anne Costello and Tess Eames

December 3, 2016, Giddy Aunt
Signet Ring Set: Iona Scheepstra

December 2, 2016, Bright Star Kids
$60 Bright Star Kids gift voucher: Keight Den

December 1, 2016, Razor
Razor Jetts: Tess Natorious

November 30, 2016, Fly-Tot
Fly-Tot: Natalie Ellem

November 29, 2016, Globber
Globber MyFREE 5-in-1: Nell Elizabeth Hamilton-Schulz

November 28, 2016, Legends in Concert
Legends in Concert Double Pass: Kirsten Wallace and Paula Minniti

November 27, 2016, Bad Moms
Bad Moms DVD: Hollie Tomlinson, Susan Stanley, James Pizzey, Sophie G and Bec Neary

November 25, 2016, Mouthguard Challenge
Mouthguard Challenge: Sharon Johnson, Gillian Harridge and Nicole Maree

November 24, 2016, Décor
Décor Rice Cooker: Kel Ball, Scott Barker, Kathleen, Maree Gray, mary Moschokavis, Alicia Bardsley, Kate Abernathy, Belinda Money, Melicia Mah and Brony Bell

November 20, 2017, Snot Chocolate
Snot Chocolate: Melanie Farrugia, Rebecca Smith and Wendy Hatton

November 19, 2016, The Wiggles
Fab Four Faves DVD Box: Carol Philps, Shannon Discombe and Dawn Taylor

November 17, 2016, ecostore
ecostore Spring Clean Pack: Paula Harris

November 13, 2016, VTech
My Friend Alfie: Mellie Jane

November 12, 2016, Even Mummy Cries
Even Mummy Cries: Symone Philippe, Rosemary June Englert and Richard Harrison

November 8, 2016, Hasbro
Trivial Pursuit 2000’s Edition: Wendy Christi’s, Melissa Jane Davis and Leanne Veivers

November 5, 2016, Circus 1903
Circus 1903 Double Pass: Liz McGregor

November 3, 2016, Australian Girl
$50 Australian Girl gift voucher: Julie Crisp

November 1, 2016, Alice-Miranda
Alice-Miranda in China: Anna Margaret, Karina Lee, Elly Chen, Sonya Nikadie and Rebecca Biljna

October 28, 2016, Globber
Globber 18.0 by Kleefer: Clough Fam

October 27, 2016, Jacana Kids
Jacana Kids garment: Louise Tice

October 25, 2016, Twister
Twister: Renata Marchionna, Tess Natorious and Becky Stimson

October 23, 2016, Grandparent’s Day
Grandparent’s Day Book Pack: Janelle Hall, Kristina Snowden, Sarah Ellwood, Yvonne Giakoumis, Shannon and Tracy Wedding

October 22, 2016, Moeloco
Moeloco Flip Flops: Teresa Clark

October 20, 2016, There’s Not One
There’s Not One: Kori, Katherine Fenerty and Kelly Ryan

October 18, 2016, The Mix + Match Lunchbox
The Mix + Match Lunchbox: Michelle Hunt, Megan Schumann and Rachel Kapsalakis

October 15, 2016, The Kids’ Bookshop
The Kids’ Bookshop Travel Book Pack: Tina Elvins

October 13, 2016, Spirit of the Jungle
Spirit of the Jungle: Kerry Green, Gary Wood and Valerie Wee

October 11, 2016, The Wiggles
Emma + Lachy CD: Joanna Harrison, Sacha Pech and Jacqui Baker

October 8, 2016, Santa’s Magical Kingdom
Santa Magical Kingdom family pass: Amber Vella, Indika WJ and Misty Ramjet

October 7, 2016, Ants ‘N’ Uncles
Ants ‘N’ Uncles: Maria Pennisi, Monica Scurlock and Louise Tice

October 2, 2016, Australian Girl
$50 Austarlian Girl Doll gift voucher: Lesleigh Stewart

September 29, 2016, BabyLove
BabyLove prize pack: Jenny Learmond

September 27, 2016, Globber
Globber MyFREE Up scooter: Ange Fletcher

September 24, 2016, Empowering Resources
You’re Different Jemima: Judith Plowman, Kerry Green and Belinda Mouk

September 22, 2016, The Essential Edible Pharmacy
The Essential Edible Pharmacy: Sharyn Williams, Anna Torre and Jody Smith

September 18, 2016, The Fence
The Fence: Marcia Batton

September 15, 2016, VTech Baby
VTech Baby Prize Pack: Wendy Hatton

September 13, 2016, Lego Elves
Lego Elves Prize Pack: Charlotte Lowther

September 11, 2016, Blue the Builder’s Dog
Blue the Builder’s Dog: Lyn Watts, Shannon Wotton and Laura Scriven

September 9, 2016, Little Charmers
Little Charmers DVD: Amber Boyce, Natalie Murnane and Gary Wood

September 6, 2016, A Kids Year
A New York Year: Kerry, Mary Preston and Richard Harrison

September 4, 2016, Empowering Resources
A Secret Safe To Tell: Christy van Heerden, Claire Jay and Kendall Mead

September 3, 2016, Elektra
Cloud9 Deluxe Nap Mat: Stacey Shailer

September 1, 2016, Australian Girl Doll
$50 Australian Girl Doll gift voucher: Tina Grace

August 30, 2016, A Kids Year
A Texas Year: Maree Schmidt, Sarah and Daniella Tassan

August 28, 2016, Mad Alice Jewellery
Personalised Party Jewels: Shan Tawhi Rickus

August 25, 2016, Globber
Globber MyTOO Fix Up scooter: Charisse Childs

August 21, 2016, Wallace & Gromit
‘Wallace & Gromit: The Collection’ DVD: James Moura, Alex Ho and Jill-Anne

August 18, 2016, Play School
Play School ‘Famous Friends’ CD + DVD: Tess Paraman, Joanna Harrison and Michelle Hunt

August 14, 2016, Bright Star Kids
$25 Bright Star Kids gift voucher: Carolyn Chua and Carla Morris

August 11, 2016, Little Mouse
Little Mouse: Jessica Ashbrooke, Adam Mitchell and Scott Crumlin

August 6, 2016, Tom & Jerry
‘Tom & Jerry: Back to Oz’: Claire H Simmons, Richard Harrison and Sharon Moura

August 4, 2016, Dinoshapes
Dinoshapes: Gayle Richardson, Kirsten Wallace, Sam Allen-Stephens, Lauren Ibbotson and Maree Wood

August 2, 2016, One Handed Cooks
One Handed Cooks: Lauren Pratt

July 29, 2016, Jergens
Jergens ‘Ultra Healing’ Extra Dry Skin Moisturiser: Anna M, Lynnette Bull, Kathleen Jackson, Madison Ryan and

July 26, 2016, African Safari
African Safari DVD: Valerie Wee, Elisabetta and Terry Wedding

July 22, 2016, Globber
Globber MyToo 12.5 scooter: Kaleena Kneebone and Sam Allen-Stephens

July 19, 2016, Nuts about Nina
My Mum Has Depression: Karen Blackshaw, Kell Ballinger and Tracy Lowings

July 15, 2016, Avidiva
KicKee Pants Bamboo Shorts: Jenna Marsh

July 12, 2016, Mindfulness for Mothers
Mindfulness for Mothers: Tamara Lamb

July 8, 2016, Feed Your Brain
Feed Your Brain: Shannon Wotton, Sharon Johnson and Angela Hogan

July 5, 2016, The Other Christy
The Other Christy: Christy van Heerden, Rebecca Haines and Maree Schmidt

June 30, 2016, Baby by Sia
Baby by Sia Prize Pack: Paula Harris

June 28, 2016, Clever Trevor’s Stupendous Inventions
Clever Trevor’s Stupendous Inventions: Charlotte Lowther, Teresa Clark and Lee Short

June 24, 2016, The Sleep Coach
The Sleep Coach consultation: Samantha Wilkinson

June 19, 2016, Hoot Hoot Go
‘Hoot Hoot Go: Owl Pals’ DVD: Renee Franklin, James Pizzey and Heather Hopley

June 18, 2016, Crayola
Crayola ‘Finding Dory’ Prize Pack: Fiona Morgan, Kasey Evans and Alex Ho

June 17, 2016, Dora the Explorer
‘Dora the Explorer: It’s A Puppy Party’ DVD: Renee Ballantyne, Adele Smith and Teresa Clark

June 16, 2016, LEGO Friends
‘LEGO Friends: Keepin’ It Real & Roomies’ DVD: Sam Allen-Stephens, Rebecca Biljna and Beth

June 12, 2016, Adventure Lane
Little Mashers Chef Set: Jodi Coyle

June 10, 2016, What Could It Be?
What Could It Be?: Amanda Smyth, Nicole Larsen and Mikaela Cowan

June 7, 2016, The Kid with the Amazing Head
‘The Kid with the Amazing Head’: Sarah Ellwood, Amy Johns and Belinda Moxey

June 3, 2016, Hey Duggee
‘Hey Duggee: Get Well Soon’ DVD: Cheryl Anne McKibbin, Anne Costello and Kori Kollmann

June 2, 2016, Our Australian Girl
Marly Book Pack: Eva Kiraly, Tess Howard and Monika

May 31, 2016, Lamaze
Lamaze Toy Pack: Richard Harrison

May 28, 2016, Crayola
Crayola Paw Patrol Pack: Marian Evans Verkuylen, Helen Richards and Luigi Costantino

May 26, 2016, Boon Inc.
Boon Inc. Prize Pack: Elisabeth Martins

May 22, 2016, Antipodes
Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm: Rebecca Haines and Lesleigh Stewart

May 9, 2016, Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit Cloth Book: Katrina Stubbs

May 17, 2016, Avidiva
Natursutten Soother: Clare De Celis

May 12, 2016, LEGO Friends
‘LEGO Friends: Camp Wild Hearts & Slam Dunk’ DVD: Nicole Camm, Jennifer Robertson and Charlotte Lowther

May 8, 2016, ecostore
Good Soap carry case: Christine Yelland

May 5, 2016, Sydney Sailboat
‘Sydney Sailboat: Ready for Adventure’ Prize pack: Maria Pennisi, Phillip Cunningham and Aaron Solidaro

May 1, 2016, Po-Lice
Po-Lice Hairbands 4-month supply: Jane Whelan

April 28, 2016, Brauer
Brauer ‘Baby & Child’ Prize Pack: Nicole Larsen

April 23, 2016, O’s Little Book
O’s Little Book of Love & Friendship: Eva Kiraly and Renee Franklin

April 21, 2016, Crayola
Crayola ‘Adult Colouring’ Pack: Jemma Henderson, Karen Edwards and Amanda Ree

April 16, 2016, Goodness
Goodness Grab & Go Kit: Natalie Murnane, Kasey Evans, Tara, Bridget and Claire H Simmons

April 14, 2016, SpongeBob SquarePants
‘SpongeBob SquarePants: Glove World Forever’ DVD: Cassidy Logue, Sarah Armstrong and Matt Brown

April 12, 2016, Fly Babee
Fly Babee: Laura Scriven

April 7, 2016, Play School
‘Play School: Humpty’s Big Adventure’: Susy Birch, Angela Kelly and Amber Boyce

April 3, 2016, I Love Mum with the Very Hungry Caterpillar
I Love Mum with the Very Hungry Caterpillar: Heather Hopley, Kathy Bowdlert and Max Stanley

April 1, 2016, I Am Doodle Cat
I Am Doodle Cat: Maria Pennisi, Mary Preston and Paula Harris

March 29, 2016, Trilogy
Discover Trilogy Starter Set: Teresa Clark

March 26, 2016, The First Years
The First Years cup pack: Stacey Shailer

March 24, 2016, Barbie Spy Squad
Barbie Spy Squad DVD: Julia Mason, Joanne Connor and Samantha White

March 22, 2016, Like I Can Love
Like I Can Love: Kori Kollmann

March 20, 2016, Crayola
‘My First Crayola’ Pack: Crystal Toohey, Blake Eric Torfinn Haugen and Shannon Le Lievre

March 17, 2016, Love The Coopers
Love The Coopers DVD: Natalie Murnane, Rhiannon Jakobasch and Christina Lungo

March 13, 2016, Love To Dream
Love To Dream Swaddle Up 50/50 Winter Warm: Sarah

March 10, 2016, Jinny & Cooper
‘Jinny & Cooper: My Teacher’s Big Bad Secret’: Leveestee, Adele Smith and Abby Lee

March 6, 2016, The Wiggles
‘The Wiggles: Wiggle Town’: Kylie Embury, Cassidy Logue and Renee Franklin

March 1, 2016, Something Wonderful
Something Wonderful: Lorraine Cormack, Judith Whiting and Scott Crumlin

February 28, 2016, Stitches & Craft
Brisbane double pass: Victoria Cooper
Adelaide double pass: Kelly Rivett

February 25, 2016, Miss You Already
Miss You Already DVD: Sarah Jane Noble, Beckka Baker and Rosemary Englert

February 21, 2016, Avidiva
Jack n’ Jill Gift Set: Fotini Christmass

February 19, 2016, The Big Fish
The Big Fish: Laura Power, Charlotte Loather and Leanne Veivers

February 16, 2016, Ecostore
Ecostore Prize Pack: Tabatha Voss

February 11, 2016, Before We Go
Before We Go DVD: Teresa Clark, James Pizzey and Gillian Harridge

February 9, 2016, Bing: Paddling Pool
‘Bing: Paddling Pool DVD’: Israela Sharman, Rachel Sinclair and Robyn Bormann

February 5, 2016, Jinny & Cooper
‘Jinny & Cooper: Revenge of the Stone Witch’: Paula Harris, Daniela Barbaro and Jarrad Chant

February 2, 2016, Hippo Blue
$160 Hippo Blue prize pack: Matt Brown

January 30, 2016, Top Trumps
Top Trumps pack: Clare De Celis, Jill-Anne and Monika

January 29, 2016, Bellhop Bags
Bellhop Files: Kelly Rivett

January 26, 2016, My Arkadia
$50 My Arkadia gift voucher: Evelyn Hubbard

January 22, 2016, Crayola
Crayola Back to School Pack: Erin Rennie, Lucia Saal, Cheerie Murnane, Jennifer Robertson and Louise Tice

January 19, 2016, Bobo & Boo
Bobo & Boo Dinner Set: Jessica Williams

January 16, 2016, Ickypedia
Ickypedia: Shannan Hayes, Ashley Beech and Anni Graham

January 14, 2016, Smiggle
Smiggle Prize Pack: Joanna Harrison

January 10, 2016, The Wiggles
‘The Wiggles: Simon Says’ DVD: Claire H Simmons, Bella Ki and Lauren Pratt

January 7, 2016, Toucan
Toucan Print: Rebecca Haines

January 5, 2016, The Flyaway Girls
The Flyaway Girls: Lisa Wesley, Kate Harvey and Deb Kennelly

January 3, 2016, Adventure Lane
Chalk + Tee T-shirt: Mandy Bull

January 1, 2016, Elektra
Cloud9 Nap Mat: Kristina Snowden

December 29, 2015, gr8x
gr8x Charlotte Tote in charcoal: Livvy Clare

December 25, 2015, Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Diary of a Wimpy Kid ‘Old School’: Melanie, Shannon Discombe and Phillip Cunningham

December 24, JJ Cole Collections
JJ Cole Collections Backpack (Black Floret): Courtney Brideson

December 23, 2015, Pan
Pan prize pack: Marg Chafer, James Mongan and Lauren Barnes

December 22, 2015, The Letty Stories
The Letty Stories: Heid Layland, Elisabet Martins and Sue Cossor

December 21, 2015, The Good Dinosaur
The Good Dinosaur prize pack: Karla Oleinikoff

December 20, 2015, Happy
Happy: Nathan Atkinson, Alex Ho and Bella Ki

December 19, 2015, Oddball
Juanita Torr, Maree Schmidt and Amanda Casalanguida

December 18, 2015, Lamaze
Lamaze prize pack: Julie Ford

December 17, 2015, Boon Inc.
Boon Inc. prize pack: Renee Franklin

December 16, 2015, SodaStream
SodaStream Power: Sarah Kennedy

December 15, 2015, Exisle Publishing
Little Foodie: Valerie Wee and Sue Foote

December 14, 2015, Trilogy
Trilogy Rosapene Beauty Collection: Sandy Plester

December 13, 2015, Pan MacMillan
Cherry Season: Amyy Louise

December 12, 2015, Shopkins
Shopkins Prize Pack: Amanda Gorham and Laura P

December 11, 2015, Skeanie
Skeanie shoes: Kirstin Trehan

December 10, 2015, Smiggle
Smiggle Prize Pack: Joanne Williams

December 9, 2015, Annabel Trends
Miffy Prize Pack: Marian Evans Verkuylen

December 8, 2015, Anaconda
OZtrail Sportiva Peninsula Tent: Kathryn Cava

December 7, 2015, ByKay
ByKay Aqua Water Carrier: Cynthuja Pac

December 6, 2015, Little Live Pets
Little Live Pets Cleverkeet: Julia Mason

December 5, 2015, Crayola
Color Wonder Light Up Stamper: Sharon Markwell, Tracey Drescher and Danielle Tassan

December 4, 2015, Brydge
BrydgeMini (Space Grey): Joanna Harrison

December 3, 2015, Colorific
FairyLites Sparkletopia Fairy Jewellery Set: Rowena Perks and Stevee-Lee Anderson
FairyLites Sparkletopia Jewellery Cabinet Set: Melanie
FairyLites Sparkletopia Secret Diary Set: Alex Ho and Bec D’owney

December 2, 2015, Il Tutto
Il Tutto Queenscliffe Beach Bag: Renee Ballantyne

December 1, 2015, LeapFrog
LeapFrog Epic: Krystal Davies

November 28, 2015, gr8x
gr8x Ella Carry All (Dove Grey): Cassy Newman

November 26, 2015, Eye to Eye
Eye to Eye: James Mongan, Kirsten Wallace and Candice Milner

November 24, 2015, The Christmas Peg
The Christmas Peg: Elly Chen, Kelly Sherwood Brown and Melanie Chaplin

November 22, 2015, Hey Duggee
Hey Duggee DVD: Daniel Bennett, Vanessa McCallum and Karina Lee

November 21, 2015, Sporty Kids
Sporty Kids (Tennis/Soccer): Ashleigh Emerson, Tamara Lamb and Anthea Cornish

November 19, 2015, The Wiggles
The Wiggles ‘Meet The Orchestra’ DVD + CD: Kristy Ferrari, Jemma Brady and Sarah Jane Noble

November 15, 2015, My Dog Bigsy
My Dog Bigsy: Rosemarie de Bari, Crystal Marie Donohue and Jessica Ashbrooke

November 14, 2015, Lah-Lah
Lah-Lah Prize Pack: Mary Preston

November 13, 2015, Cheeky Little Soles
Cheeky Little Soles Baby Ballet Slippers: Kylie Bowers

November 10, 2015, What Do You Wish For?
What Do You Wish For?: Sara Walker, Naomi and Vanessa McCallum

November 7, 2015, One Sunday
One Sunday Retro Dress: Paula Harris

November 6, 2015, Dandelions
Dandelions: Melicia Mah and Adam Mitchell

November 5, 2015, Disney Inside Out
Inside Out Blu-ray: Tina Jack, Carla Morris and Belinda Mouk

November 3, 2015, CATS
CATS the Musical double pass: Erin Font and Na_Hers

November 1, 2015, Audrey and Me
Audrey and Me pram liner: Brigitte Podesser

October 31, 2015, Australian Girl
$50 Australian Girl gift voucher: Shontelle Hamon

October 30, 2015, gr8x
gr8x Charlotte Tote: Andie Grant

October 27, 2015, Play School
Play School DVD + Book Set: Catherine Thomas, Sapna and Belinda Ann

October 24, 2015, Closer to Nature
Express and Go ‘Breast Milk Starter Set’: Ebony

October 23, 2015, Mitford at the Fashion Zoo
Mitford at the Fashion Zoo: Lucia Saal, Tze Ng and Sarah Beck

October 22, 2015, PartyLite
PartyLite Garden Vines Hanging Votive Holder + Votive Candle 12-pk: Tracey Ralph

October 21, 2015, VTech
VTech Starlight Sounds Hippo: Adrienne Noble

October 20, 2015, Kids First Aid
Kids First Aid course + First Aid Kit: Sharyn Williams

October 19, 2015, Curash
$50 Curash Prize Pack: Sarenity Love

October 18, 2015, Eco Peko
$150 Eco Peko bamboo clothing: Shannan Hayes

October 17, 2015, Sophie la Girafe
Sophie’s Big Noisy Book: Maree Schmidt, Allison Franz and Nicole Larsen

October 16, 2015, Baby Gift Works
$150 Baby Gift Works gift voucher: Anne Costello

October 15, 2015,
$50 Prize Pack: Kell

October 14, 2015, Silikids
$50 Silikids Prize Pack: Amyy Louise

October 13, 2015, Thule
Thule Urban Glide: Neva Wethereld

October 12, 2015, Love To Dream
Limited Edition Bamboo Lite Swaddle Up: Lucia Saal

October 11, 2015, Earlybirds
$150 Earlybirds gift voucher: Amanda Smyth

October 10, 2015, JJ Cole Collections
Camber Baby Bag: Kelly Sherwood Brown

October 9, 2015, Remington
Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush: Veronica Paterson

October 8, 2015, Fly Babee
Fly Babee: Maree Schmidt

October 7, 2015, Kidfolk
Kidfolk Harlequin Blanket: Jodi Coyle

October 6, 2015, Wean Meister
$75 Wean Meister prize pack: Diana Randall

October 5, 2015, Tiptoe & Co
2 pairs of Tiptoe & Co baby shoes: Brigitte

October 4, 2015, Bink Kids
$65 Bink Kids gift voucher: Olivia Lorraine

October 3, 2015, OZ Baby Trends
Caboo NCT Baby Carrier: Lydia Hawke

October 2, 2015, Hodge Podge Baby
Hodge Podge Baby Prize Pack: Karina Lee

October 1, 2015, Maxi-Cosi
Maxi-Cosi Euro NXT Car Seat: Paul McCallum

September 29, 2015, Australian Girl
$50 Australian Girl gift voucher: Simone von Stieglitz

September 27, 2015, gr8x
gr8x Escapades: Patrycja Glebocka

September 26, 2015, Crayola
My First Crayola prize pack: Caroline A’vard, Veronica Paterson, Viki Jurek, Tracy Wedding and Charl Lowther

September 24, 2015, The Ravenous Gown
The Ravenous Gown: Ali and Melanie Chaplin

September 22, 2015, Ollie and the Wind
Ollie and the Wind: Natalie Murnane, John Ashbrooke and Belinda Ann

September 20, 2015, My First Puppy
My First Puppy: Rhian Sexton, Jodi Coyle and Lydia Rofe

September 19, 2015, Giggle & Hoot
‘Giggle & Hoot: Giggle Fangs & Hootabulous Favourites’ DVD: Vanessa Ahern, Elisabeth Martins and Sharon Markwell

September 18, 2015, Are We There Yet?
‘Are we there yet? Lift the flap and play I-spy’ book: Monica Scurlock, Liz McGregor and Katherine Auld

September 17, 2015, Miles from Tomorrowland
Miles from Tomorrowland Prize Pack: Matt Brown

September 13, 2015, Kids Year
An English Year: Anthea Cornish and Lin Burke
A Scottish Year: Sue Perry and Sarah Gifford
An Aussie Year: Rosemary and Jessica Koschade

September 12, 2015, Little Lunch
Little Lunch Prize Pack: Charl Lowther and Shannan Hayes

September 10, 2015, Exisle Publishing
The Boy Who Loved The Moon: Carly Bates

September 8, 2015, Love To Dream
Love To Dream 1.0 TOG Nuzzlin Sleep Bag: Rachel Kapsalakis

September 6, 2015, Top Gear
Top Gear Patagonia Special and Top Gear The Complete Series 22: Tom Beckitt and Julia Mason

September 5, 2015, Suri’s Wall
Suri’s Wall: Linda Hynson, Shannon Discombe and Karina Lee

September 4, 2015, We Never Asked for Wings
We Never Asked for Wings: Gillian Harridge

September 3, 2015, JJ Cole Collections
JJ Cole Collections ‘Linden’ Bag: Rachelle Du-Shane

September 1, 2015, Stuff Happens
Stuff Happens Book Pack: Christina Lungo, Deb Kennelly and Megan Papadopoulos

August 30, 2015, Rabbids Invasion
Rabbids Invasion: Omelette Party DVD: Elly Chen, Adele Smith and Richard Harrison

August 29, 2015, The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones
The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones: Lisa Mitchell, Mary Cole and Davina Joy

August 27, 2015, Wilderness Fairies
Daisy’s Gift: Sue Perry, Evelyn Hubbard and Marilyn McLean

August 25, 2015, Tooheys
Tooheys Cooking Handbook: Kell Ballinger

August 22, 2015, Crayola
Crayola ‘Peppa Pig’ Prize Pack: Lara Haynes, Jeanie Overgaauw, Summer Hinaki McDade, Charlotte and Andreea Nicolescu

August 21, 2015, Peter Rabbit
Peter Rabbit: Rabbit & Squirrel Great Adventure DVD: Amy Baker, Jessica Koschade and Sarah Armstrong

August 18, 2015, Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie: Teghan Lucas, Caroline Lissaman and Rachel Kapsalakis

August 16, 2015, Lamaze
Lamaze Toy Pack: Fiona Costantino

August 15, 2015, Orly
Orly Prize Pack: Jan Morris, Melanie Farrugia and Faye Hannam

August 9, 2015, Fake Bake
Fake Bake Prize Pack: Paula Minniti

August 9, 2015, The Worm Who Knew Karate
The Worm Who Knew Karate: Christine, Kalina Batchelor and Sam Minshull

August 6, 2015, A Little Chaos
A Little Chaos DVD: Barry Bond, Ian M and Elisabeth Martins

August 4, 2015, The Man with Messy Hair
The Man with Messy Hair: Brooke Parker, Abby Lee and Amanda Smyth

August 2, 2015, I’m a Hungry Dinosaur
I’m a Hungry Dinosaur: Claire H Simmons, Vanessa Ahern and Tennille

July 31, 2015, Wonderland
‘Wonderland: Series 3’ DVD: Amy Johns, Jan Woodward Wilson and Sonia El-Sheikh Manoukian

July 28, 2015, Father’s Day giveaway
$290 Remington/Molton Brown Prize Pack: Juanita Torr

July 25, 2015, Décor
Décor Prize Pack: Helen M. Amoore, Elizabeth Davey and Renata Marchionna

July 23, 2015, Love To Dream
Love To Dream Denim Swaddle Up: Amy McCarthy

July 21, 2015, Uno’s Garden Counting Book
Uno’s Garden Counting Book: Carla Morris, Kasey Evans and Rebecca Haines

July 19, 2015, The Secret River
The Secret River DVD: Jacqueline Lee Collins, Mary Cole and Nicole Larsen

July 17, 2015, Crawf’s Kick it to Nick
Crawf’s Kick it to Nick book pack: Meaghan Brightwell, Kirsten Wallace and Bec Taylor

July 16, 2015, Paper Planes
Paper Planes DVD: Karen Power, Linda Courtney and Glenda Jordan Wort

July 13, 2015, Charli Bird
Little Chicks poncho: Sarah Armstrong

July 11, 2015, Lah-Lah
Lah-Lah’s Adventures: Let’s Put On A Show DVD: Joanne Cardamone, Jessica Ashbrooke and Shannon Discombe

July 9, 2015, Colorific
Bloom Pops Pack: Jessica Ashbrooke, Sarah Kuno, Kate Harvey and Olivia Palazzolo

July 7, 2015, Little JJ Cole
Little JJ Cole Prize Pack: Melissa Okimoto

July 5, 2015, Goodness
Goodness Prize Pack: Teena Lewis

July 3, 2015, Mr. Huff
Mr. Huff: Kathy Clark, Tracey Ralph and Jasmine Stanford

June 30, 2015, Bright Star Kids
Bright Star Kids Wall Sticker Pack: Christine

June 28, 2015, Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends: Trouble on the Tracks DVD: Kathy Ferguson-Clark, Jill and Fay Whitelaw

June 26, 2015, Crayola
Crayola Minions Prize Pack: Teena Lewis, Lorna Monteiro, Rachel Sinclair, Liz McGregor and Irena Dikadzic

June 23, 2015, Safe Lace
Safe Lace: Caroline Lissaman and Becky Stimson

June 20, 2015, Lah-Lah
Lah-Lah Live in Concert family pass: Sharon Malamatinas, Christina Lungo and Karen Edwards

June 18, 2015, Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music
Double pass Saturday 27th June Arts Centre Melbourne: Emily Radojevic, Barbara Fehmel and Tessie Dimitriou

June 16, 2015, Sporty Kids
Sporty Kids book pack: Kelly-Anne Leddy, Mikaela Cowan and Amber Boyce

June 13, 2015, Octonauts
‘Octonauts: Great Arctic Adventure’ DVD: Elisabeth Martins, Laura Ireland and Joanne Williams

June 12, 2015, Inside Out
Tomy Inside Out Prize Pack: Kristy Ferrari

June 9, 2015, Poldark
Poldark DVD Season 1: Amanda Smyth, Harriet Wynne and Judith Whiting

June 6, 2015, Do You Love Dogs?
Do You Love Dogs?: Karen Thompson, Rochelle Firth and Maria Stringer

June 4, 2015, Kiss Naturals
Kiss Naturals DIY kit: Christina Lungo, Caroline and Amanda Smyth

June 2, 2015, The Wiggles
The Wiggles: Anthony’s Fruity Feast! DVD: Colleena Rotherham, Tracy Wedding and Susan Stanley

June 1, 2015, Stuff Happens
Stuff Happens book pack: Gillian Harridge, Glenn Gibb and Melanie Whittle

May 30, 2015, Hodge Podge Baby
Peggles Pram Pegs: Marg Chafer

May 28, 2015, Our Australian Girl
Our Australian Girl book pack: Karla Oleinikoff, Donna Law and Bec Cronin

May 26, 2015, Disney
Into The Woods Blu-ray: Ying Chen, Tracy Campbell and Joanne Williams

May 25, 2015, Love To Dream
Love To Dream Inventa Sleep Bag: Rhonda Phillips

May 24, 2015, JJ Cole Collections
JJ Cole Collections Satchel: Sam Allen-Stephens

May 23, 2015, Boon Inc.
Boon Inc. Pack: Joanne Emery

May 22, 2015, Lamaze
Lamaze Prize Pack: Laura Scriven

May 21, 2015, Sustainababy
$50 gift voucher: Kylie Navuku

May 20, 2015, Avidiva
Ayana Organics Welcome Little One pack: Belinda

May 19, 2015, Mikki & Me
O.B. Designs Ripple Blanket: Tabatha Voss

May 18, 2015, Tiptoe & Co
$50 Tiptoe & Co gift voucher: Kylie

May 17, 2015, gr8x
gr8x Accessory Bundle: San Watts

May 16, 2015, bedSOK
bedSOK (cot size): Neva Wethereld

May 15, 2015, WDYGT?
Uncle Goose Wooden Block Set: Natalie Luscombe

May 14, 2015, Trilogy
$65 Trilogy Prize Pack: Alex Prichard

May 13, 2015, MAM
$50 MAM Prize Pack: Sharon Markwell

May 12, 2015, Milk & Love
Sangha Waterfall Maternity Nursing Wrap: Mikaela Cowan

May 11, 2015, Happy As Larry Designs
$100 Happy As Larry Designs gift voucher: Kirsten Wallace

May 10, 2015, gr8x
gr8x Calypso Satchel: Rosemarie de Bari

May 9,2015, Elektra Bub
Elektra Bub Pram Organiser: Kaja Korczyk

May 8, 2015, Bink Kids
Tragwerk Funky Velour Romper: Janelle Hall

May 7, 2015, OZ Baby Trends
Pop-In Lion Play Mat: Kasey Evans

May 6, 2015, Yummy Mummy Lingerie
Seraphine Arizona Breastfeeding Nightie: Alex Ho

May 5, 2015, Konfidence
Konfidence Prize Pack: Tina Clausen

May 4, 2015, Jack & Evelyn
Jack & Evelyn Toy Box: Candice Milner

May 3, 2015, gr8x
gr8x Wrap Pack: Cheryl Anne Mckibbin

May 2, 2015, Baby Gift Works
$150 Baby Gift Works giveaway winner: Belinda Bee

May 1, 2015, Oyster
Oyster Max pram: Ingrid Robertson

April 28, 2015, Hi-5 ‘House of Dreams’
Brisbane, RICC – Thursday 2 July (1.30pm): Trudy Mylrea
Melbourne, Palais Theatre – Saturday 4 July (4.30pm): Tessie Dimitriou
Sydney, The Concourse Chatswood – Tuesday 7 July (1.30pm): Sudi Gowen
Perth, Regal Theatre – Tuesday 14 July (1.30pm): Leanne Darron White

April 26, 2015, Funky Giraffe
$25 Funky Giraffe gift voucher: Annette Wardrop and Malena Gangou

April 25, 2015, Veet
$75 Veet Prize Pack: Belinda Moxey

April 24, 2015, How Big Is Too Small?
How Big Is Too Small?: Nicole Rodriquez, Rosemarie De Bari and Kristy Winters

April 21, 2015, Crayola
Crayola Doodle Scents: Christine, Dana Lee, Samantha Thorpe, Di Donato, Norma, Kristie Cubbin, Samantha White, Teena Lewis, Coda Ash and Irena Dikadzic

April 20, 2015, New Boy
New Boy: Rosemary, Fotini Christmass and Melissa Jones

April 19, 2015, Molton Brown
Molton Brown Aroma Reed Diffuser: Mary Preston

April 18, 2015, Disney On Ice
Perth Arena – Friday 5 June (7pm): Jess Bartlett
Adelaide Entertainment Centre – Friday 12 June (7pm): Rachel Evans
Newcastle Entertainment Centre – Friday 19 June (7pm): Belle Farley
Brisbane Entertainment Centre – Sunday 28 June (5pm): Karla Oleinikoff
Melbourne Hisense Arena – Sunday 5 July (5pm): Liz McGregor
Sydney Allphones Arena – Friday 10 July (7pm): Faith Olsen

April 16, 2015, Disney
Alexander and the Teribble, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Blu-ray: Amanda Smyth, Judith Larin and Ann Tieback

April 14, 2015, Revitanail
Revitanail Prize Pack: Lesleigh Stewart

April 12, 2015, Little Bug Books
Little Bug Books: Joanne Emery, Charmaine Wannan and Maria Pennisi

April 11, 2015, Duukies
Duchies Beach Socks: Farin Mavandadi

April 9, 2015, Season of Salt & Honey
Season of Salt & Honey: Angela Hogan and Rachel Kapsalakis

April 7, 2015, Why I Love Footy
Why I Love Footy: Jessica Ashbrooke, Samantha Mullins and Anne Costello

April 5, 2015, Embrace
Embrace: Adele Smith

April 4, 2015, Rudy and the Dodo
Casagami Night Light: Judith Larin

April 2, 2015, FRANKiE4
FRANKiE4 Janelle loafers: Amanda Gorham

March 31, 2015, Tiptoe & Co
$40 Tiptoe & Co gift voucher: Bec D’owney

March 29, 2015, Carol’s Beauty
$110 Carol’s Beauty Starter Pack: Michelle Solomon

March 28, 2015, A River
A River: Kylie Embury, Scott Crumlin and Debbie O’Donnell

March 26, 2015, Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6 Blu-ray: Bronwyn David, Sarah Phillips and Evan Alexander

March 24, 2015, Canvas Factory
Canvas Factory canvas collage 30x45cm: Rebecca Haines

March 21, 2015, Cadbury
$100 Cadbury Easter hamper: Rebecca Luijckx

March 20, 2015, Mizzie
Mizzie the Kangaroo: Karen Edwards

March 15, 2015, Skeanie
Skeanie Infant Snug: Taryn Cunningham

March 12, 2015, Annabel Karmel
Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes: The Abrahams

March 7, 2015, Game Day
Game Day: St Krishelyn Smith

March 5, 2015, Aden + Anais
Hooded Towel Set: Fotini Christmass

March 1, 2015, Cheeky Little Soles
Flopsy Bunny Baby Shoes: Kristy Ferrari

February 26, 2015, Bobble Art
$40 Bobble Art Woodland Prize Pack: Ehren

February 24, 2015, gr8x
gr8x Calypso Satchel (Turquoise): Amber Lucas

February 22, 2015, Globber
Globber My Free 4-in-1: Wendy Washbourne

February 17, 2015, Mikki & Me
Embroidered Cubbie: Ali

February 13, 2015, Zk’in
Zk’in Organics Line Smoothing Serum: Brenda Kapsley

February 10, 2015, O.B.Designs
Kevin the Koala Stufit: Melanie Whittle

February 7, 2015, Epson
Epson LabelWorks printer: Glenda McDonnell

February 3, 2015, My Chickadee
My Chickadee Changing Clutch: Jacqui

February 1, 2015, Annie
Annie: Christine Moncrieff, Sara Holley and Angela Hogan

January 25, 2015, Mozzigear
Mozzigear Prize Pack: Mehan Higgs

January 22, 2015, Bizzibrains
Bizzibrains App: Kristy Winters, Diana Randall and Summer Hinaki McDade

January 19, 2015, Walk Tall
Walk Tall: Deb Lee

January 14, 2015, Clarks
Clarks School Shoes: Alysse Heiler

January 13, 2015, The Generous Shopper
$50 Smiggle Prize Pack: Belinda Moxey

January 10, 2015, gr8x
Bianca Satchel: Michelle Harrison

January 8, 2015, Lightning
Lightning Prize Pack: Rachel Kapsalakis, Anne Costello, Emi Benic, Kerryanne Terry Bourke, Phillip Cunningham, Jean Burton, Sheridan Leonard, Marcia Batton, Alison Briggs and Judith Whiting

January 6, 2015, Paper Planes
Paper Planes: Kristina Snowden, Suzie McCusker and Erin Rennie

January 2, 2015, Bad Romeo
Bad Romeo: Annette Wardrop, Eloise and Karleen Hines

December 30, 2014, The Book With No Pictures
The Book With No Pictures: Stacey Coppin, Jade Williams and Lauren Barnes

December 27, 2014, Maya the Bee
Maya the Bee Movie DVD: Jodie Cole

December 25, 2014, Meet the Octonauts
Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary ‘Meet the Octonauts’ Free Child Entry Ticket Packs: Anne Costello, Melissa Jones, Alex Ho, Jessica Griffiths, Sudi Gowen, Kimberley Manago, Lee Tancredi, Deborah Lee, Curt Pahl, Bec D’owney, Carole Byrd, Treen Booker, Kara Nevell and Kirsten Wallace

December 24, 2014, JJ Cole Collections
Caprice Baby Bag: Dorothy Kezich

December 24, 2014, Pediped
Two pairs of Pediped footwear: Margaret St. Mart

December 23, 2014, Knocked-Up Fitness
Knocked-Up Fitness Digital Program (Prenatal + Pilates-Infused Functional Workouts + eBook): Ilonka Bruce

December 23, 2014, Aden + Anais
Aden + Anais New Beginnings Gift Set: Kaz Purtill-Wright

December 22, 2014, Boon Inc.
Boon Inc. Naked Baby Bath Tub: Jan Morris

December 22, 2014, Lamaze
Lamaze Symphony Motion Gym: Jade Pearson

December 21, 2014, Vintage LED
Modern Classic Pendant Kit: Alex Eleftheriou
Nautical Classic Pendant Kit: Diana Aleksovska
Norwegian Wood Pendant Kit: Christina Salt
White Night Pendant Kit: Luke Job

December 21, 2014, Silikids
$50 Silikids Prize Pack: Summer Hinaki McDade

December 20, 2014, Battroborg
Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena: Chers

December 20, 2014, bedSOK
bedSOK: Diana Randall

December 19, 2014, Zk’in
$125 Zk’in Prize Pack: Kylie Harris

December 19, 2014, That!
$90 That! Prize Pack: Joanna Harrison

December 18, 2014, Pic’s Peanut Butter
$50 Pic’s Peanut Butter Prize Pack: Tiz Barb Lippy

December 18, 2014, Baby Gift Works
$100 Baby Gift Works gift voucher: Kylie Bowers Weinz

December 17, 2014, ABC4Kids
$60 ABC4Kids Prize Pack: St Krishelyn Smith

December 17, 2014, MAM
$50 MAM Prize Pack: Sarah Anne Farrer

December 16, 2014, White Soda
White Soda swim outfit: Matt Brown

December 16, 2014, Maternity Sale
$60 Maternity Sale gift voucher: Lauren Moloney

December 15, 2014, Eternal Creation
$50 Eternal Creation gift voucher: Rosemary E and Andreea Nicolescu

December 15, 2014, Remington
Remington Blow Dry in a Box: Lydia Rofe

December 14, 2014, Haggus & Stookles
Gooie Spotti Dotti Backpack: Amanda Smyth

December 14, 2014, Mad Alice Jewellery
Mad Alice Jewellery Pandora Style Bracelet: Amber Boyce

December 13, 2014, Cherub Baby
$100 Cherub Baby Summer Gift Pack: Melissa Jones

December 13, 2014, Bean and Me
Buster Boo Cot Quilt: Valerie Wee

December 12, 2014, Oh My Giddy Aunt
Bella Donna Silver Harmony Balls Bracelet/Anklet: Nicole Morris

December 12, 2014, Fridge-to-Go
Fridge-to-Go Cool Tote: Kirsten Wallace and Aimee Tatham

December 11, 2014, ‘Lil Fairy Door
‘Lil Fairy Door (Yellow): Sue Bell

December 11, 2014, Kidsberry
Mother’s Corn Prize Pack: Sonia El-Sheikh Manoukian, Emily Zilm and Caroline A’vard

December 10, 2014, Sweet Creations
Dear Little Designs Prize Pack: Vija Leitis

December 10, 2014, Whimsy Child
$60 Ask Alice Prize Pack: Laura Scriven

December 9, 2014, Kate Inglish Designs
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Cereal Bowl: Julia Mason

December 9, 2014, Coccinella
Peace & Love Wooden Block Set: Valerie Wee

December 8, 2014, The Little Haven
Moover Mini Doll Pram: Nova Belcastro

December 8, 2014, Avidiva
Dandelion Baby Prize Pack: Kaja Korczyk

December 7, 2014, Jack & Evelyn
Personalised Toy Box: Jodi Coyle

December 7, 2014, Organic Treasures
$100 Organic Treasures gift voucher: Cleo Sids

December 6, 2014, Lulujo
Lulujo Prize Pack: Tracy Wedding, Justine Liane and Kristy Ferrari

December 6, 2014, Smiggle
$100 Smiggle Konnichiwa Prize Pack: Angela Murray

December 5, 2014, Eco Peko
$100 Eco Peko gift voucher: Jean Burton

December 5, 2014, Owl Baby
Finch House Table Lamp: Narelle Rock

December 4, 2014, Thomas & Friends
$65 Thomas & Friends Prize Pack: Corinne Eaton

December 4, 2014, Australian Girl Doll
$50 Australian Girl Doll gift voucher: Jillian Walton

December 3, 2014, Disney Live!
Disney Live! Melbourne Family Pass: Stacie Timmins and Karina Hahn

December 3, 2014, Sustainababy
$50 Sustainababy gift voucher: Novi Christina

December 2, 2014, Britax
Maxi Guard SICT Car Seat: Kate Heffer

December 2, 2014, Scholl
$70 Scholl Footcare Pack: Nicole Larsen

December 1, 2014, Where Did You Get That?
Djeco Night Light: Helen McBeth

December 1, 2014, Thriller Live!
Perth Double Pass: Cynthia Joy and Amanda O’Keeffe
Adelaide Double Pass: Debbie Moody and Caroline Kelly
Brisbane Double Pass: Regan Stevenson and Karlene Forrest
Melbourne Double Pass: Ebony Carr and Caitlin Ludwig
Sydney Double Pass: Christine Crosswell and Christy Seymour

November 29, 2014, Emporium D
‘Little Love’ Stackable Charm Bracelet Set: Rebecca Smith

November 28, 2014, Crayola
Crayola Widescreen Light Designer: Maria Pennisi

November 25, 2014, La Mode Bebe
Catasy Box Set: Roma

November 23, 2014, Disney
Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy Blu-ray: Caroline Maria Rose Hannessen, Kirbie Michele and Sheena Grey

November 22, 2014, Nature’s Care
Nature’s Care Paw Paw Balm: Marwa Yates, Russell Swift, Elizabeth Kaminski, Kat Rogers, Stephanie Veljanovska, Rachel Kirstenfeldt, Jo Albert, Caitlin Frost, Renuka Raj and Jess Retamal

November 20, 2014, Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Diary of a Wimpy Kid ‘The Long Haul’: Bill Qwarty, Chantelle Sue Ok and Ebony Carr

November 17, 2014, Target
$50 Target gift card: Louise T

November 16, 2014, Out’n’About
Out’n’About Nipper V4 Single Pram: Diana Randall

November 13, 2014, Coccinella
Adventure Passport: Lynsey Stephensen

November 10, 2014, Pan Macmillan
Signed copy of Saving Grace: Becky Stimson

November 8, 2014, Our Australian Girl
Our Australian Girl Book Pack: Shan O’Brien, Amanda Smyth, Melissa Jones, Debbie O’Donnell and Laura Powers

November 6, 2014, Merino Baby
Merino Baby Accessory Pack: Jade Williams

November 4, 2014, The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker Family Pass: Michelle Whitford

November 2, 2014, Where Is The Green Sheep?
Where Is The Green Sheep? gift set: Sarah Travia-Carton, Ingrid Robertson and Matty Kovacs

October 31, 2014, SwimFin
SwimFin: Claire Jay

October 28, 2014, Edible Education
The Healthy Harvest: Gillian Harridge, Tess de Munk and Tracey Ralph

October 25, 2014, Maya the Bee
Maya the Bee Movie Family Pass: Jade Rockss

October 24, 2014, Jack & Evelyn
Jack & Evelyn Poncho Towel: Lena Galea, Rachel Kriss-Newell and Amber

October 23, 2014, Stuff Happens
Stuff Happens Book Pack: Peggy Annabelle, Elizabeth Borham, Lee Tancredo, Melanie Chaplin and Fiona Costantino

October 19, 2014, Crayola
Crayola Baby Pack: Tracey Ralph

October 17, 2014, Harpic
Harper Prize Pack: Carla Morris

October 16, 2014, Giggle & Hoot
Jemima Doll and Giggle & Hoot BabyLove Nappies: Rachel Kriss-Newell

October 13, 2014, BONDS
Bouncy Boobs Tee (size L): Jasmine Clarence Stanford
Sporty Boobs Tee (size M): Judith Whiting
Big Boobs Tee (size M): Jaimi Layt
Dazzling Boobs Tee (size L): St Krishelyn Smith
Mama Boobs Tee (size S): Alex Ho
Petite Boobs Tee (size S): Sharon Johnson
Perky Boobs Tee (size S): Olivia Palazzolo

October 10, 2014, Havoc Denim
$100 Havoc Denim Summer Outfit: Caroline Kelly

October 6, 2014, Aden + Anais
Aden + Anais Vintage Circus Swaddles 4-pack:

October 4, 2014, Our Australian Girl
Our Australian Girl Book Pack: Cassy Newman, Krystle Sky, Kori Koza Kollmann, Jasmine Clarence Stanford and Tamara Lamb

October 3, 2014, Boon Inc.
Boon Inc Bath Pack: Claire H. Simmons

October 2, 2014, Whimsy Child
Yumbox Panino: Kerryanne Terry Bourke

September 30, 2014, La Mode Bebe
La Mode Bebe Bassinet Set: Anne Costello

September 28, 2014, Christmas in Australia
Christmas in Australia: Cheryl, MichelleAnn Yardley and Christine Mitson

September 27, 2014, Ecostore
Ecostore Baby Range: Carla Morris

September 26, 2014, Panasonic
Panasonic Steam Combi Microwave Oven: Danielle Strum

September 25, 2014, Becker Film Group
Hector and the Search for Happiness double pass: Sam Alexander Sargent, Alex Ho, Sandy Plester, Jessica and Tracy Campbell

September 23, 2014, Forever Clover
$70 Flover Clover Prize Pack: Sloane Karlson and Diana Randall

September 21, 2014, Tiptoe & Co
$40 Tiptoe & Co gift voucher: Barbara Cotter

September 20, 2014, Potted Potter
Potter Potter family pass: Tess and Marnie Hunter

September 18, 2014, Disney Junior
Doc McStuffins Prize Pack: Eva-Elle

September 14, 2014, JJ Cole Collections
JJ Cole Changing Clutch Mixed Leaf: Karina Lee and Trish Welsh
JJ Cole Changing Clutch Black Floret: Imogen O’Meara
JJ Cole Changing Clutch Silver Drop: Andreea Nicolescu and Lauren

September 12, 2014, Dettol
Dettol Prize Pack: Wendy Hatton

September 9, 2014, Nioxin
Nioxin Diaboost: Lidya Loe

September 7, 2014, Pan Macmillan
Parenting Book Pack: Nicole Larsen

September 4, 2014, Minifashionista
$80 Minifashionista gift voucher: Marlene Antoon

September 3, 2014, Tinyfolk
Tinyfolk Picure Playhouse: Kristy Ferrari

September 2, 2014, BabyBjörn
BabyBjörn Baby Carrier We: Christine Osman

September 1, 2014, Fridge-to-Go
MF24 Carry All: Becky Stimson

August 31, 2014, Pacapod
Pacapod Oban Changing Bag (Black): Amanda Manning

August 30, 2014, Baby Gift Works
$100 Baby Gift Works gift voucher: Lyn Watts

August 29, 2014, That!
$150 That! Prize Pack: Kelly-Anne Leddy

August 28, 2014, Mickey House Kids
$50 Mickey House Kids gift voucher: Nicole Kent and Jeanine Hand

August 27, 2014, MAM
$100 MAM Prize Pack: Amanda A

August 26, 2014, The Little Haven
Gertie & Me Toy Pack: Christine Yelland

August 25, 2014, Australian Girl Doll
Australian Girl Doll Prize Pack: Laura Scriven

August 24, 2014, Mor-Stor
Mor-Stor ABC Printed Tub (Girls): Kristina Snowden
Mor-Stor ABC Printed Tub (Boys): Tracy Wedding

August 23, 2014, Where Did You Get That?
Little Big Room Bedding Set: Lola Sader

August 22, 2014,
$100 Prize Pack: Karla Oleinikoff

August 21, 2014, Coccinella
PlayMe Family Domino: Sally Bond

August 20, 2014, Pediped
Pediped Shoes (2x): Col Harps

August 19, 2014, ByKay
ByKay Essential Carrier + Hat: Joanna Hegazy

August 18, 2014, Eco Peko
$100 Eco Peko gift voucher: Linda Kibblewhite

August 17, 2014, gr8x
gr8x Baby Traveller: Angela Vearing

August 16, 2014, Bink Kids
$60 Bink Kids gift voucher: Toni Hill

August 15, 2014, LeapFrog
$270 LeapFrog Prize Pack: Kate McLean

August 14, 2014, Aromababy
$250 Aromababy Prize Pack: Adele Smith

August 13, 2014, Oilo
Oilo Bedding Set: Nicole Rodriquez

August 12, 2014, Finlee & Me
Fairy Door + Mushroom Set: Kori

August 11, 2014, OZ Baby Trends
Pop-In Play Mat: Bec D’owney

August 10, 2014, Toosh Coosh
Toosh Coosh Booster Seat: Natalie Passmore, Katherine Fenerty, St Krishelyn Smith, Liz Wylie and Fotini Christmass

August 9, 2014, Speckled House
$150 Speckled House gift voucher: Cassy Newman

August 8, 2014, Wean Meister
$60 Wean Meister Prize Pack: Sharon Gock

August 7, 2014, Terry Rich
Carousel Swim/Beach Robe: Summer Hinaki McDade

August 6, 2014, Organic Treasures
$100 gift voucher: Nicole Morris

August 5, 2014, Oishi-m
$125 Oishi-m outfit: Kylie Baker

August 4, 2014, Smiggle
$50 Smiggle Red Pack: Cathy Riches

August 3, 2014, Sustainababy
$75 gift voucher: Cat Cannon

August 2, 2014, Purely4Kids
$150 prize pack: Judith Fasshauer

August 1, 2014, Bed Toppings
Chocolate Bar Bedding Set: Sharon Fawcett

July 31, 2014, Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray: Charl Lowther and Lidya Loe

July 30, 2014, The Soldier’s Gift
The Soldier’s Gift: Kalina Batchelor, Jenni Kaye and Kelly Maree

July 28, 2014, Little Urban
Little Urban Prize Pack: Jodi Coyle

July 27, 2014, bedSOK
bedSOK: Carla Morris, Heather Hopley and Linda Hynson

July 26, 2014, Coccinella
Plus-Plus 3-in-1 set: Christine Jamieson

July 25, 2014, Blackmores
Michelle Bridges formulated by Blackmores range: Lisa Harridge and Suzie Elo

July 24, 2014, Hasel and Rose
Hasel and Rose: Indika Wijaya, Elisha Kenyon and Han Le Flueff

July 22, 2014, Clovis by MeiKen
PePe shoes: Thai Berrenson

July 20, 2014, Giggle & Hoot
20 copies of Giggle & Hoot Magazine: Sarah Cashel

July 19, 2014, Woddlers
Woddlers ‘I Dream Of’ Kinder Backpack + Lunchbox: Tania Foster and Jody Westhoff

July 18, 2014, Sleep Tight Digger Dan
Sleep Tight Digger Dan: Alex Ho, J Sherry and Alma Griffiths

July 17, 2014, Crayola
Doodle Magic Color Mat Pack: Barbara Nelson

July 14, 2014, Tracks
Tracks Blu-ray + KeepCup pack: MichelleAnn Yardley

July 13, 2014, Blueback
Blueback: Di Donato, Sasha Teslenok and Symone Philippe

July 12, 2014, Aden + Anais
Aden + Anais Cozy Plus Sleeping Bag: Natasha Skews and Elizabeth Borham

July 10, 2014, New Baby 101
New Baby 101 eBook: Abby Lee, Caro Shanks, Katherine, Tamara Lamb and Caroline Maria Rose Hannessen

July 8, 2014, Eric Carle
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Cloth Book: Jasmine Nelson, Rebecca Biber and Karina Lee

July 7, 2014, Lamaze
Lamaze Developmental Toy Pack: Melanie Farrugia and Michelle Williams

July 6, 2014, Smash
Smash Mealtime Set: Alison Duke

July 5, 2014, Thomas & Friends: The Movie
Family Pass: Sharon Gock and Rachael McIlvaney

July 3, 2014, Justin and the Knights of Valour
Justin and the Knights of Valour DVD: Laura Powers, Vanessa Walmsley and Stacey Coppin

July 1, 2014, A Little Pocket Money
$75 PayPal credit: Duncan Riley

June 29, 2014, Our Australian Girl
Our Australian Girl Book Pack: Sharon Markwell, Summer Hinaki McDade, Sharon Green, Becky Neary and Kasey Evans

June 28, 2014, Tommee Tippee
$100 Tommee Tippee Drink Pack: Michelle Honnery

June 26, 2014, Coccinella
Ebulobo Trendy Monsieur Louloup: Lisa Tempone

June 21, 2014, Euca
1-year supply of Euca Laundry Powder (20kg): Susie Mitterman

June 20, 2014, Medibank Icehouse
Medibank Icehouse Family Pass: Sheree Thorpe and Fiona Bottcher

June 19, 2014, That’s MY Story
That’s MY Story Bathtime Stickers: Ilonka Bruce

June 17, 2014, I Am Cow Hear Me Moo
I Am Cow Hear Me Moo: Erin Healey, Sue Foote and Simm Beeston

June 15, 2014, ByKay
ByKay Essential Red Baby Carrier: Benita Lambert

June 14, 2014, Belle & Sebastian
Belle & Sebastian double pass: Nicola S James, Belinda and Diana Randall

June 13, 2014, Flip Lid
Flip Lid lunch box: Kristy Ferrari

June 10, 2014, One Sunday
One Sunday: Olia Titova, Michelle Kimber Fanning and Jennifer Robertson

June 8, 2014, Crayola
Crayola Color Wonder Pack: Candice Milner

June 7, 2014, Dinosaur Adventures
Dinosaur Adventures tickets (x4) for June 28, 10am: Amanda Sutter, Kristy Ferrari, Richard Klooger, Linda Cleary and Hayley Jackson

June 5, 2014, 12 Years A Slave
12 Years A Slave DVD: Lisa Jene, Carolyn Mazzeo and Mary Murray

May 31, 2014, Blackmores
Blackmores Mum & Bub Prize Pack: Mary Jane Gray, Trish Welsh and Brandt Dean

May 30, 2014, Closer to Nature
Closer to Nature Perfect Prep machine: Amanda Smyth

May 29, 2014, Our Australian Girl
Our Australian Girl Book Pack: Kirsten Benhiam, Alex Ho, Rachel Kapsalakis, Kelly-Anne Leddy and Jeanette Latter

May 26, 2014, The Body Shop At Home
The Body Shop Prize Pack: Joanne Napangati Emery

May 24, 2014, Dear Dumb Diary
Dear Dumb Diary DVD: Rowena, Mellie Jane, Fotini Christmass, Ian Maslen and Theoni Vee

May 22, 2014, Sustainababy
Home Detox Boot Camp enrolment: Michelle Ward

May 20, 2014, That!
That! Prize Pack: Laklynn M, Meagan C, Karla O, Rita Z and Jim C

May 17, 2014, Tommee Tippee
$100 Tommee Tippee Bath Pack: Laura Powers

May 15, 2014, Saving Mr. Banks
Saving Mr. Banks Blu-ray: Samantha White and Tanya Bowers

May 13, 2014, Paulandstella
Paulandstella Self Heating Baby Bottle: Bec D’Owney

May 11, 2014, OZ Baby Trends:
Pop-In Nursing Pads + Breastvest: Joanne Napangati Emery

May 10, 2014, Disney
Frozen Blu-ray: Alex Ho and Sienna Cameron

May 9, 2014, LeapFrog
Doc McStuffins LeapReader Pack: Tracy Campbell

May 6, 2014, Aden + Anais
Aden + Anais Skincare Pack: Melissa Jones

May 4, 2014, Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids Glow Party Kids doll: Tanya Venturini and Jo Harlow

May 3, 2014, Little Bug Books
Little Bug Books pack: Scotty Tidey, Jessica Blundell and Phil Holt

April 29, 2014, Closer to Nature
Closer to Nature Soother Pack: Maria Pennisi

April 28, 2014, The Body Shop At Home
$85 The Body Shop Brazil Nut Prize Pack: Karen Berry

April 27, 2014, The Cheesecake Shop
$25 The Cheesecake Shop voucher: Fotini Christmass and Kathy Clark

April 26, 2014, Little Blue Lane
La Queue Du Chat Bermuda Shorts: April Perkins

April 25, 2014, Khumba
Khumba DVD: Laura Powers, Peter Cortese, Rachel Kapsalakis, Michelle Gray and Sheena Grey

April 24, 2014, Avidiva
Charli Bear shoes: Nicole Kent

April 22, 2014, Mad Alice Jewellery
Olivia Pendant: Sean Miller

April 20, 2014, Disney On Ice Presents Treasure Trove
Perth, Perth Arena – May 29 (7pm) tickets: Linda Hynson
Adelaide, Adelaide Entertainment Centre – June 7 (6pm) tickets: Samantha Falconer
Wollongong, WIN Entertainment Centre – June 13 (7pm) tickets: Susan Wallis
Newcastle, Newcastle Entertainment Centre – June 20 (7pm) tickets: Renee Annison
Brisbane, Brisbane Entertainment Centre – June 28 (6pm) tickets: Melissa Okimoto
Melbourne, Hisense Arena – July 6 (4pm) tickets: Judith Maunders
Sydney, Allphones Arena – July 11 (7pm) tickets: Theoni Versace

April 17, 2014, Max
Max: Kristina Snowden, Deirdre Wilkinson and Jody Westhoff

April 13, 2014, Cheeky Little Soles
All About Eve shoes; Crystal McFarlane

April 12, 2014, Cadbury
$100 Cadbury Easter hamper: Jodie Farnsworth

April 10, 2014, Disney
Planes Blu-ray: Melissa Okimoto, Andrew Ryan and Kaz Purtill-Wright

April 8, 2014, Milk & Love
$50 Milk & Love voucher: Sarah Blockley

April 6, 2014, Baobab
Baobab Striped Pocket Tee: Indika Wijaya

April 5, 2014, Annabel Trends
Pillow Pal Hand Rattle: Rachel Vale, Becky Stimson and Jeanette Latter

April 3, 2014, Remington
Remington Stylis Straightener and Dryer Pack: Stacey Shailer

April 1, 2014, Baby Donkie
Mrs. Darcy prize pack: Melanie de la Garde

March 28, 2014, The Body Shop At Home
The Body Shop Pamper Pack: Sonia Cattley

March 25, 2014, Earlybirds
$150 Earlybirds gift voucher: Nicol Lea Croxford

March 23, 2014, Our Island
Our Island: Diana Oz, Brandt Dean and Melissa Jones

March 21, 2014, The Little Haven
French Bull Mealtime Set: Cathy Woods

March 20, 2014, Gingerlilly
Gingerlilly Easter Bunny: Michelle L Harrison and Em Teddo Caunt

March 18, 2014, Our Australian Girl
Our Australian Girl book pack: Heather Hopley, Sharyn Williams, Sam Santillo, Andrea Fedorov and Marlene Antoon

March 17, 2014, Circle of Love Kids
$100 Circle of Love Kids gift voucher: Carolyn Elder

March 15, 2014, Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music
Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music double pass: Melinda Nardella, Ross Shaw and Sam

March 14, 2014, Tommee Tippee
$100 Tommee Tippee Eat Pack: Sasha Teslenok

March 10, 2014, Finish
Finish Dishwasher Protector: Kirsten Benhiam and Kate Evans

March 9, 2014, Re-Play
Re-Play Mealtime Set: Valerie Wee

March 7, 2014, Yonanas
Yonanas Original Dessert Maker: Christine Tusch and Jane Whelan

March 6, 2014, Wilderness Fairies
Wilderness Fairies Book Pack: Janise Dawn Roberts, Nicole Camm and Kirsten Wallace

March 3, 2014, Toby’s Travelling Circus
Toby’s Travelling Circus: Roll Up, Roll Up! DVD: Rachel Kriss-Newell, Cheryl Glass, Regan Stevenson, Rachel Kapsalakis and Sue Foote

March 2, 2014, LeapFrog
LeapFrog Minnie Mouse Bow-tique and My Little Pony learning game: Rochelle Firth

February 27, 2014, The Brothers Quibble
The Brothers Quibble: Nikki Griffin, Bec D’owney and Ci’el Harvey

February 25, 2014, Silver’s Circus
Silver’s Circus family pass: Graham Buckingham, Aggie Stavliotis, Kathy Clark, Kristy Tripney and Kerrie Smith

February 22, 2014, Eeni Meeni Miini Moh
$100 Eeni Meeni Miini Moh gift voucher: Lucie Campbell

February 20, 2014, Young and Moodie
Fairy on the Loose Romper: Jennifer

February 16, 2014, Speckled House
Organic Cotton Blanket: Evie Tate

February 13, 2014, Remington
Remington Smooth & Silky Cordless Wet/Dry Epilator: Sharon Fawcett

February 11, 2014, Finish
Finish Quantum with New Powergel: Lee Comps and Kristie Cubbin

February 10, 2014, BlossyBloom
BlossyBloom set: Carolyn King, Leanne White and Alicia Bardsley

February 6, 2014, Super Kegel
Super Kegel Exerciser: Laura Scriven

February 3, 2014, Books 4 Schools
$100 Books 4 Schools Exercise Book Pack: Sharyn Williams and Suzanne L Farrugia

February 1, 2014, Blackmores
$218 Blackmores Stress Less Pack: Susan Banyard

January 28, 2014, Books 4 Schools
$100 Books 4 Schools Scrapbook Pack: Kirsty Ellis and Lee Tancredi

January 27, 2014, Nurofen for Children
Unravelling the Magic of Discovery Parenting Guide: Rachel Vale and Jasmine Clarence Stanford

January 25, 2014, The Body Shop At Home
$60 Honeymania Prize Pack: Courtney Brideson

January 24, 2014, Giggle Me Pink
Giggle Me Pink Butterfly Backpack: Elisabetta Wyres

January 23, 2014, Sonny Angel
3 Sonny Angel dolls: Pip Giltay

January 21, 2014, Meyu
Meyu Leather School Shoes: Jessica Ashbrooke

January 19, 2014, That!
That! Fridge-to-Go Lunch Pack: Lyndel Marshall Rowe, Rebecca Biber, Melanie Farrugia, Sandy Horsfall, Jodie Farnsworth, Cheney Jensen, LilMiss Kibby, Nicole Camm, Pippa Parnham and Sarah Gifford

January 18, 2014, Charlotte’s Web
Apple & Mint Backpack: Kate Young

January 16, 2014, Dettol
Dettol Healthy Homes Prize Pack: Laura Antoniak

January 13, 2014, Scunci
$128 Scunci Girl Prize Pack: Vick, Helen Jones and Amanda Smyth

January 11, 2014, Target
$50 Target Gift Card: Nikita Wilkinson

January 9, 2014, Whimsy Child
Yumbox: Alanna Jane

January 6, 2014, Speckled House
Speckled House Wall Decal: Catrina Murray

January 3, 2014, bedSOK
bedSOK: Kaz Purtill-Wright, Cassy Newman and Rochelle Firth

December 30, 2013, Life Space
4-month supply of Life Space Broad Spectrum Probiotics: Sue Cossor

December 27, 2013, Speckled House
Speckled House Spaceship Storage Hamper: Nic Taylor

December 23, 2013, gr8x
Alexa Hobo: Ying Ying Tan

December 20, 2013, Pustefix
$80 Pustefix Prize Pack: Tess Howard

December 17, 2013, Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Spaceship: Mikaela Cowan

December 15, 2013, Ready to Go! Toilet Time
Ready to Go! Toilet Time (boys): Karla Oleinikoff
Ready to Go! Toilet Time (girls): Simone von Stieglitz

December 14, 2013, Kissed by the Moon
Kissed by the Moon: Simon Wilson, Sharyn Williams and Leanne Veivers

December 13, 2013, Mum2Mum
Mum 2 Mum Dream Swaddle: Tanya Clarke and Aimee Tatham

December 12, 2013, Milk & Masuki
Milk & Masuki Hungry Rabbit Tee: Stacey Coppin

December 10, 2013, Tiny Love
Magical Night Mobile: Ilonka Bruce

December 8, 2013, Remington
Perfect Waves: Joanne Sired

December 6, 2013, Disney
Mary Poppins Blu-ray: Regan Stevenson and Simone Nelson

December 3, 2013, Organic Treasures
$50 Organic Treasures gift voucher: Sarah Smith

December 1, 2013, Tamarillo
Tamarillo Milan Long Sleeve Shirt: Princess Princy

November 28, 2013, Earlybirds
$150 Earlybirds gift voucher: Joanna Harrison

November 28, 2013, Tommee Tippee
$248 Tommee Tippee Feeding Baby Prize Pack: Justyn N Megan Holt

November 27, 2013, Naughty or Nice
$25 The Cheesecake Shop gift voucher: Charni Thomas-Payen and Amanda Kerr

November 26, 2013, Australian Girl
$50 Australian Girl voucher: Nicole Camm, Kristie Cubbin and Rachel Kriss-Newell

November 23, 2013, That’s MY story
That’s MY story Card Game: Christine Mitson

November 21, 2013, Tiger Tribe
Tiger Tribe Prize Pack: Holly Sansalone

November 19, 2013, Mum’s Night In
Mum’s Night In DVD Pack: Amanda Smyth, Jasmine Clarence Stanford and Amy McNeill

November 17, 2013, Wimpy Kid
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 1-8: Nicole Scott, Ess Brownie and Erin Healey

November 15, 2013, Topszy
Topszy: Katrina White

December 14, 2013, Monsters University
Monsters University Blu-ray: Lauren Pratt, Jessica Ashbrooke and Benjamin Travia

November 11, 2103, Target
$30 Target Gift Card: Michelle van Schouwen and Michael Brooker

November 9, 2013, The Little Haven
Bluebird & Honey Gift Set: Chloe Barber

November 8, 2013, My First Animalia
My First Animalia: Nicole Camm, Antoinette Sammut Atkinson and Amanda H Powell

November 7, 2013, Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids Limited Edition Vintage Kids Doll: Kirsten Benhiam, Nicole Cahill and Elizabeth Davey

November 4, 2013, Bubzidoo
Bubzidoo Organic Wrapping Sheet: Fanny Finklestein

November 1, 2013, ColorStories
ColorStories Knitted Blanket: Trish Welsh

October 31, 2013, Baby Gift Works
$50 Frugi gift voucher: Sharon Pole

October 28, 2013, Chill Factor
Chill Factor Family Pack: Sonia El-Sheikh, Jo Kennedy and Rachel Kriss-Newell

October 26, 2013, Gumigem
Bubba Bag: Kim Brekelmans

October 24, 2013, Ebulobo
Ernesto the Musical Rabbit: Roma

October 20, 2013, The Logo Board Game
The Best of TV & Movies game: Mitch Taylor and Laura Jilka

October 19, 2013, Samiboo
Samiboo Minky Blanket + Bamboo Cot Blanket: Jasmine Clarence Stanford

October 17, 2013, Obubu
Obubu Boys Outfit: Jessica Micallef

October 14, 2013, Baby Donkie
$100 Baby Donkie gift voucher: Dannielle Hall

October 13, 2013, Spot What!
Spot What! Carnival: Melissa Jones, Jessica Ashbrooke, Chantelle, Pauline Stacey and Elizabeth Borham

October 11, 2013, Disney Live
Family Pass Mickey’s Magic Show Perth: Ilonka Bruce
Family Pass Mickey’s Magic Show Melbourne: Kim Featherstone
Family Pass Mickey’s Magic Show Wollongong: Jade Williams
Family Pass Mickey’s Magic Show Adelaide (+ Meet and Greet): Dion Stama

October 8, 2013, Toddle On
Immink garment: Olia Titova

October 5, 2013, Disney Infinity
Disney Infinity PS3 Starter Pack: Carolyn Mazzeo

October 4, 2013, Toosh Coosh
Toosh Coosh Support Seat: Taylor Closet

October 3, 2013, The Jungle Book
The Jungle Book Blu-ray: Christine Mitson, Sarah Anne Farrer and Daniela Barbaro

October 1, 2013, Decor Baby
Wooden Teething Rattle: Melissa Arndell

September 29, 2013, Tupperware
Grow With Me Feeding Set: Tracey Drescher, Michelle Lambeck, Sasha Teslenok, Eden Matthews and Tina Atkinson

September 28, 2013, La Mami
$100 9fashion gift voucher: Megan Bylsma

September 26, 2013, The Little Haven
Lelbys Orchard Print Blanket: Sudi Gowen

September 22, 2013, My Very Own Story
Personalised My Very Own Story Book: Stephanie Veljanovska

September 21, 2013, Fluffy Buns
Weegoamigo Digital Printed Muslin: Katrina White

September 19, 2013, Hippo Blue
Personalised Lunch Bag and Vinyl Label Variety Pack: Michelle Ward

September 15, 2013, phil&teds
phil&teds Universal Travel Bag: Amanda Vernik

September 14, 2013, Fisher-Price
My First Animal Friends Wooden Puzzle: Lidya Loe
My First Puzzle Block Set: Jody Buhagiar
My First Stacking Nest Puzzle: Kirsten Wallace
My First Counting Worm Puzzle: Diana Oz

September 12, 2013, The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid Blu-ray: Kirsten Wallace, Julia Mason and Irena Dikadzic

September 9, 2013, gr8x
gr8x Swaddling Wraps Double Pack (Girls): Rhonda M Phillips and Birgitta Norberg
gr8x Swaddling Wraps Double Pack (Boys): Samantha Harbert and Rochelle Firth

September 8, 2013, The Game Of Things
The Game Of Things: Carolyn Elder

September 5, 2013, BabyOno
$110 BabyOno gift voucher from La Mami: Maggie Westbrook

September 2, 2103, Little Bellies
$50 Little Bellies Snack Pack: Amanda Gorton

August 31, 2013, Mad Alice Jewellery
Katie Birthday Bracelet: Kristel Brown

August 29, 2013, 2013, Remington
Power Tool Haircut Kit: Erin Cox

August 26, 2013, Kiddie Concepts
Kiddie Concepts Kids Sunglasses: Darya Khomich

August 23, 2013, O.B.Designs
Flipity Flop Sensory Toy Set: Stacey Shailer

August 22, 2013, Jrfashionista
$50 Jrfashionista gift voucher: Fiona Costantino

August 18, 2013, Coccinella
Kaszubebe Wooden Teether: Alison Hocking and Jenni

August 17, 2013, Whole Kids
Whole Kids Prize Pack: Lisa Jene, Valerie Wee and Stephanie Veljanovska

August 15, 2013, Starting School
Starting School: Alison Briggs and Jodi Matthews

August 12, 2013, Vital Kids
Vital Kids Prize Pack: Rachel Kriss-Newell

August 9, 2013, Allergy Riders
Allergy Riders Prize Pack: Lesley Milko-Fats Walker, Pernilla Sinclair and Theresa Tan

August 4, 2013, Tommee Tippee
$140 Tommee Tippee Baby Feeding Pack: Christina Keeble

August 1, 2013, Munch
$70 Munch Bottle Pack: Samantha Kaminski

July 30, 2013, Rudy and the Dodo
Lunch Mail Kit (Monsters): Katrina White
Lunch Mail Kit (Animals): Carolyn King
Lunch Mail Kit (Food): Trina Bassula

July 28, 2013, Stomp
Stomp Melboure double pass: Ross Shaw and Elizabeth Borham
Stomp Adelaide double pass: Cat Ielasi and Kerry Santillo

July 26, 2013, Kiss Me First
Copy of Kiss Me First: Lynda Kibblewhite

July 23, 2013, Royal Baby
Royal Baby Prize Pack: Wendy Yuen

July 22, 2013, Bambino Bling
Bambino Bling Necklace + Bracelet: Melissa Jones

July 19, 2013, Kidfolk
Kidfolk Harlequin Dress: Melissa Okimoto

July 15, 2013, Kaszubebe
Kaszubebe puzzle: Renae Elsie Georg

July 13, 2013, Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music
Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music double pass: Lee Tancredi and Theresa Tan

July 11, 2013, My Birthday Teddy
My Birthday Teddy: Lynsey Stephensen

July 7, 2013, Baby Gift Works
Frugi Cord Pinafor Dress Owl: Maria Pennisi

July 5, 2013, Ice-Watch
Ice-Mini Watch: LilMiss Kibby

July 2, 2013, Colour and Spice
Personalised Print: Elizabeth Borham

June 30, 2013, Tad the lost Explorer
Tad the lost Explorer DVD: Joanne Napangati Emery

June 28, 2013, Cold Power
1-year supply of Cold Power Sensitive Touch laundry detergent: Sarah Blockley

June 24, 2013, Hinkler
Hinkler Fairies Prize Pack: Christine Mitson

June 22, 2013, Babble Box
Babble Box: Kirsten Coral Krohn and Rhonda M Phillips

June 20, 2013, gr8x
gr8x Kate Tote: Kirsten Benhiam

June 18, 2013, Slava’s Snowshow
Slava’s Snowshow Double Pass: Alma Psych Griffiths

June 17, 2013, Cheeky Pickle
Cheeky Pickle Prize Pack: Jarree Shelverton

June 14, 2013, Sleep Rumbler
Sleep Rumbler: Nicole O’Brien

June 11, 2013, Juliet nearly a Vet
Juliet nearly a Vet Book Series: Michelle Wall Noonan and Carolyn Elder

June 9, 2013, Peter Pan
Peter Pan Blu-ray: Irena Dikadzic, Kirbie Stokes and Kirsten Benhiam

June 7, 2013, Coccinella
Plus-Plus Box: Loco Lee Lee

June 3, 2013, phil&teds
phil&teds Poppy: Evelina Dobrowolski

June 1, 2013, Bosisto’s
$225 Bosisto’s Prize Pack: Amelia Kingston and Bronwyn Mcfadzean

May 30, 3013, The Heiresses
The Heiresses: Caroline A’vard

May 28, 2013, Milk and Masuki
Milk and Masuki blanket: Catriona Alison

May 25, 2013, Miffy the Movie
Miffy the Movie DVD: Tina Kozmans

May 23, 2013, Littlelock
Littlelock Prize Pack: Ann Dewit

May 21, 2013, Disney On Ice
4 tickets to Disney On Ice Melbourne: Patricia Acampora and Brenda Stott

May 18, 2013, The Logo Board Game
The Logo Board Game: Stacey Shailer and Megan Higgs

May 16, 2013, Wreck It Ralph
Wreck It Ralph DVD: Celine Guillot, Karen Kazemmo Kitto and Lisa Merhi

May 14, 2013, Havoc Denim
Havoc Denim garment: Alicia Bardsley

May 13, 2013, Finlee and Me
Finlee and Me Prize Pack: Tamar Edmunds and Rhonda M. Phillips

May 12, 2013, PANDA
PANDA Bracelet Set: Lisa Solomon, Catriona, Judy Roney, Amethyst W. and Lahni

May 9, 2013, Cheeky Little Soles
Cheeky Little Soles shoes: Melissa Jones

May 7, 2013, gr8x
Alice Black/Tan Baby Bag: Rosanna K

May 5, 2013, Harper + Hudson
Harper + Hudson Prize Pack: Sarah Stokoe-smith

May 2, 2013, Bean and Me
Wilson & Frenchy garment: Renae Elsie Georg

April 30, 2013, Bamboletto
Bamboletto Puzzle: Brooke Orchard

April 27, 2013, Mum’s Night In
Mum’s Night In Prize Pack: Cathy Stone

April 25, 2013, Minifashionista
Minifashionista garment: Lesley Needham

April 21, 2013, Itty Bitty Box
Miss AnnaSophia tutu + headband: Robyn M

April 19, 2013, My Cute Baby Clothing
Snoozy garment: Amanda S

April 16, 2013, Disney
Aladdin Prize Pack: Phillip Cunningham, Birgitta N and Lisa

April 14, 2013, gr8x
gr8x Tiffany Tote: Nichole Mckee

April 12, 2013, Australia Travel Safe
Hello Kitty and SpongeBob Swim Ears: Joyce, Angelina Kenman and Darya

April 9, 2013, BecoThings
BecoThings Feeding Set: Jo Cardamone

April 6, 2013, Miomee
$247 Miomee Prize Pack: Lynsey

April 4, 2013, Miffy the Movie
Miffy the Movie Family Pass: Catherine Hancock

April 2, 2013, Munch
Munch Teething Rail: Claire Lewis

March 30, 2013, Alive!
$250+ Alive! Prize Pack: Sue Bou

March 28, 2013, Lil Fashionistas
$40 Target Gift Card: Jennifer Braden

March 25, 2013, gr8x
gr8x Enchanted Leaves Combo Pack: Laureina

March 24, 2013, La Mode Bebe
Petit Bout De Bonheur baby outfit: Liz B

March 21, 2013, The Baby Emporium
Mizzle Snoozing Cloth: Bronny

March 18, 2013, Baby Donkie
Milestone Baby Cards: Patricia Acampora

March 16, 2013, Absolutely Gorgeous
Absolutely Gorgeous Prize Pack: Joyce Griffiths and Serene Millward

March 14, 2013, Lässig
Lässig Tender Multizip Baby Bag: Stacey Shailer

March 12, 2013, Obubu
Obubu Red Stripe Swaddle Wrap and Natural Stripe L/S Growsuit (0-3m): Aileen Broadbent

March 10, 2013, Clairol Professional
Clairol Professional Prize Pack: Beck Andrew

March 8, 2013, Cheeki
Cheeki Kids Water Bottle and Kids Food Jar: Anni

March 4, 2013, gr8x
Penny Top Zip Hobo Ash Grey: Lorna

March 3, 2013, Disney
Monsters Inc, Frankenweenie and Pixar Short Films Volume 2: AmberB and Ginny

March 2, 2013, Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How
Copy of Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How: Jemma Teal

March 1, 2013, Goodness Superfoods
Goodness Superfoods Prize Pack: Carolyn Bishop, Sara Hayward and Marcia Coventry

February 28, 2013, Miomee
$468 Miomee ‘Getting ready for baby’ Prize Pack: Kellie Banyer

February 25, 2013, Ricky Riot
Ricky Riot craft kits: Michelle, Deb K and Simone Washfold

February 23, 2013, Personal Planner
Customised Personal Planner: Stacey Coppin

February 21, 2013, Marbushka
Marbushka Puzzle and Colouring Book: Dierdre Wilkinson

February 19, 2013, Mountain Buggy
Mountain Buggy Pod: Rebekah Ballingall

February 17, 2013, How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm
Copy of How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm: Jody Jamieson

February 15, 2013, Gummy Babies
Wooden Ride-On Pony: Sarah Blockley

February 12, 2013, A little treat
$50 Groupon voucher: Natalie McAuliffe

February 11, 2013, Big Kids Graphics
Balloon Girl Wall Graphic: Kristie Cubbin

February 9, 2013, Kas Kids
Kas Kids Quilt Cover + cushion: RosslynT

February 7, 2013, Boobie Beads
Boobie Beads: Caitlin, Angie Boylan and Ai Shi

February 5, 2013, Mocka
Mocka Post Box 3 Red: MeganH

February 3, 2013, Baby Donkie
Alimrose Designs Snack Box Girl: Erica Sumners
Alimrose Designs Snack Box Boy: Jennifer Beckham

February 2, 2013, Nana Clair’s Gifts
Coq en Pate Pencil Case: Jacqui Sofo and Katrina Bakker

February 1, 2013, Lime Tree Kids
Weekly Activity Planner: Jennifer Di Savia and Leanne Renehan

January 31, 2013, Vegie Smugglers
Vegie Smugglers 2 cookbook: Luana Panchal and Michelle Borten

January 29, 2013, Nic-Nac
Contigo Runabout bottle: Stephanie List and Rosie Chant

January 28, 2013, Whimsy Child
Lunch Punch Set Girls: Kristina Snowden
Lunch Punch Set Boys: Anna Torre

January 27, 2013, Hinkler
Hinkler School Zone Naplan-Style Year 3 Pack: Debra Centra
Hinkler School Zone Naplan-Style Year 5 Pack: Cheryl Haining

January 26, 2013, Little Boo-Teek
Jane Jenni Love Bug Set: David Roberts
Jane Jenni Smart Cookie Set: Lauren Shephard

January 25, 2013, FosterMind
FosterMind Poster Pack: Sally Bond and Megan Holt

January 24, 2013, Sticky Biz
Ultimate School Value Pack Girl: Sonja Moeri
Ultimate School Value Pack Boy: Juanita Basargin

January 22, 2013, LeapFrog
LeapFrog Tag Prize Pack Girl: Suzi Bertapelle
LeapFrog Tag Prize Pack Boy: Sheryl McAuley

January 21, 2013, Woddlers
Woddlers Backpack/Lunchbox Girl: Kezia Bosch
Woddlers Backpack/Lunchbox Boy: Janelle Prokopiwskyi

January 17, 2013, Avidiva
Kicky Pants Car Mobile: Jem

January 14, 2013, MiniJumbuk
Jumbuk 4 Kids Single Bed Quilt: Rachel G

January 11, 2013, Bink Kids
Maxomorra outfit of winner’s choice: Wendy Washbourne

January 7, 2013, Kaleidograph
2 Kaleidograph Card Sets: Benjamin T.

January 5, 2013, Silkberry Baby
Silkberry Baby Striped Kimono Suit + Knot Hat: Penelope

January 3, 2013, MessPots
I’ve got an ow! Journal: Sally Hall, Stephanie Kaminski and Maggie Westbrook

December 31, 2012, Bellababy
Bellababy Box: Jillian

December 29, 2012, Aunty Rozzy
‘Yummy Tummy Time’ DVD: Jill

December 28, 2012, Zimmiz
Zimmi: Sandra Fowler and Christina Lungo

December 24, 2012, Flexapots
Flexapots Artist Combo + Activity Mat: Ciel Harvey

December 21, 2012, Life! Live It Up
Life! Life It Up iCrib, Dryz Protector and eViewer: Amanda Casalanguida

December 20, 2012, Blingles
$30 Blingles Prize Pack: Nerys Lewis and Bianca Moore

December 17, 2012, Scotch
Scotch Restickables Pack: Rachel Kriss-Newell

December 15, 2012, Air Protect
Maxi-Cosi Hera Convertible Car Seat: Rachel Moncrieff

December 13, 2012, gr8x
Limited Edition Alice Shoulder Bag: Nicole McLaughlin

December 10, 2012, Kalimba
Kalimba Prize Pack: Carol Rittner

December 8, 2012, Mums Massive Movie Giveaway
$419 Mums DVD Prize Pack: Tania Lynch

December 6, 2012, Four in the Bed
2 Pairs of Four in the Bed Pyjamas: Lisa

December 4, 2012, Dupe
Dupe thongs of winner’s choice: S Choi, sharyn h, Tina, Twinkletoes and Merryl

December 3, 2012, Life! Live It Up
Cloud Chair Bean Bag: Sarah Smith

December 1, 2012, Brave
Brave + Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups DVD pack: Brenda Kapsley, Samantha Klaebe and Sandra D

November 29, 2012, Havoc Denim
Havoc Denim Summer shorts (Boy): Trish
Havoc Denim Summer shorts (Girl): Louise Williams

November 26, 2012, DYMO
DYMO Letratag Labelmaker: Naomi Dusheiko

November 24, 2012, Blackmores Eco Krill
1-year Supply of Blackmores Eco Krill: Zara Stevens

November 23, 2012, Spot What!
Spot What! Metropolis: Mary Preston

November 20, 2012, PANDA
MummaBubba Jewellery PANDA Prize Pack: Samantha Kaminski, Kara, Jarree Shelverton and Rebecca Baker

November 19, 2012, One Magic Day
Eat, Drink and Be Merry Party Printables: Renee Ballantyne

November 17, 2012, Imaginabox
Imaginabox Kit: Colleen Stewart

November 15, 2012, Eureka Concepts
Patch Buddies Backpack: Vanessa
Rainbow Colouring Bag: Jody Jamieson

November 12, 2012, Bilibo
Bilibo Pixel Game Box and Plui Bath Toy: Darya

November 10, 2012, Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo + Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings DVD Pack: Sarah collett, Fiona Byrne and J Walton

November 8, 2012, Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids Limited Vintage Edition Doll: Lauren Dean, Trisha Nucifora and Steven Gaunt

November 6, 2012, Eve of Eden
Emerald One Shoulder Maternity Dress: Maddie

November 5, 2012, Little Rivet Jeans
Little Rivet Jeans garment of choice: Rachel T

November 1, 2012, Art Eater
$100 Art Eater voucher: Bronwyn David

October 30, 2012, gr8x
gr8x Wraps Prize Pack: Lee Tancredi, Gemma K and Abby Lee

October 29, 2012, Starlight Foundation
Sandy the Sea Turtle Pillow Pet: Stacey, Marilyn McLean, Alison Briggs, Lesley Redman and Justina

October 27, 2012, Bellybuds
Bellybuds: Adriene, Catherine Brieger and Geraldine Schurmann

October 25, 2012, Boska’s Teddies
Boska’s Finish Your Own Teddy: Simone

October 23, 2012, Kate Lauren Designs
Kate Lauren Designs Cot Comforter: Kerissa

October 20, 2012, Mimijumi
Mimijumi Starter Pack: Kathryn

October 18, 2012, Nohi Kids
Nohi Kids t-shirt or bodysuit: Joselle Griffin

October 15, 2012, Australian Girl
$50 Australian Girl Doll voucher: Penny Schelbach

October 11, 2012, Nana Clair’s Gifts
Deuz Tapikid Playmat: Ellie Keogh

October 8, 2012, Paper Mate
$20 Paper Mate gift pack: Michelle v S, Suzie Love and Laura C

October 6, 2012, Cinderella
Cinderella + Geek Charming DVD Pack: Nichole Mckee, Michelle Louwrens and Kristal Sorby

October 4, 2012, Sticky Biz
$50 Sticky Biz gift voucher: katrina oconnor

October 1, 2012, LeapFrog
LeapFrog App Centre Download Card: Lyndall, melissa clements, Ingrid, sian duryea, Sandy Hunter and Angie Boylan

September 29, 2012, Disney
School Holidays Prize Pack: Danielle Shipperlee and Alison Wilson

September 27, Eve of Eden
Minty Kaftan Style Maternity Dress: Laura

September 22, 2012, Gooseberry Australia
Baby Brolly: Melissa Domogala

September 20, 2012, 2 Cute 2 Be True
DIY Candy Necklace Kit: Angie Boylan

September 18, 2012, Sangenic
Sangenic Nappy Disposal System: Corinna Winen and Christy

September 15, 2012, Boobie Bikkies
Boobie Bikkies New Mum Bundle: Catherine

September 13, 2012, Brauer Naturals
Brauer Naturals Baby range: Pam Lloyd

September 10, 2012, Summer Shoe Shopping
$50 Target gift card: Samantha Y

September 8, 2012, Bambino Box
Bambino Box: Amy McNeill

September 6, 2012, Closer to Nature
Bottle Feeding Starter Kit: Sonya Nicole and Leah Johnston

September 3, 2012, Bobble
Bobble Jug: Julie Maunder, Leslie de Silva, Natasha Davis, Pam, Carolyn, Kim Featherstone, Ciel Harvey, Maree D, Stacey Gladman and Michelle Knott

August 31, 2012, Glitter Baby
Glitter Baby Toddler Tights: Janis White

August 28, 2012, Forever Clover
Forever Clover Major Prize Pack: Nikki Kingzett
Forever Clover Runners Up: Sasha, Antonietta, Ruth Tinley and Kylie Kable

August 23, 2012, Bananagrams
3-piece Bananagrams prize pack: Matt Brown

August 20, 2012, Woddlers
Woddlers backpack and lunchbox: Stephanie Veljanovska

August 16, 2012, Intimina
Intimina Kegel Exerciser: Carrie D

August 14, 2012, Medibank Icehouse
Icehouse familypass: Prabuddhika Perera

August 13, 2012, Earlybirds
Bigger Birds Undies 3-pack: Claire Wallace and jessica ashbrooke
Bigger Birds Suit: Kylie Embury and Olivia

August 10, 2012, Qubies
Qubies tray: Rebecca Bird

August 6, 2012, Christmas in July
Christmas in July Boys Prize Pack ($762): Amanda Vernik

August 3, 2012, My Cute Baby Clothing
$50 My Cute Baby Clothing gift voucher: Kelly B.

July 30, 2012, Christmas in July
Christmas in July Baby Girls Prize Pack ($802): Sandra Staader

July 27, 2012, Zoe and Beans
Zoe and Beans: Pants on the Moon: Linda Hynson, Sharon Markwell, K.Carey, Sharon Condous and Lynsey Stephensen

July 23, 2012, Christmas in July
Christmas in July Mums Prize Pack ($833): Nicole Dillon

July 20, 2012, Oobicoo
Oobicoo doll: Alison

July 16, 2012, Christmas in July
Christmas in July Girls Prize Pack ($832): Andreea Nicolescu

July 13, 2012, 41 Orchard
$100 41 Orchard gift voucher: Kate Fenerty

July 9, 2012, Christmas in July
Christmas in July Baby Boys Prize Pack ($795): Rebecca Nolan

July 6, 2012, Treasure Buddies
Disney’s Treasure Buddies DVD: Linda Courtney, Kim Maxwell and Daniela Barbaro

July 3, 2012, Arkie Sparkle
Copy of Arkie Sparkle: Code Crimson: Christine, Caroline Lissaman, Ian, Cheryl McKibbin and Kim Meadows

June 30, 2012, Dora the Explorer
Dora the Explorer: First Bike DVD: Hayley Munro-Lynch and Tashana Purkis

June 28, 2012, Tizzie Hall
Copy of Save Our Sleep Feeding: Siobhan

June 25, 2012, Leaf. Paper for Life
A Scrapbook Just Like Dirtgirl’s: lynne lillington

June 23, 2012, Bambi
Bambi Blu-ray: Charmaine, Kate

June 22, 2012, Little Eco
$50 Little Eco gift voucher: Tina

June 19, 2012, Target Toy Sale
$50 Target gift card: Kylie W.

June 18, 2012, My Life In A Pea Soup
Copy of My Life In A Pea Soup: Kirrilie Schluter

June 16, 2012, Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray: Rachel and Sue

June 15, 2012, Colorific
Colorific My First Steps Wagon: Rachel Thompson

June 11, 2012, Baby Ink
Baby Ink Inkless Printing Kit: Fee @ oh gorgeous baby

June 9, 2012, Bosisto’s
$160 Bosisto’s Prize Pack: RubyE

June 7, 2012, Horrid Henry
Horrid Henry Prize Pack: Kiely McGregor

June 5, 2012, Leafy Dreams Nursery Decals
Bird & Blossom Branch decal: Deb K

June 4, 2012, gr8x
Cindy Double Zip Satchel: Helen Skinner

June 2, 2012, Busby
Busby Pure Tissue Oil: Debbie Olliver, Keren, cindy c and Sarah Phillips

May 31, 2012, BerrySoft
My Kitchen Book (Blue): Sara Hayward

May 28, 2012, Ebulobo
5-piece Ebulobo prize pack: Virginia Woodger

May 25, 2012, Rozibaby
$1019 Rozibaby pram package: tricia kallquist

May 22, 2012, Kiss It Better Bag
Kiss It Better Wallet: Olia

May 19, 2012, Master & Miss
$100 Master & Miss gift voucher: Melissa Jones

May 17, 2012, Nioxin
Nioxin System 30-day Trial Kit: Melissa Okimoto

May 14, 2012, Oogaa
Oogaa Mealtime Set and Placemat: Amy Gormley

May 11, 2012, Parents Like Us
Sonotech Pro Fetal Doppler: Sandra Barr

May 10, 2012, Freedom Foods
$50 Freedom Foods hamper: Joanna

May 7, 2012, Mumma Bubba Jewellery
Mumma Bubba Jewellery prize pack: Jo Bennett

May 5, 2012, Handle Your Own PR
Media list of winner’s choice: Klaudia G

May 3, 2012, Hatchlings
Hatchlings Cloth Nappy: Sushila

April 28, 2012, Bright Star Kids
$50 Bright Star Kids voucher: Lynette Vondra

April 26, 2012, Little Eats
Cafe Secrets Melbourne deck: Hwee

April 23, 2012, Hit Nitz 4 6
Hit Nitz 4 6 pack: Justine, Sharyn H and Ang

April 21, 2012, Havoc Denim
Havoc Denim jean or dress: Christine

April 19, 2012, Strecthec Interiors
$100 MyraMel towels: Margaret M

April 17, 2012, gr8x
gr8x Madison Hobo Bag: Tiffany

April 13, 2012, Gelpack
2-pack Steri-Bottles: Chanel, Noeleen McRae, Di, Melinda, Erin, michelle rivett, Tish, AmberB, ang, Sarah, Jess, Jennifer Swift, Katrina Hill, Bianca .D, Taisa, Randall Barnett, Melissa Kate, Rosalie bernacki, jodi, sarahjane noble, Irena, Jill smith, Jansz, Rosie b, DIANA

April 10, 2012, Beijing Tai Tai
Copy of Beijing Tai Tai: Mary Preston

April 9, 2012, Remington
Remington Keratin Therapy SMART Sensor straightener: Lisa Papageorgiou and Sussi Mallon

April 6, 2012, KeepCup
KeepCup: Michelle Fay

April 2, 2012, The Lion King 2 + 3
The Lion King 2 + 3 Blu-ray: Ziggy

March 31, 2012, Summer Child
$50 Summer Child gift voucher: Judith

March 29, 2012, Coccinella
$60 gift voucher for Bajo or Kalimba toys: Jennifer S

March 26, 2012, Finlee and Me
Finlee and Me prize: Renee Ballantyne, Rani Jeffers and Soni

March 24, 2012, Botani
Botani Olive Skin Serum: Danielle Simes

March 22, 2012, Four in the Bed
Four in the Bed prize pack: Cathy

March 20, 2012, Pure Poppet
Pure Poppet Play Makeup Kit: Debbie Mowatt-Gee

March 17, 2012, Alchemy
$100 Coffee Syrups prize pack: Lauren Baber

March 15, 2012, Parents Like Us
Ugly Ted: Carol Llonoso

March 12, 2012, Ladybub
$50 Ladybub gift voucher: Rachel Averbukh

March 10, 2012, Pillow Pets
Easter Pillow Pet: Sara, Carol James and Susan

March 9, 2012, Widdleman
Widdleman device: Agnes, Rani and Sarah Garvey

March 6, 2012, Mooce
$50 Mooce gift voucher: Muppy

March 4, 2012, New Year, New Me
WeightWatchers Cook Hearty cook book: Barbara Beriman

March 2, 2012, Rockabye Baby
Rockabye Baby album of winner’s choice: Nicole Coppola

February 28, 2012, gr8x
gr8x Arizona Bottle Pack and Change Wallet: Stephanie Clarke

February 25, 2012, Close Parent
New Gen Pop-In nappy: Melissa Barbosa and Maryanne

February 24, 2012, The Help
The Help Blu-ray: Brett

February 23, 2012, Buxton Baby
$50 Buxton Baby gift voucher: Angela Benson

February 20, 2012, Find the Footy and Bumper Footy
Find the Footy and Bumper Footy: Judy Schmidt

February 18, 2012, Pretty Well Covered
Pretty Well Covered Breastfeeding Coverlet: Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures

February 16, 2012,
Babies Favourite Things prize pack: Vanessa Keen

February 14, 2012, Sebastian Professional
Sebastian Professional High Impact Volume Meets Softness prize pack: Jane Gardam and Shona Mackay

February 11, 2012, Since We Were Kids
Heart to Heart Moodeez: Nacoty

February 10, 2012, ChildUp
ChildUp prize pack: AmberB and Kristina Zafiropoulos

February 7, 2012, Lady and the Tramp
Lady and the Tramp DVD + Lady and the Tramp II DVD: Barbara Beriman

February 5, 2012, Messy Little Monkeys
Burby: Jodi, Carolyn Black, Adela, Bec Sanderson and S Goesch

February 2, 2012, Art Eater
A3 Li’s Davinci Art Cabinet: Rebecca Scarinci

January 29, 2012, Frilly Tushies
Frilly Tushies Coco set: Jarree Shelverton

January 26, 2012, Purely4Kids
$50 Purely4Kids gift voucher: Louise D

January 23, 2012, Sticky Biz
$50 Sticky Biz gift voucher: Sammi

January 21, 2012, Ettitude
Bamboo Baby Set: Ellisa Bayly

January 16, 2012, gr8x
Phoenix Tassel Hobo Bag: Penny Kerr

January 14, 2012, Little Yoyo Styles
$50 Little Yoyo Styles gift voucher: April Perkins

January 12, 2012, Charlie Bloome
Charlie Bloome Nappy Wallet: Caroline Shanks

January 10, 2012, Kleenex
Kleenex Prize Pack: Elena, Leah Staker, Hayley, Antonietta, Renee, Jessica, Sandy Horsfall, Tess Howard, Lisa Clark, Ursula

January 7, 2012, Kids Around Town
Kids Around Town 2012: Kate

January 5, 2012, Rosie Roo Designer Wellies
One pair of Rosie Roo Designer Wellies for ladies: Penny George

January 2, 2012, 3 Sprouts
3 Sprouts Storage Bin: Mary Preston

December 29, 2011, Supercharged Food
Supercharged Food cook book: Anna

December 26, 2011, Mini Sandcrabs
Mini Sandcrabs rashie/shorts set: Kylie Devlin

December 24, 2011, The Me Strategies
The Me Strategies Kit: Nicole M

December 22, 2011, Babiators
Babiators sunglasses: Stacey Shailer

December 18, 2011, MY UNO
Personalised MY UNO Card set: Brendan

December 16, 2011, Bamboo Babies
$50 Bamboo Babies gift voucher: Carolyn

December 12, 2011, Nelly Jean
$50 Nelly Jean gift voucher: AJ

December 8, 2011, Kids Avenue
Kirsten dress: Anna Kanook
Chayton shirt: Kelly Arndt

December 7, 2011, Rube & Harri
Rube & Harri PJ’s: Karly Forest

December 4, 2011, Charlie Bloome
Betsy Bird Swim/Library Bag: Lisa Blackman
Ollie Owl Swim/Library Bag: Olga

December 2, 2011, Australian Girl
$100 Australian Girl gift voucher: Lorna

November 29, 2011, Gummy Babies
Amber Teething Necklace: Peta, Samantha, Laura Jilka, Sharon Markwell and Darya
Amber Adult Necklace: Ariane, Elisabeth Owens and Michele

November 26, 2011, Terry Rich
Summer Beach Robe (size 2): Lee Tancredi
Summer Beach Robe (size 6): Melinda

November 23, 2011, O.B.Designs
O.B.Designs prize pack: Emma Poulsen

November 21, 2011, Stylish Little Me
Stylish Little Me Stroller Bag: Frieda

November 18, 2011, Hoot Kid’s Clothing
$20 Hoot Kid’s Clothing gift voucher: Philippa C and Laura

November 16, 2011, Bubzyboo
$50 Bubzyboo gift voucher: Rhiannon

November 14, 2011, Parents Like Us
BabyZoo Night Light: Sally D

November 12, 2011, Razor
Razor A Kick Scooter + Helmet: Rhianna

November 10, 2011, Kiddie Concepts
Adaptable Kiddie Bottle: Lisa Jay

November 9, 2011, Coccinella
Bajo Snail Sorter: MarikaL

November 7, 2011, Simply Baby Book
Simply Baby Book: The Knapps

November 5, 2011, Sticky Biz
Personalised Canvas: Tennille

November 3, 2011, Rainbow Designs
Sweet Selection Noodle Box Hamper: Kylie Ofiu

November 2, 2011, Dora the Explorer
Dora’s Enchanted Forest Adventures DVD: Jodi

October 30, 2011, Lifestyle Parenting
Lifestyle Parenting Prize Pack: Pam

October 28, 2011, The Mum Who Roared
Copy of The Mum Who Roared: Alyra

October 27, 2011, Rosie Roo Designer Wellies
One pair of Rosie Roo Designer Wellies for kids: Morena

October 25, 2011, Protect-a-Bed
Protect-a-Bed Tencel Cot Mattress protector: Sara

October 23, 2011, Budburst Kids
Two Streep & Co items of winner’s choice: Sandra

October 21, 2011, Aunty Rozzy
Nanna’s Carrots Book + Audio CD set: Mick

October 19, 2011, Baby Tooth Land
Blue Baby Tooth Flap Book: Tracy Lyness
Pink Baby Tooth Flap Book: Tish

October 17, 2011, Passionfroot
Cuddledry baby/toddler towel: Cate

October 15, 2011, Soda Stream
SodaStream Jet Drinks Maker starter kit + 4 assorted syrups: Lesley McPhee

October 13, 2011, The Lion King
The Lion King Prize Pack: Jenny L

October 11, 2011, Sukimama
Litecup: Charlotte Lowther, Evelina Dobrowolski

October 9, 2011, Nikl
Nikl Pull Along or Hanging Car Coat Rack: Tony A

October 7, 2011, MiniFin
$50 MiniFin gift voucher: Kerry Santillo

October 4, 2011, Import Ants
Craft-a-Card Kit: Jenny

October 1, 2011, Hallmark
Hallmark Recordable Storybook: Pam

September 28, 2011, Blackmores
Blackmores Fussy Kids prize pack: Cynthia

September 26, 2011, Relaunch giveaway for Baby Girls
Baby Girls Prize Pack valued at $386.16: Sophie Calvert-Smith

September 25, 2011, Relaunch giveaway for Baby Boys
Baby Boys Prize Pack valued at $371.56: Lee Tancredi

September 25, 2011, Parents Like Us
BabyZoo Sleep Trainer Clock: Bec Clark

September 24, 2011, Relaunch giveaway for Mums
Mums Prize Pack valued at $415.61: Maria Pennisi

September 23, 2011, Relaunch giveaway for Girls
Girls Prize Pack valued at $429.75: Alice Taylor-Tighe

September 23, 2011, The Help
Double movie pass The Help: Lisa Win

September 22, 2011, Avidiva
Charli Bear shoes: Elise

September 22, 2011, Relaunch giveaway for Boys
Boys Prize Pack valued at $422.75: Jemma Arbon

September 12, 2011, Tilly & Otto
Josie skirt or Little Man shorts: Kirsty @ mummytofive

September 9, 2011, Peppermint Parade
Red Daisy signature clip: Kristy Sweeney

September 1, 2011, Inviteme
Inviteme preprinted invitations: Natalie Blanch, Jodi Kurtz, Toni Hill, Jessie Boan, Emma Puszkar, Natalie Murnane, Jessica Cox, Michelle Rivett

August 27, 2011, Paper Eskimo
2 packs of Paper Eskimo Paper Baking Cups: Karin Williams

August 23, 2011, The Little Monkeys
$50 The Little Monkeys gift voucher: Nicole Disbrey
Tug Proof Necklace: Norelle Ward

August 18, 2011, Friendships & Memories
Friendships & Memories book: Krystal Johnson

August 16, 2011, Million Dollar Woman
6-month magazine subscription: Feroza

August 15, 2011, Willy Wagtail
Hollie Hood Dress: Klaudia
Harry Hoodie: Renee Hermansen

August 12, 2011, Denim Baby
Milky outfit of winners choice: Emma

August 11, 2011, Mama Bosse
Mama Bosse dress of winners choice: Annelies de Buyst

August 8, 2011, Mokopuna
$50 Mokopuna voucher: mychildrensmother

August 5, 2011, Mumma loves Bubba
Plan Toys Dancing Alligator: Shellie Drysdale

August 4, 2011, EnviroBLOX
EnviroBLOX 440-pack: Sharyn

August 2, 2011, Coccinella
Kalimba mouse: Jessie Boan

July 31, 2011, Bubzidoo
Bubzidoo Baby Wrap: Jo Mason

July 27, 2011, Dora the Explorer
Dora the Explorer: Singing Sensation! DVD: Melissa Gilchrist

July 26, 2011, Gnomeo & Juliet
Gnomeo & Juliet DVD + Blu-ray combo: Suzie Karisson

July 25, 2011, Humble Bumble
Humble Bumble playsuit: rebecca t.

July 22, 2011, Breast mate
Breast mate: Sarah de Vries

July 21, 2011, Since We Were Kids
Psi Bands: Cyley

July 19, 2011, Colorific
Colorific boys prize pack: Bianca Dean
Colorific girls prize pack: Amber Boyce

July 18, 2011, Addison Baby
Addison Baby gift pack: Renata

July 16, 2011, Havoc Denim
$150 Havoc Denim boys prize pack: bubble936

July 15, 2011, Bright Star Kids
Pres-school & Daycare Labels Kit: Leannemacg

July 13, 2011, Hushh for Mum
Sierra Tank Top: vkmason

July 12, 2011, Woolly Wugs
Woolly Wugs Winter Sleeping Bag: Trixx

July 10, 2011, Tommee Tippee
Tommee Tippee prize pack: Azra Ameer

July 8, 2011, Pretty Cute
Pretty Cute prize pack: Aahaft

July 6, 2011, Myrtle & Tuppence
Myrtle & Tuppence prize pack: Natalie Murnane

July 5, 2011, Bright Buttons Toys
Alex Toys Ready, Set, School kit: codebeard

July 4, 2011, Spikey & Friends
Spikey & Friends In my Backyard album: Kimberley Parker

July 3, 2011, SNOTTY

July 1, 2011, Mor-Stor
Mor-Stor Cooper Storage Tub: Jacqui Soliman

June 30, 2011, Smart-Trike
Smart-Trike Recliner 4-in-1: Jill-Anne Graham

June 25, 2011, Peppermint Parade
Peppermint Parade Summer Berries headband: Kelly Ryan

June 23, 2011, Cars 2
Cars 2 Family Movie Pass: Susan

June 23, 2011, Finika
Finika keyring: Vanessa, Linda Courtney, Trish (my little drummer boys) and Gina Atkins

June 21, 2011, phil&teds
Phil&teds Vibe 2 with double kit: Adam Beasley

June 16, 2011, Binnenstebuites
Custom made Binnenstebuites prize: Lydia

June 13, 2011, Havoc Denim
$150 Havoc Denim girls prize pack: Natalie Scanlon

June 11, 2011, Mickey House Kids
$50 Mickey House Kids voucher: Shannon

June 9, 2011, Forever Clover
Forever Clover prize pack: Hear Mum Roar and Emma Puszkar

June 6, 2011, Little Rivet Jeans
Little Rivet Jeans of choice: Ilona

June 2, 2011, Babychic Designs
Babychic Designs Pram Organiser and Pram Hook set: Kate

May 31, 2011, Tommee Tippee
Twin Compartment Bowl with Spoon: Renata Glavan

May 27, 2011, Ecco
$250 Ecco voucher: Dorothy @ Singular Insanity

May 26, 2011, New Generals
Bumble Artwork Fantasy Tank Top (boys): Tara
Ladybird Artwork Fantasy Tank Top (girls): Monette

May 24, 2011, Cocktails at Naptime
Copy of the book Cocktails at Naptime: Tamara Bell

May 23, 2011, WOW books 4 boys
Scratch & Patch series 1: Sharynaw

May 21, 2011, Owl Baby
Imse Vimse Training Pants: Alexandra Grove

May 19, 2011, Nui Organics
Nui Organics Long Sleeve Bodysuit in sky: Olivia Honeyfield

May 18, 2011, Love Me Baby
Wrap Me Up baby wrap: InTheLightOfTheSun

May 17, 2011, CMUK
CMUK sneakers: Leanne Ryan

May 11, 2011, Kids Avenue
Kids Avenue beanie/beret and scarf set: Amanda Kennedy

May 9, 2011, Colorific
Barbie Pinktastic Card Making Kit: Hannelie Eloff

May 6, 2011, Mylight
Personalised Mylight: Naomi Dusheiko

May 3, 2011, Charlie Bloome
All-in-One Kindy Sheet Set: Vicki Burrows

April 30, 2011, Mini Treasure Kids
Mini Treasure Kids item of choice: Rosalie Bernacki

April 28, 2011, Vegie Smugglers
Vegie Smugglers cook book: Stacey

April 27, 2011, Close Parent
Close Parent Training Pants 2-pack: Natalie Blanch

April 25, 2011, Baby Mum-Mum
Box of Baby Mum-Mum rice rusks: Katrina13, MJ, Inge, Bec, Kelly Septhon, Merrin Westlake, Gayle James, Liz H, Camilla, Samuel Ferguson, Linda Steabben, April Perkins, Sherry P, Gillies Family, Candy Tasca, Kelly Ryan, Meagan L, Sarahjane Noble, Diane Bird, Sarah Bray

April 19, 2011, Gifts4Kidz
$125 Bobble Art prize pack: Larabelle

April 18, 2011, Strawberry Jam Designs
$50 Strawberry Jam Designs gift voucher: Joyce Tan Ying Ying

April 15, 2011, Mollycoddled
Mollycoddled Baby Towel Wrap: Ros Hampson

April 13, 2011, Conni Kids
Conni Kids Bed Pad: Nicole McVey

April 12, 2011, Budburst Kids
Mizzle Newborn Prize Pack: Monica Scurlock

April 9, 2011, Close Parent
Pop-In V3 Dream-Dri: Kelly C

April 5, 2011, BoscoBear
BoscoBear Bunting Kit: Sarah Irvine

April 1, 2011, Hot Mama Gowns
Hot Mama Gown: Ashley Parker Burnett

March 30, 2011, Benjibox
10-pack clear shoe boxes: cindy

March 26, 2011, Lifestyle Parenting
Hurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard: Sally Guiver

March 23, 2011, EucoFresh
6 boxes EucoFresh Laundry Powder: Julia Mackowiak

March 21, 2011, Colorific
Magnetic Letters and Numbers and Signs set: Margriet

March 18, Hard Yakka
Little Legends trousers: Heather Hall

March 16, 2011, Mother Knows Best
Baby Dan Anti Tip TV Strap: Maya, Mo and Me

March 13, 2011, Little Party Paper People
Invitation pack: rosewendy

March 11, 2011, Out of the Egg
Jimmi Jamms PJ’s: Nardia Symonds

March 7, 2011, Eternal Creation
Bubble dress (12-18 months): Kirstie O’Callaghan

March 7, 2011, Metro Mum
PixiFoto voucher valued at $170: Mellie Jane, Kathy Leonard, Val Orr, Lucy Leland, Cheryl Mckibbin, Leeanne Bojovic, Jane Darbyshire, Michelle Bloomer, Toni Hill, Caro Shanks, Fiona Good, Tiffany Scholes-Roff, Hayley Feighan, Meshel Lundy, Megan Schumann, Kate Denton, Natasia Nicki, Natasha Andrews, Dianna Sutton, Stephanie Rose Upton, Brioney Kirby, Jess Carr, Kylie Hansell, Fe Roza and Jo Lehman

March 4, 2011, Babblebooks
Set of 4 Babblebooks: Bee Callaghan

February 25, 2011, Wean Meister
Wean Meister Freezer Pod: Nicole Howarth

February 23, 2011, BoscoBear
BoscoBear Transport Kit: Sinead Bongiorno

February 21, 2011, Little Yoyo Styles
$50 Little Yoyo Styles voucher: Marianne Scholten

February 9, 2011, Sustainababy
Dandelion Teddy Bear: Kathy Taylor

February 8, 2011, Aromababy
Aromababy Luxe gift set: CSaM

February 2, 2011, Little Indigo
Mixed Alphabet Print: Amanda Elizabeth

January 30, 2011, Karen Collum
Signed Copy of Samuel’s Kisses: Tracey Richardson

January 24, 2011, Australian Girl
Horse Riding Outfit: Amy Syvo

January 22, 2011, BoscoBear
BoscoBear Alphabet Kit: Charlie Morris

January 19, 2011, Moo said the Cow
David Fussenegger sleeping bag: Janine Cugura

January 18, 2011, Giggle & Grow
Playon Crayon set: Lisa Goode

January 13, 2011, Bosisto’s
Bosisto’s Antiseptic Spray: Selena Johns, Annamari Chivas, Louisa Snelling, Debbi Streager, Fleur Henderson, Kristi Keilar, Kylie Plester, Kathleen Donnelly

January 1, 2011, January giveaway
$1000 prize pack: Morena

December 21, 2010, Earlybirds
Earlybirds Organic Long Sleeve Bodysuit: Karen Kelsey

December 15, 2010, Ettitude
$50 Ettitude gift voucher: cherylp59

December 13, 2010, Serabeena
Design Couleur Case: Kimberley Belford

December 10, 2010, DUSHI Go with Flo
DUSHI Mother and Child necklace: Jamie

December 8, 2010, Mixbook
Mixbook album: Wendy Hatton

December 7, 2010, Book Bargains
Melrose and Croc copy: ange_moore

December 6, 2010, Eco Peko
Bamboodie: va

December 2, 2010, Ecoswitch
Ecoswitch: mummy2jj

December 1, Baby Bear Wardrobe
$50 Baby Bear Wardrobe gift voucher: Callie

November 29, 2010, Sucker
Sucker: Glowless

November 27, 2010, Little Obsessions
Wild Animals prize pack: Mumma Leech

November 25, 2010, Eeni Meeni Miini Moh
PURE newborn set: Claude

November 24, 2010, Castle Calendars
First Year calendar: Marzena

November 20, 2010, MiniFin
$50 MiniFin gift voucher: jc

November 19, 2010, With a touch of Rose
Multi-touch: Cindy Coventry

November 18, 2010, OiOi
OiOi Tote in red shrunken cow leather: Your Cheeky Monkey

November 16, 2010, Identity Direct
Personalised Christmas bauble: Ally

November 15, 2010, iWell
Ionmax Aroma Diffuser: _Willow

November 12, 2010, Playsand
Playsand I’m Bored kit: Tat

November 11, 2010, Silikids
Siliskin Glasses 4-pack: piccolanippy, joanne.cock, miss.tiahne, Belinda Y, joyjoyc, Melissa, coolkids, USCGWifey, Marianke and Terra Jones

November 9, 2010, Dezign with a Z
$30 Dezign with a Z gift voucher: lucidee

November 8, 2010, Lifestyle Parenting
Milk Band: fabwonder

November 5, 2010, O.B.Designs
Stufit: jenzen69

November 4, 2010, Jamari Designs
Heritage Birth Bear: Jen SBDesigns

November 3, 2010, InterActivity Box
InterActivity Box: Anastasia

November 2, 2010, Tiny Prints
$50 Tiny Prints gift voucher: cornelio03

November 1, 2010, Havoc Denim
Havoc Denim outfit: Jasmine

October 28, 2010, Since We Were Kids
Mummy and Me gift set: Ruth

October 26, 2010, KidSwimShop
SwimFin: Jules

October 25, 2010, Fill in the Blankie
Fill in the Blankie blanket: Tj and Amy

October 22, 2010, Oodlies
Oodlies book: coolkids

October 20, 2010, Zutano
$75 Zutano gift card: Diaper Dad

October 17, 2010, Art Eater
$100 Art Eater gift voucher: flowerchild

October 15, 2010, Bink Link
Bink Link: Autumn

October 12, 2010, Lily and Percy
Frankie Ray sunglasses: kk

October 11, 2010, Cosy Grips
Cosy Grips single: Joanne

October 7, 2010, Billy Lids
Annabel Karmel place setting: Kym

October 6, 2010, Earlybirds
Earlybirds Organics Jumpsuit: ne-knopka

October 3, 2010, My Chickadee
Diaper Clutch: Amber

October 1, 2010, Rashoodz
Rashoodz suit: Frederike

September 28, 2010, Babywedge
Babywedge: Rhoda

September 24, 2010, ooMoo Kids
ooMoo Balance Bike: Lahela

September 23, 2010, New Beginnings
Ugrow bra: Laura

September 20, 2010, Baby Grow Safe
304Hyperlite bottle: Amanda, Kirsty, Cook Clean Craft, Cindy and Sally

September 15, 2010, Merino Kids
Cocooi wrap: akritical

September 11, 2010, Mooo
$50 Mooo gift certificate: C.Corry

September 7, 2010, Close Parent
Close Baby Carrier: heatherandscott

September 1, 2010, September Lily
September Lily prize pack: Lyudmila

August 30, 2010, Haggus and Stookles
Fridge-To-Go lunch box: Emily

August 28, 2010, Baby Bond
Baby Bond nursing sash: luckyfinds

August 24, 2010, Dangerous Curves
2-Way PJ: reynoldsmommy

August 11, 2010, Sign it, Baby! 
Sign It, Baby! DVD: Racheous

August 10, 2010, Raspberry Bub
Pork Chop Kids: Kirsten Thompson

August 9, 2010, Swan & Sparrow
Swan & Sparrow Carry All: Tennille

August 5, 2010, QV
QV prize pack: Jennifer K.

August 3, 2010, Rite Aid
Rite Aid prize pack: Michelle

August 2, 2010, Australian Girl
Matilda Ugg Boots: Danielle

July 30, 2010, Fertile Mind
MilkBar pillow: Marianne

July 29, 2010, Aroma Play
Aroma Play Maxi Tub: Roger

July 28, 2010, Oh My Giddy Aunt
Personalised Puzzle Link: Jasmine

July 27, 2010, Bambeado
Bambeado necklace combo: Kasie

July 23, 2010, Avidiva
Weil Baby prize pack: Michele P

July 22, 2010, BabyBjörn
BabyBjörn Comfort Carrier: Bec Mausenbaum

July 20, 2010, Womama
Womama Birthing Wrap: Jenny Kearney

July 19, 2010, Tie Chair
Tie Chair: Emily

July 17, 2010, BOHO Mama
Hungry Baby Singlet: Jacinta

July 16, 2010, Curash
Curash prizepack: Laura

July 15, 2010, olli&pop
olli&pop baby spill cloths: Barbara

July 13, 2010, SnugZee
SnugZee: April

July 13, 2010, Hoot Design Co
Simply Baby print: Terra Jones

July 12, 2010, elSage Designs
Monica bow: black11angel

July 10, 2010, Texthook
Texthook: harmony86

July 9, 2010, Little Elk
Bergstein gumboots: Holly

July 8, 2010, La Petite Princesse
La Petite Princesse prizepack: Candice

July 6, 2010, Little Yoyo Styles
Anpanman backpack: Aussie Mumma

July 5, 2010, Fisher-Price
Fisher-Price toy pack: Cheree, mackay_michelle and joey2608

July 4, 2010, Paige Lauren Baby
Paige Lauren Baby prizepack: Missy

July 2, 2010, Uimi
Hugo bassinet blanket: Sharon

June 29, 2010, Little Looster
Little Looster: mrsdresses

June 28, 2010, BabyBundles
BabyBundles Pod and Hat set: Nell

June 24, 2010, Woolbabe
Woolbabe sleeping bag: Gustosa

June 22, 2010, KissKiss HugHug
KissKiss HugHug breastfeeding cover: Claire

June 20, 2010, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter prize pack: ~Sally~

June 18, 2010, MiniJumbuk
MiniJumbuk Junior Jumbuk cot quilt: AutumH

June 16, 2010, Nature Babycare
Nature Babycare prizepack: Ally

June 15, 2010, Bubeewrap
Bubeewrap: Kyla G

June 13, 2010, FGB
Euky Bear prize pack: Jen Muir
Bosisto Lavender Spray: Michelle, Melissa Kagie, Rebecca Mausenbaum, sherman99 and ShinyGlitterBug

June 10, 2010, Havoc Denim
Milano jeans: Bec Watts

June 7, 2010, Cake Lingerie
Cake Lingerie set: Megs

June 4, 2010, Dash Baby
Dash Clutch: Sami

May 30, 2010, State of Green
Lunchskins sandwich and snack bag: The Eco Mumma

May 28, 2010, Spottiswoode Trading
Fishing basket: Ana

May 25, 2010, Printspace
Birth print: Kel
Art print: Laura

May 19, 2010, EJ Kids
Swim Towelling Cover Up: Yoles

May 18, 2010, Changing Brains
Changing Brains dvd: Ally

May 16, 2010, Coddelife
Coddlelife bottle: Jade

May 12, 2010, Me and Mommy
Me and Mommy bib: Melissa

May 9, 2010, The Market Basket Company
The Market Basket Company Basket: Amber

May 6, 2010, Pinkberry Kisses
$15 Pinkberry Kisses voucher: Amanda

May 5, 2010, Baggino
Baggino bib: jenniferlynnehunter

May 3, 2010, Baby-head-rest
Baby-head-rest: Cheree

April 29, 2010, Baby Concepts
Baby Concepts skin soothing lotion: Megan

April 28, 2010, Howsar Portable Door Lock
Howsar Portable Door Lock: Marianne

April 23, 2010, Mini Mate
Mini Mate playshorts: Your Cheeky Monkey

April 22, 2010, Nature’s Child
Organic Face Wipes: Bec

April 21, 2010, Cookies and Cream
$100 Cookies and Cream prizepack: Autumn Breeze

April 19, 2010, BabyKicks USA
BabyKicks Organic Fitted: Ryan, Corrie, Max and Jack

April 17, 2010, Little Innoscents
Little Innoscents baby powder: Ruth

April 15, 2010, Tummy Tie
Tummy Tie 3-pack: Alana

April 12, 2010, Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How
Copy of book: Lucy

April 8, 2010, Drieyes
Drieyes: Mummy2jj and ~Sally~

April 6, 2010, Peekaboo Beans
Peekaboo Beans skirt: Kym

April 4, 2010, Cookie Safe
Cookie Safe container: tantrummumma, Chont and Candice

April 3, 2010, Lilly & Lolly
Lilly & Lolly pyjama’s: builder4lulu

April 1, 2010, Nature Baby
Organic Sleeping Cocoon: orangetartankiwi

March 31, 2010, Queen Bee
Nursing/maternity cami: mjelly

March 30, 2010, Beebi Bella
CoZi Dry towel: Laura

March 27, 2010, Fill Your Own
Fill Your Own bottle: Steph and Brady

March 25, 2010, Little Chocolate Cake
Little Chocolate Cake item of winners choice: Yoles

March 24, 2010, Capelli Couture
$10 Capelli Couture voucher: Cindy

March 23, 2010, Hello World
Smart-Zip Sleeper: Liz

March 19, 2010, Australian Girl
Australian Girl doll: Kel

March 17, 2010, Nature’s Child
Organic Baby Wipes: Lahela

March 15, 2010, Little Lasso
Little Lasso: Missy

March 13, 2010, Mommy Measure
Mommy Measure: Nature Manipulated

March 11, 2010, Bamboobino
Toddler kimono set: Ally

March 9, 2010, Polkadot Magpie
Personalised bird pendant: Bec

March 7, 2010, Eeni Meeni Miini Moh
Eeni Meeni Miini Moh pyjama’s: Shan

March 4, 2010, The Homestead Company
$25 The Homestead Company voucher: happyenchilada

March 3, 2010, Ettitude
$50 Ettitude voucher: Peggy

March 1, 2010, Belly Charms
Mother’s bracelet: Nicole

February 28, 2010, Nature’s Child
Certified Organic breast pads: Alison

February 27, 2010, BabyKicks
BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket: Sugar Dipes

February 26, 2010, Bambooty
Bambooty set: simplymerry

February 25, 2010, Little Para Pants
Little Para Pants: Jennifer Lynne Hunter

February 24, 2010, Nudey!Rudey!
Nudey!Rudey! trial pack: Bex Davies

February 23, 2010, Ecobubs
Ecobubs: Courtney

February 22, 2010, Bubba J
Bubba J: tartankiwi

February 21, 2010, Karma Kidz
Karma Kidz: Enola

February 20, 2010, Chloe Toes
$40 Chloe Toes voucher: zealandsmom

February 19, 2010, Goochi Baby
Goochi Baby: Megan S

February 18, 2010, Green Kids
Green Kids pack: Vera

February 17, 2010, Sewy Joeys
Sewy Joeys: Ruth

February 16, 2010, Genesa Forge
Genese Forge All-in-Two: Cindy
Genesa Forge Super super trim night: Chaton

February 15, 2010, Bubblebubs
Bubblebubs: Laura
Cute Tooshies: Tara B

February 14, 2010, Pop-in
Pop-in Original: kylie
Pop-in Dream-Dri: Rachel K

February 13, 2010, Bonnibuns
Bonnibuns: Emma

February 12, 2010, Humbug Haven
Humbug: Ames

February 11, 2010, Mother-ease
Mother-ease flushable liners: Marianne
Mother-ease washable liners: Nikki

February 10, 2010, Attinaps
Attinaps nappy: Kym

February 9, 2010, Urban Fluff
iCandy System: Ashley

February 8, 2010, Pea Pods
Pea Pods nappy: Leanne Brown

February 7, 2010, Thirsties
Thirsties nappy (size 1): Chont
Thirsties nappy (size 2): Kel

February 6, 2010, Bummis
Bummis Swimmi: Alison

February 5, 2010, TotBots
TotsBots nappy: Kirsty

February 4, 2010, The Diaper Sprayer
The Diaper Sprayer: Emily B

February 3, 2010, MiniLala
MiniLala nappy: Rebecca O

February 2, 2010, Itti Bitti
Itti Bitti nappy: Piper+Lily

February 1, 2010, Iish Fly
Iish Fly Fitzall: Liz

January 31, 2010, Nature’s Child
Certified Organic Bottom Balm: hutchisn

January 30, 2010, Vespa & The Ladybird
Vespa & The Ladybird belly wrap: Mrs. Sanchez

January 29, 2010, Kid-Sit
Kid-Sit: Wilma@Ruig

January 28, 2010, Kideo
Personalised Kideo dvd: Mummy2jj

January 25, 2010, Shoo-foo
Shoo-foo hooded towel: Kel

January 23, 2010, Little Mave
Little Mave bloomers: Andrea

January 20, 2010, Gentle Footsteps
H2Onya stainless steel bottle: Candice

January 17, 2010, Black Eyed Green
My Green Dolls Cradle: Lea

January 13, 2010, Love Naturally
Goats milk soap pack: Shan

January 11, 2010, Nuby
Nuby prize pack: Vivian

January 8, 2010, Sippy Straw Cleaner
Sippy straw cleaner: Wehaf

January 6, 2010, House of Bebe
House of Bebe voucher: Sarah van Steenis

January 4, 2010, Zoom Spoon
Zoom spoon: Anna

January 2, 2010, Woolly Wugs
2-pack sleepingbags: Ronit

December 31, 2009, Nature’s Child
4-pack organic face wipes: Cindy

December 29, 2009, ShutterBuddy
ShutterBuddy: Giggleberry Amy

December 23, 2009, Art Eater
Art Eater book: Bec

December 20, 2009, Speesees
Speesees one piece: Cheree

Decmeber 16, 2009, Bugaloo
Bugaloo shoes: Christin

December 11, 2009, Sound Diagnostics
4D ultrasound package: Ingrid

December 10, 2009, Bei Bambini
Bei Bambini prize pack: Bethany

December 7, 2009, Bubele
Bubele 3-pce outfit: Tartankiwi

December 4, 2009, New Jammies
Fruit and Vegies onesie: Alicia

December 3, 2009, Agoo
Agoo leghuggers: Naomi

December 1, 2009, Nature’s Child
4-pack organic baby wipes: Di

December 1, 2009, Piper+Lily
Piper+Lily necklace: Nicole @ Funky Monsters and Amanda Carson

November 26, 2009, Kumquat
Kumquat outfit: Amy Mac

November 25, 2009, Cackleberry Kids
Bucket hat: Kym, Amanda and Your Cheeky Monkey

November 21, 2009, Go Belly Go
Due Date necklace: Daniella

November 17, 2009, Earlybirds
Earlybirds outfit: ~Sally~

November 10, 2009, Streep & Co
Streep & Co romper: Claudia

November 4, 2009, Little Label
Eur.50 voucher: Joby

October 30, 2009, SOOKI baby
Sooki baby prize: Justine, Nicole and Amanda

October 29, 2009, Eeni Meeni Miini Moh
Creature set of 4: Bachuchay

October 27, 2009, Livie & Luca
Livie & Luca shoes: Kalynda

October 22, 2009, BabaSlings
BabaSling: Foxy

October 20, 2009, Organically Hatched
Oopsy Daisy bath: Emiliana

October 18, 2009, ErgoPouch
ErgoPouch pyjama: Laura

October 16, 2009, Earlybirds
Earlybirds bodysuit: Kym, glkelly, Kim

October 12, 2009, The OZ Material Girls
Boys quilted sleeping bag: Preece

October 12, 2009, Dulce & Zoet
Dulce & Zoet sling: Robin Ceusters

October 10, 2009, Wee Love Organic
Jonano bodysuit: Fern

October 8, 2009, Fiona Kate
Art folder: Cindy

October 7, 2009, DaysAgo
DaysAgo pack: Kenny, Anna, Yumiko, Shan and Shu

October 3, 2009, Bub n Beyond
$50 giftvoucher: Candy3181 and Lizzie

October 2, 2009, Natural Star
Beanie and booties: Sally

September 30, 2009, Little Hipsters
Itzy Ritzy trolley cover: Naomi

September 28, 2009, Scamps Boutique
Beeswax crayons: Chloe

September 27, 2009, Lalali
Bubble Bunt blanket: Mieke

September 25, 2009, Minimice
Minimice nappy sack: Megs

September 22, 2009, ReUsies
ReUsies snackbags: Sarah-Jo

September 20, 2009, Raspberry Bub
Organic blanket, knit monkey, wooden rattle: glkelly

September 18, 2009, Bub Grub
Bub Grub pack: Tweet Geek

September 17, 2009, Ritzy Ratbags
Dummy Holder: Candice

September 16, 2009, Bugalug
Bugalug pack: Daina

September 15, 2009, Baby Baby
Baby Baby pack: Chantelle

September 13, 2009, Aroma Baby
Aroma Baby gift pack: Mara

September 12, 2009, BadBacks
Kiddy Cabby: Preece

September 11, 2009, Oishi-m
Oishi-m jeans: Hiskia

September 10, 2009, The Natural Newborn
WeeGo bottle: Cheree

September 9, 2009, Cushie Tushies
Cushie Tushies nappies: Sarah, Belinda A. and Fleur

September 8, 2009, Chewable Jewels
Chewable Jewels necklace: Rachel

September 7, 2009, MUMentum
Expecting Mother’s journal: Cheree
New Mother’s journal: Lisa

September 6, 2009, Love Naturally
Goats milk soap pack: MillyandMe

September 5, 2009, Think Twins
Dr.Seuss set: Rachael T.

September 4, 2009, BeGenki
BeGenki bathoil: Sarah Jo

September 3, 2009, Mini-Mate
Mini-Mate prize: Cat

September 1, 2009, Plush Toys NZ
Hippo toy: The Baby Gift Company

August 31, 2009, The Baby Gift Company
Pamper pack: Michelle Pelley

August 30, 2009, Yunginz
Yunginz shoes: Karen Collum

August 27, 2009, 5 Little Monkeys
Walnut shoes: Lysaght_Family

August 23, 2009, Boutique Bambini
Monster baby prize: Kylie B

August 22, 2009, The OZ Material Girls
Toy pattern: Bec
Clothing pattern: Christie

August 19, 2009, BOWtique
Bowtique vouchers: Lea, Megan and Danieka

August 18, 2009, Ramalama
Dummy clip: Susan
Tickets Baby Show Sydney: Not claimed